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Default Why are the clothes meant for bigger girls so freakin' ugly??

I really want to kow why the larger size clothes so freakin' ugly?? This used to bother me when I was big and it still bothers me. In some ways it bothers me even more now, because I am starting to buy normal clothes and the difference in the styles and fabric used annoys me even more now.

Most of the clothes that are for bigger sized women are made of shiny materials covered with horrible flowers in bright colours. Why?? Is it suppose to say "check me out, I am bit but still have a zest for all things colour" or is it suppose to distract the eye away from the size?? I just dont get it! Why dont clothing companies realise that no one wants to walk around covered in bright purple shiny flowers?

I remember two years ago i was going to a function and i had nothing to wear that would fit me so out of desperation I went to the BIB (big is beautiful) section of Myers (department store in perth). All i wanted was something in black, all I found was shiny flower covered monstrosities. I went home, cried all the way and didnt go to the function.

Anyway down with shiny flower covered fabrics!!
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I only shopped at Myers once, but I thought they had some cute stuff. Still have a few shirts from there (none are purple or glittery). I did most of my shopping at Target and Kmart when I was in Australia though. Aussie Target/Kmart had massively cuter clothes than US Target/Kmart. Which seems so backwards to me. You would think the fattest nation in the world, that is also the country in which Kmart and Target originated, could get some cute plus size clothes. I totally mourned it when I went back to the US and had to start paying twice as much for Torrid clothing. That said, I was a Uni student over there and could wear sundresses every day. Since I never had to buy professional clothing in Aus, I can't speak to that experience. I know buying professional plus-size clothing here makes me want to pull my hair out! I don't mind the everyday/casual clothes, but there isn't a lot of room for personal style or individuality. If you don't want to wear the tacky stuff, you kind of all end up in the same clothes.

ETA- certain cities are better than others too. I moved from Atlanta to Nashville this past summer and I feel like Nashville's plus size clothing selection is a decade behind. I can find cute plus size clothes at Dillards in Atlanta, but they're hideous at Dillards in Nashville.
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Sometimes there's the opposite problem here in the UK - the big clothes are amazing and small clothes aren't so brilliant!

When I was bigger I used to shop in a great shop called Evans, which had many, many beautiful and flattering clothes. And now, I walk past the window of it and stare at all the pretty things I can't have any more.

Not that I don't like being smaller, it's just that somehow Evans manages to out-fashion some of the 'normal' shops!
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Ugh, I know what you mean and it bothers me too!

Right now I'm betwixt and between--I can wear some things like knits and full skirts in regular sizes, but need a plus for anything fitted at the arms or hips--but I have a tough time finding anything that fits the bill for my style.

I like sleek looks in attractive colors--no sequins, rhinestones, studs, feathers, beading, fluorescent dyes, puffy paint, metallic bits, embroidery, or applique (crapplique, in my estimation). It pains me to see a perfectly good black tulip skirt on the rack only to pull it out and see that the front is spattered with fugly whickety-whack that looks more appropriate for an aging 1970s country/western singer than for...well, anyone with reasonable taste.

Who buys that stuff? Who likes looking like three parrots in a blender? Who looks at a blouse and thinks, "Oh, if only there were a row of aqua sequins, studs, and feathers right around the sleeves and bottom hem to emphasize my doughy arms and thick waist?" I don't see most New Orleanian women wearing those clothes, so I don't know why Macy's puts them on the rack here; what, do they assume that southerners have no taste?


Dillard's (at least here in New Orleans) is vastly better than Macy's. J.C. Penney's isn't even worth a look. I haven't been in a Lane Bryant in a while because their styles were far too roomy through the middle even when I was at my largest, although I gather they've recently done a good job of tailoring clothing to different "fruit shapes" than apples and may be worth another look if you're a fellow hourglass or a pear.

