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Default low carb and type 2 diabetes ?

I was recently diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. I am wondering if any of you have used with WOE to lose weight or treat your diabetes?


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Nancy, one of the first things they usually do when someone is newly diagnosed with diabetes is set up a visit with a nutritionist to go over diet issues. If that hasn't been done for you yet, it is either in your near future or you should ask your doctor about it.
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Thanks I have an appt with the diabetic clinic on May 20th. I am about 70 lbs overweight and have been loosing some - just wondering what works best. I have low carbed in the past, but now am a little nervous since the diagnosis.

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Nancy sorry to hear about the diagnosis. Please let us know what the nutritionalist (sp?) says, it might help others who are struggling and to shy to post about it.

I do have a friend who has to eat very low carb and can not have any "real sugar" foods, like cookies etc. She will enduldge in a sf cookie every now and then but still has to watch the carbs in the flour.

Good Luck !!

Courage doesn't always roar.
Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying,
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Nancy, I have type II as well and have now got it under complete control from cutting carbs and completely eliminating sugar. My doctor is delighted and so am I. Hang in there. It'll happen.
Change isnít easy. But if you donít change, you stay the same, and whereís the fun in that?
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Hi, I also have type 2. I have brought my BS from 498 to 194 in just 11 weeks. I am not on any other medicine for now.I'm trying to lose weight and watch what I eat. So far this WOE is working. Good Luck.

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I was just recently diagnosed Type2 diabetic also. My doctor said low carb was the best way to go. I work full time and have a hard time with breakfast as I usually eat it at my desk when I get to work. Which, if any, of the breakfast bars are the best for the low carb diet?
Thanks, Karen
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Hi, I have Diabetes type II too. When I went to the hospital (1998) my sugar levels were 800!!! Now my sugar runs lower than 100.
Lowcarb and no sugars (and lowfat) works for me. I started with 3 injections a day and now I'm down to 1. Every day I take my luch box with breakfast and lunch. It takes planing and discipline but I got use to it. Now I love it. I eat more fresh vegetables and leaner proteins.

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Can those of you that have been so successful low-carbing it be kind enough to post some meal ideas, and maybe what you eat in a normal day? How many carbs a day do you usually eat, and approximately how many calories?

Thanks for the help and advice!
I'm gonna make it after all!!!!!
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Im type 2 Diabetic as well. I do low-moderate carb (30-50grams/day) The 30-50 gram range is important to keep your body in ketosis being diabetic....as well as Moderate protien (40-50grams) and moderate fat (40-50 grams) I eat no sugar unless it's natural in the food Im eating, I don't eat bread...and I drink tons of water, no natural juices like oj or apple either. It helps in a slow and steady weightloss (not to mention maintenance) as well as stabilizing sugars. Im no longer on any medication.

Exercise is a huge thing as well, it helps to elevate your sugar levls and black tea helps to bring the levels down a bit. Hope that helps!

Looking to meet goal by Sept 1, 2007

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My doctor put me on low carb last week to lose weight and fix my type 2. 7 days no giving in to temptation.
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Hi nancy, my hubby was diagnosed with type 2 at age 30. his entire family has strong history of type 2 and cardiac disease. My mom had type 2 diagnosed at 38 due to a stressful event in the house. her dad and cousins also have strong history. so I have dealt with a lot of issues and have done my own research and studies on diabetes. now I work in a diabetes research group!

1.I saw that regular visits to your dietician really helps you keep motivated.

2.buy a glucometer and check sugar every day twice for the first week to know your pattern (some have fasting high more, some have post meal more..some may have both).then check your sugars atleast 3 times a week esp. after you eat more (so that you see your sugars are high and wont eat next time).

3.15-20 minutes running is THE BEST exercise! plus go for walk for 15-20 minutes after dinner/major meal.

4.eat smaller portions at frequent intervals.

5. most important: dont let yourself go hypoglycemic! hypergly wont kill but hypo may! so keep glucose tablets with you AT ALL TIMES~.

6. when you get hypoglycemic...eat only 15-20 gms of glucose (1/2 cup of orange juice/15-20 gms worth of glu. tablets) THAT MUCH IS ENOUGH!

7.only u can take the best care of yourself so resist temtations even in a group! put notes/post-its in your office/kitchen etc with some motivational words!

Diabetics will be like normal people if their sugars are controlled...make it a way of life! no need to get depressed!

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