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Default Should I stop losing and begin maintaining?

Well, over the last year and a bit, I've lost a total of 31lbs. Obviously, my weight has gone up as well as down in that time, but now my weight's the lowest its been for about 4 years. My lifestyle has changed, so I've not been in danger of putting all the weight back on, though I realise that I will have to watch my weight more vigilantly than before I became overweight.

I'm ************************************************** s, I may be tempted to go lower again.

The thing is, I know my face will start looking too thin if I get to *********. But I'm tall, and my weight will always sound quite heavy. I live in the UK, and so really measure my weight in stones and lbs. At the minute I am **************************. I really want to go below that ******** mark!

What does everyone think? Am I being obsessive? I also seem to have been thinking about losing weight forever now, and as a result my appetite is less. I'm really worried about maintaining, in case I put all the weight back on and my hard work has been for nothing!

Should I worry about the last few pounds?

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Hi Sian and to Maintainers. Congratulations on your weight loss!

I'm going to move your post down to the main part of the forum so that more people will read it and hopefully comment.

My suggestion is to switch gears and give yourself a 'maintenance break' of perhaps two or three months. You would just focus on maintaining your loss and not worry about losing any more weight. It sounds like maintenance is your main concern right now anyway, as it should be. Like you say, who wants to go to all the work of losing the weight, only to regain it?

We've had several maintainers who have tried 'maintenance vacations' quite successfully and maybe they'll post about their experiences.

Once you get a few months of maintenance under your belt, you can then decide if you want or need to lose any more weight. You may find that you're perfectly comfortable right where you are!

It's funny how those numbers play such head games with us! Try to remember that you are much taller than average, so what 'sounds' heavy may be a perfect weight for you. Our weights aren't tattooed on our foreheads! Go by how you look, how you feel, and how your clothes are fitting and try to ignore the scale.

We're glad you found us and look forward to hearing lots more from you!
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Originally Posted by Sian100

I'm 23 years old, 5'11, female, and now weigh 158lbs. This gives me a BMI of 22.0. My original target was 163lbs. Then I decided on 156lbs. Now I'm getting near that, I want to drop to 152lbs. If I get to 152lbs, I may be tempted to go lower again.

The thing is, I know my face will start looking too thin if I get to 152lbs. But I'm tall, and my weight will always sound quite heavy.
Sounds like you are quite light given how tall you are. You are probably leaner than a lot of 120#'ers of average height.
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