Online shopping is a good option, too. Torrid has some cute looks, and Macy's online store has a much better selection than the bright, tacky Mardi-Gras-float garments they feature in-store.

Mostly I just get by wearing knits and full skirts. I don't know what people do for pants because I don't own any that aren't leggings for working out. (I think the last pants I owned were in 1992 when I was made to buy them for work. )
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I think it has improved a lot these days. When I was a teenager and weighed 300 lbs, clothing stores were targeted at the 60+ crowd. Shopping was definitely not pleasant.
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I haven't felt that way. I actually got quite comfortable shopping at Lane Bryant. In a way even having Lane Bryant exist probably added to me being okay wth gaining weight.

I am totally perplexed by where to shop now that LAne Bryant is too big.

Maybe the ugly clothes are for your own good... if you like the clothes you won't be as motivated to lose weight!

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I know what you mean! And why do they assume all of the big girls want to show some boob? Like all the shirts are V necked, low cut. So annoying! Apparently they assume all larger women are 89 years old cause that's what kind of material they use to make all of the clothes.
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Ugh, shopping drives me nuts, especially when I go with my smaller friends.
I've found Maurices to be pretty decent, but even then they have horrid patterns sometimes. Why can't clothes just be made in a wider range of sizes?
I can't wait until I can get out of the "flower power" section!

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Dots is amazing for plus size clothes, so cute and affordable. Its a hassle to look for nice fitting clothes, but I know a lot of bigger women that always look stylish. I think they might be ordering online as well.
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Originally Posted by Nola Celeste View Post
Who buys that stuff? Who likes looking like three parrots in a blender?
This may be the funniest thing I have read here in weeks. LOL, three parrots in a blender!

Plus sized stuff in my area is bad, bad, bad. Well, unless you like screen printed kitties with sparkles, short, wide pants with elastic waistbands, or cheap sweaters that are huge under the armpits. If you like that stuff, then you'll be happy in my hometown!

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Originally Posted by Windchime View Post
Well, unless you like screen printed kitties with sparkles,
Think I would kind of love something screen-printed with kitties...maybe take the sparkles off, but kitties I can do in an ironic kind of way haha.

Do agree with the poster though, and I think it can be even harder here in New Zealand. I'm feeling grateful I'm finally small enough to be out of the "plus sizes" in a shop like City Chic (which coincidentally actually has a really nice range of plus size stuff in flattering fits/colours/shapes/designs etc, check it out online, they ship worldwide I think). I am still confused about where to shop for some stuff though...New Zealand is confusing. So many things I would need to get altered somewhere!
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I thought of this thread earlier when I was at the mall to see what Teavana stuff I could order far more cheaply from igourmet.com (heh, heh, I am a sneaky cheapskate) and stopped into a couple of stores to see what I could see.

I saw a sweater that had a repeating abstract design woven in and beads and ribbon annnnnnd a contrasting trim at the collar. I only wish that abstract design had been kitties instead; it would've killed me to see your post if there had been actual kitties, Windchime.

Won't someone think of the parrots?
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It bothers me too. Its either ugly as **** or expensive.

Like it takes THAT much more material to make the same cute outfit a few sizes larger.

Dont get me started on my Victoria Secret rant!
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Pfft, Victoria's Secret never held up well for me--and I'm talking about when I weighed 125 pounds and didn't have as much to hold up/in. I'm not a big fan of VS.

I am a big fan of Lunaire's lingerie. They sell it at the local Macy's, and though I don't like the in-store plus size selection, I love the lingerie selection there. Lunaire bras look like attractive lingerie, not some kind of thick-strapped orthopedic device--but they actually do work like the big thick maw-maw bras. (I'm wearing the "Barbados" leopard print as I speak. Rawr.)

Outerwear may still present a problem, but Lunaire makes underwear less of an issue. Love love love them for making pretty stuff for my size! <3
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Torrid has cute stuff. It has definitely saved me from feeling completely out of style while being out of shape lol.

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