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Cool 4-Year Update!

Ok ladies, it's been a long time since I've posted anything. But I have still been lurking. So much has happened in the past year. Let's see where do I begin?

1.) This past holiday, I celebrated my 4 years of maintenance. Yes, it's incredibly hard, and no, it's not really a celebration in my eyes, just a "holy crap I did again and made it through another year!" But I still have the rest of my life to go, and as time goes on, I'm finding it harder and harder to maintain. I'm chalking it up to my age. I'm quickly approaching 33 this February, and a while back, (3 years ago to be exact) I posted a blog where I was inquisitive as to when our metabolism slows down due to age. Some people responded positive, other negative, alas, we are all individual beings that evolve in unique, different ways. This brings me to #2

2.) This past holiday, dare I say it, from November (Thanksgiving) to New Year's, I gained...wait for it....keep waiting...16 FLIPPIN' POUNDS!!!! And I've been working really hard to loose them. So far, I'm down 8 pounds, but the anxiety is killing me. I increased my workout, got back on track, and the first 8 pounds fell off so easily, but these next 8 just aren't budging. My clothes are tight, I'm depressed about it, I REFUSE, REFUSE I tell ya to admit defeat and go up a size in clothes.

3.) The "wonderful husband" we all thought I had, ended up being a wolf in sheep's clothing, SO...I divorced him. I'm sure Lifetime can't wait to make a movie about it. It's definitely watch worthy, and would probably boost their ratings a bit. Therefore, I'm single again. *sigh*

4.) Although I had some really bad hardships, and curve balls thrown at me the past year, I will not let it bring me down from the lifestyle I had worked so hard to achieve. During my divorce, I lost our house, my car, no child support, (Long story, but seriously child support is not available) and I fell into a really dark hole. I resorted to bad habits, made some stupid decisions, but I picked myself up and got back on track. Since then, I bought MYSELF and my 2 kids a house ALL BY MYSELF, got a new car, got promoted at work, started working out again, and now I sit back and look at the bountiful surprises I've been given. This was all accomplished through hard work, strength, and dedication. The lesson here ladies, is 2 things:

A=When you want something, if you want it bad enough, you'll do whatever you have to do to bust your butt to get it. No one will give it to you, unless you give it to yourself.

B= Men are pigs. Whether we are over weight, or skinny, we are all still possible victims to be taken advantage of, and no one is excluded. This was overall a very hard lesson for me to learn. Keep in mind, if you're losing weight to get a love in your life, it doesn't change anything. The prettier the man, the uglier they are inside.

So chin up, keep on going, and know, that anything can get accomplished when you really put your mind to it. I hope you all are well! I look forward to hearing from lots of you. For now, I'm cool as a cucumber
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Hello I smiled when I read ur post I can feel ur energy and I love ur attitude! Congrats on the 4 year maintenance and thanks for the motivation to keep going. You look great btw! Lol at men are pigs yes they are..some of them anyway. Thank you for the advice. We must do this for ourselves not for a man or a woman no matter what we look like on the outside if we dont have it together on the inside it shows. Thats why it is important for your spouse to love you for you bc looks are fleeting. I just wanted to say hi and congrats on the maintenance and to remind myself that it can be done and maintained although its a daily struggle. Good luck on ur journey and thank u for ur post.
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Wow! You have a great spirit and amazing strength. Lots has happened to you and you are still moving forward--you didn't use your rocky road as an excuse. You are an inspiration. Keep up the hard work -- the alternative is too horrible to even contemplate.
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Old 01-23-2014, 07:46 PM   #4
maintaining since 9/2013
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Wow. You should write the screenplay for the lifetime movie, with your wonderful energy and candor. I'm so inspired that you've maintained 4 yrs. Even without what you've experienced it would be a major accomplishment.
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Good for you! I'm so impressed--not just with the years of maintenance (which give me hope, by the way), but with the attitude you're taking toward what sounds like a really tough year.
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Here's some stuff about metabolism and age. Since you are only 33 according to Dr Oz, you are not old enough yet for your metabolism to be slowing. Personally i woulkdn';t bother too much with most of his food ideas except as vegetarian i am aware of the benefits of eating beans and sometimes make an effort in that regard. HOwever i don't eat them for what it would do to my insulin levels but they are low calorie and filling.

You've done great in four years. Its great that you are now so independent.
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Congrats on your four years despite all you've been through lately. You are obviously a very strong woman and determined!

I agree with you about not being willing to go up a clothes size. I'm stubbornly refusing as well.

Not all men are pigs. I have a keeper. But I can understand you thinking that if you've been burnt. I'm terribly sorry.

Keep posting. We're all here to support each other.

2018 workout goals:

150 Bikram yoga classes

400 workouts minimum

So far:

32 bikram yoga classes
200 workouts total
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Congratulations on getting through those tough periods in your life. Your children are blessed to have such a tenacious mom. Don't worry about those eight pounds. If you stay on plan and just keep doing what you're doing, all or most of those pounds will probably fall off. As for the metabolism slowing down, the research I've seen indicates that it does . . . but the change is negligible.

I don't think all men are pigs (I have a very nice brother), but you've been burned, so I can understand why you would feel that way. Nice men do exist, though, and if you're open to that, you may just meet one .

Thanks for posting. I'm encouraged when I see posts from long-term maintainers. Best wishes!
Clothes Sizes (not lbs):

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Old 01-28-2014, 11:19 AM   #9
Staying the Same
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I'm sorry your ex-husband turned out to be an oinker, but glad to see you posting and maintaining and making life work despite hardships.
Push on some more!

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Michelle the Vegan
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I'm glad you are coming through the dark times stronger than ever.

There will come a time when you will once again look around at menfolk with a bit of interest, and so you should know that only SOME men are pigs. Just like SOME women are pigs. Really. There are plenty of good guys out there.
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congrats on maintenance and glad that you have the determination and courage to make your life better despite the hardships you've faced!

Your goal post was one that I always went to when I was looking for inspiration (seriously, I was stalker -like), so thank you for posting that and for updating us! You're awesome
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I'm listening...
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Whew, you've had quite the year! While I feel badly that you've had such an icky year, I'm so impressed that you have come out on top! You are a hero--to us--and your kids!

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