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Default UGH i'm struggling with fashion

Now that i'm at goal and a "normal sized" gal.

However, i'm almost 51 and haven't paid attention to fashion in 15 yrs and A LOT has changed, obviously!

I'm pretty much an apple shaped hour glass and just bought a pair of size 9 Juniors because they hug my butt/thighs better than the usual women's jeans that i've been trying although i'd prefer the waist line to be about an inch higher but oh well... anyway these are boot cut which i hear are still somewhat fashionable but pretty much straight leg/skinny jeans are it? (well if boot cut wasn't fashionable then why were they widely featured in the Juniors section at Kohls???)

Of COURSE i'm not trying to look 20 but i want to look somewhat in style and i did try on some skinny jeans (which are probably now more of a cross between skinny and straight but they hugged my calves more than my straight legs) and they did look good although admittedly the boot cut looked better on my body type but good grief i don't want to be hopelessly out of fashion!

Also if i spring for a skinny jean and find one that actually looks good on me, what kind of shoes do i wear??? i know heels look great w/ them but i don't know what else. My *chunky* 3 inch heels i have now look great with the boot cut (God forbid i screw up in THAT area, too, LOL)

i do have 2 pair of true straight leg that i like however they're getting a bit loose and actually TO ME the boot cut look more fashionable and the straight legs i have look kind of boring even though a Google search turns up straight leg is the most popular.

I'm overwhelmed!
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Some people just don't look good in skinny jeans. I'm one of them, for sure. My legs are huge - nearly all muscle at this point, but still
Huge. I am a 20-something and I don't do skinny jeans. Boot cut is what looks best of my body; that's all I own.

My mom is 56, and she wears boot cut jeans, too. Her favorite pairs are from Banana Republic and Ann Taylor Loft. The Limited has great jeans that aren't too "young", too.

I am all for you wearing what you feel confident in regardless of age, but the rules of thumb my quite fashionable and thin mom goes by are:
- no extreme washes, like the super light whiskering, factory fading in the butt, etc.
- no holes
- no embellishments, like rhinestones on the pockets, embroidery all the way down a leg

A pair of medium to dark wash boot cut jeans is going to be flattering to just about everyone, regardless of age or size.

I love the Levi's slimming boot with the slimming tummy panel. They are slightly higher rise and they really do make you look a size smaller. Khols sells them, in the misses section. I have little kids that I frequently chase in public and I don't want plumbers crack, these totally eliminate that worry.

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When I hit regular sizes I found out something horrible. Though my body is a size 10 my legs are like a size 14. I can wear regular size 10 but skinny jean size 10? No. They will be baggy on my waist but not fit my legs. and 14s fall off me. So until my legs catch up I have to wear all skirts and dresses! Also found out the majority of todays fashion is hideous so I order it mostly online through european stores.

My suggestion is go to a bunch of stores, don't think about your age unless the outfit is garish at any age, and try on things and see what looks right on you and what you like and build your style from there. And if mall stores dont work for you , try online theres a tonne of stuff online

Slowly getting there one step at a time.
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On the skinny jeans I am with L J. I am in my 20's (though 29 and almost not anymore) and I cannot bring myself to wear skinny jeans. I have tried them on countless times. But my very big thighs just look so much bigger in them. I wear trouser leg and boot cut jeans. I do have a pain of semi-skinny, though perhaps closer to straight leg jeans that I wear only when tucked into tall boots. The extra bulk of the boots actually looks good without the flare. I feel it still hides the thighs a bit.

I work with some very fashionable ladies. And frankly I envy some of their style. But I dress how I feel comfortable. Maybe after losing 30 lbs I will find some skinny jeans that I feel comfotable in. But I'm not holding my breath. Oh and one thing I wanted to mention. I work with one particular lady who wears all the latest fads and styles. And she often looks very good. I have noticed on a few occasions some jeans that make her relatively small body look lumpy and not so attractive. I feel like I sound like a judging jerk to say this. But honeslty she has great fashion sense and looks beautiful always. But she chooses to wear things for style even if they dont fit her. When I get thinner I think I still will stay away from fashions that dont flatter me.
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You need to have the right body for skinny jeans and I don't have it. I always wear bootcut as I like the flare but last week, bought my first pair of straightleg jeans and I love them! I can wear them with flip flops, sneakers, sandals. I think I had to lose these pounds to be able to wear them.

I see all these people wearing the ballet flats with their jeans but I can't get into them. I feel like they make my feet look wide. Maybe it's the rounded toe I don't like. I want to like them though!
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Jeans...you just have to keep trying them on. I've tried on as many as 2-3 dozen in a single shopping day to walk away with one pair that actually fit me. My best friend is a more of an apple shape too and she said that low rise jeans work the best for her or else they seem to be too tight in the waist or too big in the leg.

A dark wash boot cut is a pretty classic staple, as long as it isn't too wide in the bottom they should be fine if they make you happy. With jeans I feel fit is more important that style.

With a skinny jean - boots, heels, or ballet flats work really well, I try to stay away from shoes that are too bulky when wearing skinny or jeggings. Try a pair of dark wash jeggings - they are more forgiving than jeans but they won't function well if you lose more weight. I'm the size of a smallish beached whale right now but I own a couple pairs of skinny jeans and they work well with tunics or an empire waisted shirt - anything with a little more volume on top.

