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Default victoria's secret bra sizes compared to others

I've heard that VS's cup sizes run a bit smaller than they do in other brands. Does anyone know how much of a difference there is? I'd like to be able to buy some bras online, but I"m not sure what size I am at any place but VS. The only store I have nearby is Walmart, which doesn't have rarer sizes, and I don't think they'd let you try on the bras anyway. So, online is my only hope. It would be great if I could get in on online sales from other stores instead of being tied down to VS.

The ribcage bust subtraction formula doesn't work for me. According to it, I should be in an A, but I'm currently easily filling out a larger cup size.
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I think it does run smaller. However I really don't know what size I actually am because I have a bra from walmart that is 36D and I spill out. I have a bra from VS that is 36DD that fits perfect.

Good luck! I hate bra shopping.
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I had the opposite experience. I went bra shopping the other night and actually fit into a smaller cup size in one of their 'full coverage' bras. Some of their other styles seem to run smaller, or more true to size it seemed.
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For me, I just recently went bra shopping and was hoping to finally be able to once again fit into a VS bra... but NO! For me, it seems as though their cup sizes have gone down even more....

I couldn't even fit into their biggest bra (DDD), but then I went to a store just next to them and walked out with a C.

I would recommend trying to find a VS near you so you could compare for yourself....

MPE - Bra shopping is frustrating!
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I actually work at Victoria Secret and I had tons of sports bras from there. In a normal bra I wear a 36c, but with their sports bras I always have to go up to a D. So yeah sometimes depending on what it is they do run small.

To measure yourself for a VS bra, measure around yourself under the bust and that will be your band size. Then measure around yourself at the fullest part of your bust. Now to get the cup size find the difference between the two measurements.

If the difference was
1- A cup
2- B cup
3- C cup
4- D cup
5- DD cup

You can also go into any victoria secret store and be measured. They can also give you tips as to sports bras because they are so tricky!

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I hate bra shopping too, and it looks like everyone has had different experiences with the sizes so this is pretty complicated. I guess I'll just stick with VS since that's what I know. Maybe one day stores will adopt a standard sizing system. That'd be great.

At VS, I'm a 34 DD. My measurements are 28 under bust measurement and a 33.5 bust. The formula I've always seen has you adding 4 or 5 to the ribcage measurement. The problem comes in when you add 5 to the 28 and come up with 33, then subtract 33.5 from 33, you get 0.5 which would make me barely an A, but my bust is extending a full five inches past my ribcage, so that doesn't make sense.

Skirsten, if you don't need to add 5 to the ribcage at VS, then their sizing system does work for me.

Thanks for all your replies.

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Walmart will let you try on bras. However, I would suggest you go to a department store or a lingerie store (Bali or Warners have stores at most outlet malls) and get professionally fitted. Most women wear the wrong size bra.
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I recently went to Macy's and was measured. It was an older lady and very professional. She informed me there was nothing wrong with my breasts they just needed to be pushed UP and IN. LOL.

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I went to Victorias Secret and they told me that I was a 38 C, but the band width was way too big. I put it on at the tightest hook and it was still loose. So yesterday I bought some 36C's and they fit fine. However, at Walmart I have to wear a 36D. They tried to talk me into a D at VS, but I know it would've been too large since I fit into their C perfectly
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you must try on the victoria's secret bra in person. sizes and fits vary by style at that place. one 38DD is too big and the next wont even snap (let alone hold in my boobs). please please please try the bra on in person
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I definitely had trouble with ordering vs bras online. I've always been a 38D but 38 in the vs store was too tight, so I ordered a 40D online. It came and fit perfectly, so I ordered the same size in a different style. The second bra I received seemed twice as big in cup size! It was huge so I sent it back. Then the biofit came out and they were selling size 40 in stores. I ended up wearing a 40c in that one. Very confusing. For me it seems like the cup sizes ran a little bit big. However, vs customer service online is great. If you measure yourself, order and find that they are not consistent...just e-mail them and you won't have to pay to ship it back.
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I would definitely try the bras on in person, I have gone in and come out with one bra that is 36DDD and one that is 34C.
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I usually wear a 36C but in VS I wear 36D...

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It was worth it to me to order, try on, return, exchange. I've found the perfect size and buy it over and over and over.

I think Aphil told me this and I've found it to be true ... you may need different sizes in different styles. My secret satin demi cups are 34C but my full coverage cottons are 34 DD.
... Susan
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