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Default Should I start to maintain now?

I'm a 14 and a half year old girl and I'm 5'4 tall. In the past month I've lost 15.6lbs going from 114.4lbs to 98.8lbs. My goal weight was 96lbs but my mum is now threatening to drag me to the doctors if I try to lose more. I still feel fat but I don't know whether I should just try to please her and start maintaining now or not.
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Given your age, as a minor, you should listen to your parents and doctor....not anyone on here.

Good luck.

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I agree with ChickieChicks....

You are still very young and your body is growing and developing, and will continue to do so over the next few years. Trying to achieve thinness isn't whats important...Being healthy is...

I will say this tho...I checked out your Diet blog and considering that your eating less then 400 calories a day this is MASSIVALLY unhealthy...Our bodies needs a certain amount of calories everyday just to function....this is called a BMR...basal metabolic rate...at your current height and weight, you should be consuming at least 1300-1350 calories a day...and thats not including adding excerise...You should never dip below that number, even when dieting

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At 5'4", 98 pounds will be underweight, as a matter of fact 114 is just about right for your height. Where are you getting your figures for goal weight ?15.6 loss in one month is very fast . I think you should consult with a doctor as I think you might be developing some unhealthy habits. It is not necessary to be so drastic to lose weight.
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Sweetie, judging from your diet blog you're well into eating disorder territory. If you continue on this path, you're setting yourself up for a long-term disordered relationship with food, which usually comes with sequential weight losses and regains (a.k.a. yo-yo dieting). It would be great if you could nip this in the bud, with help from a doctor and possibly a therapist.

You CANNOT continue to eat as little as you're currently eating. At your age I was eating 2,500 cals per day to maintain. Even if you're shorter than I am, you'll probably need somewhere between 1,600 and 2,200 cals to maintain a healthy weight and have enough energy to enjoy life. I suggest you take the focus off food in your life. You're a good writer. Why don't you focus on that, as well as any other interests you may have?


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S/C/G: 114.4/93/93

Height: 5"3'


Thanks for all your advice, I guess my target probably was a little too low so I've decided to start maintenance now and will be gradually increasing my calories
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