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evilwomaniamshe 08-07-2012 02:27 PM

Maintainers update check in thread
I thought I would start a maintainers update thread & maybe other maintainers will follow suit & let peeps know how things are going for them periodically 'specially if they are like me and not around much. I think many peeps ASSUME that once we leave here, that we have gotten FAT & SASSY, but that is NOT the case for ME.....
Ok, here goes...... Hiya peeps :wave: just wanted to check in & update my ticker & I see I had a few pm's, so I thought I would let everyone know that YES, I'm still maintaining 5 years + 6 months later, despite NOT being around at all just incase anybody else ever wonders about me, here are my latest deets! I have just moved on to more important things, LIFE in general is super busy for me, running 2 businesses & enjoying life & traveling keeps me beyond busy! :)

Both my tennis elbow & golfers elbow have FINALLY left the building which makes me a happy camper! Dealing with soft tissue injuries for 2.5 years was a long ordeal that truly sucked! I have been doing 25 # wrist curls (both forward & reverse curls) 3 times daily as part of my physical therapy since March & I have powerful forearms now, so hopefully neither of these injuries re-appear. I'm looking forward to resume my actual weightlifting again, (not just wrist curls) yippee! :strong:

I still continue eating 80% healthy stuff & 20% not so healthy mixed in for sanity sakes which is a good balance for me. I'm living & loving LIFE & I take some ME time daily & workout whether it be rollerblading, power walking, kickboxing, recumbent bike or mountain biking in addition to starting to play summer sports league again too w/ my FAVE sand volleyball! Speaking of that, anybody watch the Olympics & the sand volleyballers? Those are some AWESOME athletes, I play on a team of 4 in summer on sand courts, so two to a team is truly awe worthy! I also play fall/winter league 6 players to a team in a gym, plus a co-ed league. Yeah I'm still a very active individual. It's funny because I still feel like a teenager, but I recently turned 45 & I'm still sporting short shorts & racerback tank tops which really show off my toned legs & back. Just like my avatar states I can give a punch & certainly take one too if needed!

Todays weight 147, I'm still in the maintenance zone even if I am on the higher end but I am more than OK with that, since I have added on some mass & I must say my look is even more @sskicky now! Is that even a word???? According to my husband, YES it is & he calls it like he see's it! LOL, gotta love him & I do, he tells me I sure look @sskicky! :joker:

Foodwise, I have acquired a taste for avocado, OMG I eat it twice a day now as my good for me fat, oh so creamy, LOVE it!!! I've been eating a DQ blizzard every other week all summer long, dbl fudge cookie dough is my guiltless pleasure when I want a chocolate fix, yum! :drool: To me this calorie bomb is worth it, my taste buds are as happy as I am while eating it! Besides with all the healthy things I consume each day/week/month, it certainly balances out a blizzard (my splurge of choice as of late) every 2 weeks, so yuppers all is still sa-weet on the 20% front!

Over and out. Until next time..... :wave:
Evilwomaniamshe aka ~Wendalyn

JayEll 08-07-2012 06:32 PM

Hey Wendalyn! :wave:

Well, I AM fat... that's all there is to it. Sassy, I don't know about. Probably only around here, but who knows. IRL my friends don't tell and I don't ask.

Yep, I'm FAT, I'm just like all those thousands, millions of people who did really well and kept the weight off for a couple years and then started to slide. It was a long, slow slide... More like a drag... I left claw marks all the way... Not sure what I'll try next. Been looking into different things.

Noticed your sig line about how exercise and weightlifting "make you look good naked." Nope--not me. I'm never gonna look good naked. And that's just the truth. The good news? It doesn't matter anymore. Age does have its benefits. ;)

Glad to hear you're doing well. Hope to hear from more of those who have moved on.


Shannon in ATL 08-08-2012 12:55 PM

Good to hear from you Wendalyn! I think of you often, as a lot of my snack options these days came from some of your posts. :) Glad that you are doing so well!

neurodoc 08-08-2012 10:34 PM

Add me to the chorus that says welcome; really glad to know you're doing well (though I sort of figured that; once you've got the hang of maintenance, regular check-ins are not so important). I too have lots of other life activities that get in the way of posting here regularly. UNLIKE you though, I'm still not as good at this maintenance thing as I'd like. I find if I let the food logging drop, I head quickly down the slippery slope of too many calories, and weight creep sets in. I also do better when I at least READ this board regularly (writing on it is optional, but I've been trying to do that too).

It's funny that so many of us on this board are in our 40s (I'm 46). I tried for several decades to lose weight and get fit but succeeded only for brief spurts until my mid 30s, and then "blew it" by having babies and not losing the weight after each pregnancy. It took until age 43 (when my youngest was 3), to finally get to a mental place where consistency was possible and to lose the dreaded "all or nothing" thinking that was my downfall in the past. Just like you say, an ice-cream sundae, however caloric, should be a guiltless pleasure if you do it once every other week, and not as an excuse to then go and pig out for the next 3 days.

Good on you. Take care and have fun.

