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Old 01-14-2014, 04:38 PM   #31
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No more plus sizes!
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Height: 5'6"


Bras larger than an F cup....also Bra extenders!

I don't think I'll ever be smaller than a DD....but I'd like to get down to almost department store!

Goal List
-Hit Onederland 1/31/14
-No Longer Obese (185) 3/27/14
-Under 170 by my Birthday
-Healthy BMI (155)
-Goal Weight (143??)
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Originally Posted by grinchygirl View Post
Bras larger than an F cup....also Bra extenders!

I don't think I'll ever be smaller than a DD....but I'd like to get down to almost department store!
You may still have the same problem in the future I wear a 32DDD and it's really hard to find in the stores. I pretty much have to go to Nordstrom ($$$$$$) and then try to order the same brand/style online - it's such a pain.
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A tankini. I want be confident in a beautiful, body conscious one piece!

I am not a bikini girl, I like to play rough in the water and I was never an hourglass, so I looked better in a racer back that emphasizes my strong and shapely shoulders, preferably with higher cut leg holes to emphasize how long my legs are for my height. A skirt-bottomed tankini has no resemblance whatsoever to my favorite swimsuits, and it is just like hanging a sign on your back that screams "I HATE MY BODY!" to the world.
Mini goals keep me sane...But I never forget the bigger picture!

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On my way to -70
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I want to ditch:
A) Loose tops. I have resorted to loose tops because I carry most of my weight there and I don't like all the bulging. Well, lo and behold, loose tops hide the bulges but don't make my top look any slimmer. I don't like wearing loose tops and I'll ditch them as soon as my tummy is gone.
B) Bras that can fit the groceries for the whole month in them. LOL. As I said, I carry most of my weight on my top, which includes the boobage, hahaha! Seriously, it's like all my weight goes there, to my belly, my back, and my double chin. What the heck, Mother Nature!? So... yeah... losing that weight "there" will be priceless.
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Oversized stuff... sweatpants in public (except for emergencies, right now, it's the only thing I feel comfortable wearing). What fits right now are stuff that's 2X in shirts, but since I'm so short, it looks just awful on me.

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Height: 5' 5


At my highest in college, I had very few clothes that fit. I was at college in a small town and with no car. If I was to go shopping for more clothes, It would have been at least a few hour drive.... So, I had maybe 4-5 pairs of pants with only 1 pair fitting and the rest being a few size smaller. They were jeans and kinda a dyed green jean. Very obvious and distinct. Anyways, I know it must have been obvious I wore the same clothes over and over again

I really wished I had kept some of my biggest clothes. I did keep some khakis that I student taught in. Size 26/28 pants... I wear a 10/12. I would love to have kept this shirt that was totally not my style but there were not many choices. It had a built in necklace. I hated it the whole time I wore it.

My style is classic/basic... Dark colored dress pants. Solid color sweaters or argyle sweaters. Boat neck cut shirts, striped shirts, etc... When I was at my biggest, I was at the mercy of what fit!
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Originally Posted by JenteIsving View Post
Also, I never want to wear jeans with holes in them again - holes in that area where my thighs used to oh so elegantly rub together
I totally agree with this! My goal outfit is jeans and a t-shirt, but I am so sick of all of the pairs of pants I have with thigh rub holes.
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Blessed Person Here
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NONE OF MY CURRENT CLOTHES! The mere sight of them reminds me of how big I am. I mean come on. I love dresses. I remove them and then ask myself: Do I actually FILL that dress? The answer is obvious. They,re even tight most of the time. Then I get traumatized.
I've not always been big. As a child I was bony and tiny. Somehow. having outfits that are small and "narrow" stayed in my mental perception as "my clothes". I can't wait till the day I'll wear "normal" size clothes again. I just can't.
SuN - ViSiTeD sKiN

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Men's clothing. I often shop for shirts in the men's section because I'm tall, have a large belly, and men's shirts are longer and cover that area. LOL let's just ignore the fact that those rounded necks are constructed for a man's neck and chest (not a woman's) and that is super unflattering! Let's also ignore the fact that boxy style does nothing for my curves and makes me look larger than I am! I can't wait to shed that wooby!

Goal as of 03/09/15: Get under 200lbs


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I think I'd be happy to just not feel like I have to wear all my clothing super baggy. I know I'm making myself look even larger than I am, that's been pointed out to me dozens of times. But I feel so self-conscious and fidgety in anything remotely close to my size and/or tailored. I'd honestly rather look a little worse but feel better than look a little better but feel so anxious!
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What Bee said
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Most of mine have already been said, but mainly anything from the (limited) plus size sections. Oh! And granny panties!! I want to wear cute panties and not have to worry about weird panty lines.

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Size 18 jeans, which I'm currently wearing now
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Having lost 55 pounds, I no longer wear the men's tee shirts!! so unflattering! I am able to wear a regular xlarge (ladies). Makes me content for now, till more weight comes off. Never will wear a xs! but don't want to wear any x sizes once I get to goal. I've gone from a size 22 to 16. finally got into some of my old pretty but smaller bras! feeling like a woman now. taking it one day at a time!

Taking it one day and 1 pound at a time ! Feeling and looking better every day!
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