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Fear does not = fate
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Default A Rant to My Panties.

Dear Panties,

While I understand that you have a hard job, I have to bring up your performance. Why must you peep out of my jeans? And not just by a little bit. Why must half of you be out at all times? Is it you that pushes my shirt and cami up as well? I'm afraid this has adversely affected your performance rating.

Also, panties, why must you droop in the back when I am not wearing any pants? Do you not understand your job function? Or perhaps you think it's as hilarious as my husband? Either way, this is unacceptable.

Panties, I am also going to have to note the way you don't stay up when your inside pants. Which is it? Poking out or down around my thighs. Pick one, panties. Pick. One.

So you see, panties, this is why I'm going to have to let you go and buy new panties. Panties that understand my needs. Thank you for all your hard work, panties.
The scale can only give you a numerical reflection of your relationship with gravity. That's it. It cannot measure beauty, talent, purpose, life force, possibility, strength or love.
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I'm bringing sexy back!
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One for every five pounds lost!
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Little known secret,as we lose weight our clothing sizes change, for some reason it is not until our panties develop a severe droop in the rear that we think about it.
Goal 12/21/2007
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can't cook.
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Commando every day solves this problem quickly.

My panties and I had a long chat a few years ago, very similar to this one, and decided it was best to part ways indefinitely.

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Oh my gosh this was hilarious. My panties decided to twist around my body. I went one way the panties went the other until they wedged into someplace that lets be honest, nothing is supposed to wedge in there. When I got new ones it was so nice.
I tried on some of my bra and panty sets the other night and my hubby and I were laughing so hard at the droop in the back and how high they had to be pulled to fit right, it was funny. Then it made me sick of the cost of said outfits that were no longer wearable, but I would rather lose them then regain the weight.
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Restart 11/2012 at 153lbs
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How about after a workout, they are so full of sweat they r hanging practically off. I made my way to the mall to buy new undies yesterday, after my husband laughed at my oversized underware. Funny how they kept bunching up and even making it uncomfortable to sit. Thanks for the laugh
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it's a fine day
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Anima sana in corpore sano
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This was very cute!
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Too Funny! I feel the same way about mine!
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This was really funny! And so true!

And it made me think...I am still wearing the same panties that I was wearing when I started. It never occured to me yet to go buy some new undies. I have changed bras but my closet is like Victoria Secret with the variety of sizes to choose from but all my undies are still big ones. Whoo hoo shopping trip this weekend!
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We must have the same undies!
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Ready for a win
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I loathe underwear.

You're either really sexy but ultimately unflattering or old woman pants..or the regular panties that do me no favours!

You show of my shelf of a tummy.

You cut off right at the top of my chubby at the front thighs.

Stop it!!

Bingeing is not coping
Kept up maintenance and learned more healthy habits
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Starting over sucks.
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Owls I love you. This thread title alone is epic.

My bf mocks me incessantly about my undies. At my heaviest they never stayed up. Now I have some pairs that come up to under my boobs!

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