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Default South Beach Diet - dairy question

After going through the South Beach thread, I am thinking maybe this is better for me (than Atkins). I believe it is the dairy and saturated fat that caused my acne breakout.

I do not ahve the book yet..They do not have it in Japan..will need to order and that should take abt a week or two.

If you don`t mind sharing with me, what are the foods that are not allowed on South Beach Diet? In prevention, they mention dairy..but then said cheese is allowed. Isn`t cheese dairy? (sorry I am not a native English speaker!!!!)

Should I just avoid all dairy (milk, cream, butter, cheese, yogurt) for 2 weeks? and take lean meats? (fish or white chicken meat?)

Is mayo allowed on South Beach Diet phase I ?


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Yes, cheese is a dairy food. Not sure why they didn't separate the categories by "dairy product to use -- lowfat cheese" and
"dairy products to avoid -- milk, yogurt." It would be less confusing that way.

For the first two weeks, avoid dairy products with milk sugar (lactose). Much of this is removed in the whey during the cheese-making process, so they are a better source of calcium/protein during the time you're severely cutting the main sources of natural sugars like milk and fruit.

Cream is allowed on Atkins and Protein Power, I think. South Beach emphasizes "good fats" like nuts, avocado, canola and olive oil. So I don't see any cream on the menu suggestions, but a little lowfat milk for coffee is ok. Reduced fat mayonnaise is used -- probably because commercial mayo is made of soy oil, not one of the preferred fats.

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Default Food List (Dairy) - Phase 1


Cheese (fat free or low fat) -
American, Cheddar, cottage cheese, cream cheese substitute (dairy free), feta, parmesean, mozerrella.
Tofu - Use soft, low-fat or light varieties.
Fats - Canola and olive oil.

Ice cream, milk, soy milk, yogurt, etc.
Cheese - Brie, Edam and all full fat.

I think butter would be considered a "bad" fat.

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