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also, my men's size 2XL black hoodies, one with space invaders all over the front of it.

When I'm thin, I'll get a fitted ladies Tshirt with space invaders on it instead.
Phase 1: 84 kg (no longer obese)
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I never want to wear my plus size clothes again. I just recently got out of them (now in 16s) I also never want to wear things with an x in them again! (still in those)

Mostly though, I want to wear all the beautiful clothes I have that don't fit! I have nice things, and it makes me sad to see them just hanging there. Yesterday I took out all the clothes that are too small, put them in the guest room closet, and put in nice things that do fit me right now. I find that it helps me with my motivation to feel good about what I put on my body, and wear things that fit. When I wear something too tight the "why bother" voice wakes up and talks to me. So, I wear what fits, until it doesn't! Hopefully I will be out of the 16s in a couple months.

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What a great thread!

Never want to wear again:

- Huuuuuge shapelles dresses - I use dresses because they fit my weird belly and pants don't. People have asked me if i wear dresses all the time because of religious reasons and that scared the s*** out of me because i'm not a tradicional or really religious person nor my religion requires me to use dresses all the time (and if it didn't i wouldn't). I'm actually a pretty open minded and polemic person, so it's shocking that some people view me as traditional because of my baggy dresses!

- Huuuge awful bras - It doesn't matter how much i spend, i can never get a bra that feels comfortable and looks flattering. Heck, if it kinda fits, i'll buy it! Currently, all my bras hate me!

- Shoes that are one size bigger than the lenght of my feet - Fat feet. Need to say more?

- Granny panties - I've just bought some cool XL panties, so i might be getting rid of the granny ones after all!

- Strange party dresses - Why is it that formal dresses in plus sizes are frequently hideous? I hate not beeing able to get a nice formal party dress to attend weddings.

What i long to buy are jeans, trousers and nice tailored blazers. My body now has a strange shape that makes it almost impossible for me to use pants.... and i miss pants soooooo much!

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Looking for the 200's
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Originally Posted by Riddy View Post
I was very excited the day I took the last batch of clothes to the consignment store that were from Lane Bryant. I never want to see one of their tags in my clothes again!
I agree I agree I agree. I have stopped shopping there but this have clothes from there. Never want to "have" to shop there again
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never again plus size.I never want to walk into a store and go oh nothing here will fit me.

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3x. never again
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I always joke that in the "women's" size clothes the "w" stands for wide. LOL I never wanna wear a 14-16-18 WIDE again! My huge goal is to be able to order my critical care scrubs with out the X's. My scrubs from 1st semester are 2X's. I would love to graduate just in a large!
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Great thread!

BamaGalRN - I agree 100% no more "W's".
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No more elasticated waist trousers.
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Originally Posted by kimchi View Post
The one pair of work pants and pair of casual jeans I've been wearing for the past three months because NONE OF MY OLD PANTS FIT.
OMG ^^^ This. I finally did get to go shopping last week for new pants, but for almost six months, I have been wearing the same pair of pants to work every day! DH had no idea and asked me one day why I was so obsessed with that pair of pants
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6XL sweatpants. Had a single pair of sweatpants that was my only casual wear outside of work. Even wore it through the 100+ AZ summer seasons. never again.
Atkins (DANDR) Since August 2013

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Gettin' Healthy!
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I cant wait to start wearing dresses and skirts without leggings!!
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Never again do I want to wear a swim dress or a "blouson" top swim suit or swim shorts! I will wear a nice pretty/sexy/attractive two piece or one piece again.
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Super-reinforced, mega-support underwire bras with five hooks in the back and two inch wide shoulder straps. I will always need a little extra support because even at a normal weight I am bustier than many women. But I will not need the uber bra any more.
This! I'm already planning all the soft bralettes I will buy!

I'm sick and tired of buying over-priced, ill fitting clothes in awful patterns and styles. *cough*LaneBryant*cough*.
I'm 28 years old, I really don't want to look like I'm 40.
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Originally Posted by levoguette View Post
This is exactly like me!! I hate feeling like I have to cover up my legs and I hate wearing pants to events I SHOULD have worn a skirt of dress to. I also won't wear shorts or capris because of the same reason. The only thing I wear is long pants.
I hate to admit this, but it makes me so sad inside to see someone who is overweight with great legs to show off. I'm sure I would look and feel all sexy and leggy and so much more feminine if I didn't have my dreaded "thunder thighs" (and calves) to constantly hide.

I always feel like I have to wear separates because of my horrible muffin top. It's not induced by wearing pants, I just permanently have a muffin top, no matter what I wear. If I wear a dress, I have this sort of indentation between my muffin top my waist and my lower stomach that looks terrible! In addition to wearing sweaters to cover up my arms, I also wear them to hide the same muffin top.
Wow, I do the same thing! lol And I never wear just a tank top or anything with anything more than my elbow exposed because I hate my arms. Even in the summer if I am dying because of the heat, I will still wear some kind of overshirt. I hate it! I also love shorts and skirts and cute dresses, but I never ever show my legs. Can't wait to wear what I want! And not have to be melting from the heat in the summer because I have to cover everything up!
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