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Hello. Well diet is still ongoing, had awesome prime rib burgers sans buns for dinner, bought them at superstore, 0 carb and really yummy. I will buy them again. My lil guy turned 4 on tuesday. He is growing up........Had a team meeting for him this wk as well, they saw all the improvements in his development. His speech is just flying along, funny u could tell him to go get whatever from his room and he will, but if you say wait a minute, he melts. Comprehension is still a weak spot. But I was most thrilled with showing off his new skills to these workers, they told me he would be low functioning, prob never talk, never live on his own. PFFFTTT, what do they know. This kid can count to 50 on his own, he recognizes words, we are working on spelling and math. HA Never write off anyone. I am glad I am stubborn and so is he we work well together. Anyways other than my lil horn tootin, life is ok, snow is covering the island, it was -9 here last nite, damm cold. I love it, cannot take down the tree yet, there is finally snow. HA HA I have today off from lil man till tomorrow afternoon, my oldest son who is 24 will take him over nite for us. I am going out for lunch in victoria, then off to the lake in youbou with my man and perhaps out for a few drinks. YEE HAWW BABY, it has been months since we have had a date nite. Hope you ladies are all happy, healthy and staying on plan. I am gonna go over my new low carb book and add some recipes to this site next week.
cheers for now.
"Sharp rocks at the bottom, bring em on"

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sw 223/ cw 160/ gw 150......woo hoo baby, here I come.

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hey Meow- hope your lunch and day out was nice, despite -9 degrees! a day off is nice! Just stopping in for a minute- DH has taken MIL for a driving tour of NYC- she lives in southern delaware and wants to be chauffered around a bit while she's visiting. He was nice and took her at a time that would get her out of the house while I could stay home. I have not been alone in my house since AUGUST 16! I don't know if I should dance naked or what!

this afternoon DS and I are taking DN to see a play, then just home for a quiet nite. We have tomorrow as a holiday, but I will go into work for a couple of hours to get some stuff done; but still, it'll be nice to sleep in a bit and come home for the afternoon. Don't ya just love the weekends?

well, that's it for me...I am enjoying my time alone in the house and now have to go dance naked in the kitchen for a while!

(that would be quite a sight, I must say!)


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Come on Spring!
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~~~slaps self upside the head for not checking in at all this week ~~~~~

The Boards have been very slow and we have a ton of Newbies over in South Beach! That means lots of questions and checking posts. We have had a few incidents since Jan. 1 and all the MODs have been busy. SPAMMERS are terrible and we've had a few bannings and many deleted posts. We now have nearly 36,000 folks registered. It's a good thing they don't all post! :loL:

Well, my ticker says it all for weightloss. I'm now registered for WW Online and am chosing CORE with lower carb options and sort of SOuth Beaching it. We'll see how that works. My pal, LindaBC, is on it too. We both have diabetes and similar slippage problems.

Things are not exactly wonderful in my life lately. Snoop in my Journal if you want to hear me whine. Hershey has been anaemic since weaning those voracious pups but finally her haemoglobin is back up to normal. She goes for her "operation" next Wednesday and then will be officially retired. My knee is still grieving me from last summer but we are working on fixing it. Apparently my pulled tendon from back then was actually ripped and the stress on the poor knee has led to arthritis. My doc says I'm too stoic and should have complained more! Duh!

The good news? I turned 66 and nothing fell off when I stood up that morning. I bought myself a treadmill which is still in the box waiting for some strong Prince Charming to help me move it into position. I was thinking of setting it up in the shower because I hate getting sweaty but that doesn't seem to be going to work. It may be in my gloomy and low ceilinged basement after all.

Sorry to be so out of touch. I promise to do better.
Change isnít easy. But if you donít change, you stay the same, and whereís the fun in that?
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Happy birthday my dear Ruthie, I am glad you survived friday!

Busy here, I am "doing" the boy's rooms from little boy to this it it until you leave for college! We are trying to purge. and the wall paper man should be back this morning to finish little man's room.

Auctions are going well and I feel like I have both web sites up to speed. Gained back a pound of the 12 I have lost (all gained because of stress form fathers lovely bride fiasco) so I am going to be a little more aware.
to all the chickies, off to do some more laundry....
~Dixie CGC,TDI~
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