I hope this helps you out!
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Staying the Same
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Skinny jeans are great - I have "thick" legs and I feel like showing them off :P Most shoes work w/ them - flats, heels, wedges, funky sneakers, boots, most closed toe styles!

I love the skinny jeans and flats look and think it works for every age

Push on some more!

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I like skinnies too. I'm curvy and I like to show off the "thickness" sometimes if I'm going out and enjoying nightlife/a bar/a party. I usually wear them with pumps or knee high boots. They do accentuate my thighs and larger backside, but I also occasionally wear leggings as pants when going out - I'm in my early thirties and also a mom - so I pair them with high heeled boots and a modest fitted button down shirt/blazer/etc

My go-to jeans are usually straight legged trouser jeans. They're flattering, comfy, and they look appropriate in any situation.

These from Express are my favorite, but I second Ann Taylor Loft and The Limited.
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Skinnies all the way with ballerinas ! I could only ever wear bootcut jeans when I was 300lbs. I revel in the skinnies and I am 45 years old. I tart them up for evening with heels and a fitted jacket ! Tada ! Loveliness !

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I'll be 51 next week and I wear skinny jeans (and look good in them if I say so myself! lol!) I like to wear them with knee high boots for now, although when the weather changes, I will wear with casual flats as I don't wear heels.

So I would not avoid them if you want to wear them - although I don't think you have to if you prefer not to. But if you like them and think they look good on you, then go for it! I think that as long as you are aware of trying to dress too young for your age, then you probably aren't doing that! lol!
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Jeans are a tough one... At least for me... I love them and wear them a lot, but I always have a really hard time finding ones that look they way I want on me... So when I find a pair that I like I'll buy a few of the exact same ones, because I know I'll never find them again even when I'm looking at the same brands again... Also when I find some that I really like I'll take them to get "tailored" to dial in the look that I want... which really can make the difference...

I like the look of skinny jeans, but I find on me they just aren't that flattering most of the time... So what I do is go with straight leg and get them taken in a bit from the ankle to the calf which gets me the silhouette that I like when it comes to jeans.... and that works well with the drivers and loafers that I like to wear as my "go to" casual shoes... And I'm still a big fan of boot leg, but I usually find the flare a bit too exaggerated, so I'll get those taken in a little bit too for a slightly slimmer look of the flare from ankle to calf... and usually wear those with a zip ankle boot that's slim and has a bit of a point to the toe and a decent heel, so not only do I look taller, but it really makes me look thinner too... Which are "rules" number #1 and #2 for me when it comes to fashion...

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Thanks for the replies, everyone-so helpful!

I have kind of wide hips but don't have a huge butt or legs and the skinny Junior jeans that i tried on i actually liked but didn't get. They were form fitting all the way down but not painted on tight like some i've seen, but they were snugger than straight legged, i do have 2 straight legged jeans. I have to admit i adore the boot leg cut just because i think it's flattering to hourglass but i'm not talking flare and also i don't look 51 either which will help but also i will be dressing for comfort but i certainly want to have some sense of style without looking like a teenager or being overtly sexy.

i think i will try some skinny jeans again and not worry too much and just make sure they fit correctly and look good. i was concerned mainly about which shoes, i do know of course heels go very well with them (what about wedges and platforms??) but the main shoes i wear every day are 3 inch chunky boot type shoes. Come to think of it i do have a pair of Levi's skinnies so to speak but to me they're more like loose skinnies and almost straight leg but narrower leg opening and they look awful with those kind of shoes and when i wear them (they look good but now they're starting to bag in the butt) i wear them with my heels.

i've never considered ballet flats!! So i guess i will have to go shopping for those, also. i feel SOOO out of touch

here's my body, i'm probably a couple lbs lighter now, any brutally honest opinions would be appreciated!

Obviously these are boot cuts but they're too big now and i HAATE baggie jeans especially in the butt and thighs which is why i went into the Juniors section, i like them form fitting. (these are not the Juniors that i just bought.)

The last photo is a pair of boot cut embellished that i adore. I don't know if others do but i guess it's my opinion that counts

Oh, these shoes are on sale for $23, what say you all? And these will be w/skinnies and straights, right? i think they'd look silly with boot cut, i hate skinny heels w/a boot cut jean

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Love those purple shoes!

And you definitely need form fitting jeans!

One for every five pounds lost!
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LOVE the shoes! Boot cut is my friend. I look best in them because they seem to balance me visually. I like the look of skinny jeans, but the leg portion scares me! I think if I tried them on with my curvy calves, they'd have to get the jaws of life to cut me out of them. Not a pretty picture!
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First let me just say, you are truly beautiful and don't look a day over 30, so don't worry about dressing your age. As someone above said unless it would look garish at any age you should buy what you love and feel comfortable in.

That said I agree with Mozzy, I think a more form fitting jean would look very flattering on you.

I love to browse fashion sites that have a lot of "Streetstyle" pictures like The Satoralist, Streetpeeper and Refinery29. A lot of it is kind out there but it helps give you an idea of what is fashionable.

Also my first home (3FC being my second) are the forums at Purseblog, they have a fashion section with a lot of great people with great advice.

Good luck!
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