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Hello, I figured I should introduce myself, I have been meaning to but just never got around to it.

I am happily married 29 yo mother of 2 girls. In my former life I was very athletic in HS and college. My carreer was as a Paramedic, and I was also a firefighter.

I quit my jobs when I was 7 months pregnant with my first daughter. When she was 6 months old I got pregnant agan with #2. During this time life was crazy for us. We were in the process of a long distance move, building a house, husband gets new job, 2 babies, and we stayed with my parents for awhile till the house was finished.

I had a hard time losing the weight after my second baby. Heck I had a hard time functioning after her. Both of my kids were very colicky and pretty much screamed non stop till they were around 1 year old. There was no sleep, no energy, pretty much did nothing but hold my screaming babies.

Once they started getting out of that phase I felt like a huge weight had been lifted. Literally I was unchained from holding them 24/7 and could start to think about taking care of myself. My husband and I read The South Beach Diet and really changed our way of eating.

I was excited I lost a lot of weight. He was never overweight, but just wanted to eat healthy. I had more energy and life was looking good.

Sometime last fall we got off track quite a bit. I didn't gain a ton of weight back, but was feeling crappy from not eating right. So after the holidays I got serious again and that's when I found you guys.

I am at my goal weight, or fluctuate close to it. This time I am much more focused on excercise. I had almost forgotten how great it can make you feel.

Some of my goals are :

Maintain a healthy weight

increase my fitness and especially muscle mass with exercise

Eat healthful delicious foods

Teach my kids a healthy lifestyle.

I am no longer technically "ON" the SBD. But we use many of the things we learned. I also read and enjoyed the Sonoma Diet, and use some of those recipies and concepts as well.

Very happy to have found this site and thanks for all the good information I have learned.
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to Maintainers, Lucy! Congratulations on your weight loss and successful maintenance.

Oh boy, do I hear you on colicky babies! Fortunately mine grew up to become a lovely young lady who rarely screams and is in the process of getting her paramedic certification (and she's a firefighter to boot). You guys are my heroes!
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Hey Lucy and .... I had a colicky first born too and guess what he wanted to be a paramedic too but has now changed his mind and wants to get his BS in Nursing... Lucy, were you a colicky baby? ... Congrats on your weightloss and maintenance ... Keep us posted TTFN, I'm off to the gym
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