Lori Bell 08-10-2012 02:30 PM

Hi Wendalyn! Good to hear from you and super glad you are looking @sskicky! Oh and yeah, gotta LOVE those sanity Blizzards, though I have to limit mine to once a month and only IF I am under 145. My blizzard of choice is the Heath. OMG, LOVE THEM, and totally worth the calories IMHO!!

I don't post all that much these days because like you, I am crazy busy. It's wonderful to have the energy and the stamina to be so active, and I'm loving life. Even though I *itch and moan that I can't keep up the pace, I keep adding things to my list of "to dos" and loving the outcome. I turned 47 a few weeks ago and feel younger than I did 20 years ago. That's a good thing!

This morning I weighed in at 145. Hoping to get back to 140 by Labor day, just so I'll be at a lower weight by the time the holidays kick in.

Oh, I won 4 blue ribbons (first place), and one red ribbon, (2nd place) at the county fair this week! Yippee. I also received a purple, (outstanding in class) for a wildflower arrangement. My salsa and elderberry jelly came in 1st. It's the first time I've ever entered anything and now I'm hooked! :)

Work starts Monday, so I'll be back to getting up at 4am...ugh, I dread going back to the grind, but I did get a promotion and a raise and now I'm the head cook at the school. Yay for lunch ladies!! Sometime I would like to start a thread about the current school lunch program, but I'm wondering if it would be considered political since all of the resent changes have come about by the current administration. There are good and bad points all around. Oh well, maybe another time.

Well, that's my life in a nutshell. 3 years and 2 months of maintaince under my belt and planning to make it for the long haul!

Bright Angel 08-10-2012 09:09 PM

I'm still here, and still posting frequently on my DietHobby blog.
I've continued working very hard to maintain my large weight-loss.
This past year I'm 5 to 7 lbs heavier while eating and exercising very much the same,
but I'm still within the "normal" border (just barely).
I was hoping that after 5 years at or near my goal weight,
maintenance would be easier,
but this has not happened for me.
I still have to struggle daily to eat less than I want,
in order to keep from regaining ALL of my past weight.
Those interested in my maintenance details can see them at my .com website, DietHobby.

losermom 08-11-2012 11:51 AM

I'm still around too! It's great to hear from all who continue to "fight the good fight" that is maintenance! I weighed in at 134 this morning. I'm coming back down after getting a little too crazy with the food. I find that I am much more social over the summer months--we tend to hibernate during the winter months here and I seem to spend that time cooking tons of healthy foods. As long as I continue to cook more at home, my weight generally stays in check.

I just started adding in jump-roping to my exercise rotation, along with jogging with my dog, weight training and light yoga. Man, that is a workout!

My family keeps me busy. My mom has had some ongoing health issues that I need to stay on her about and DD25 had some unexpected and scary seizures in mid-June that freaked everyone out! DS17 is heading into his Senior year of HS so we're having pics taken, final college tours, college apps--you get the picture! This kid is the classic underachiever, and while I love him like crazy, I need to get him ready for college. The kid is smart but seems to think that turning in homework is optional. And tests, he doesn't' study and still gets A-Bs on them, but his lack of homework follow through pulls his GPA way down. He's killin' me! My mother reminds me that he's a good kid and at least he's not smokin' dope on the corner. I keep thinking that at 49, my life may slow down but clearly that is not the case!

Karen925 08-21-2012 10:49 AM

I weighed in today at 128#. Right in the middle of my maintenance range. I have been experimenting with JUDDD since November 2011 and I have found good results from it. I do not have my WOE rely on exercise to keep me trim, food choices do that. I am very thankful that this has been my approach as I have not been able to exercise for 3 months due to eye surgery. I had several summer trips with delightful eating accomplying them. The largest gain was a 10# bump up after a week at the beach, to be followed by the following week of losing said weight. I get on the scale, no hiding, and get back to business of healthy eating "for me".

I weigh myself (when at home) and my food every day and record the same in my journal. Occasionally, I data mine my calorie/carb counts looking for causative and not associative results. I have done this since Oct 2009.

I know maintaining this amount of weight loss is rarely done. I guard this success carefully. I have no illusion of ever being an intuitive eater. Nor do I need to be one to have a healthy body. IF, however has made it easier for me at this time. I do not think I need to have found an answer "forever". An eating solution today will do and if/when weight starts to creep up, I will then adjust accordingly, if I want to. I read regularly on health, research, strategies, etc... I enjoy a wide range of forums to this end.

I do not post often for a variety of reasons but I did want to check in on this thread. Several posters from 3FC were very helpful to me in the beginning of my weight loss and I hope they have the success that I currently enjoy. I think of them fondly. Shopping is a blast. I have a golden tan, something I never ever thought was possible for me, shapely legs, people ask my advice on health matters. It is worth the "hard" of maintaining.

Shannon in ATL 08-21-2012 11:40 AM

Karen & Bright Angel - I love your weight range maintenence plan graph in your signature. How did you make it? How do I copy it? :)

Karen925 08-21-2012 09:24 PM

My son used Excel filling in the boxes with color. He then saved it as a jpeg. It is nice. Thanks for noticing.

evilwomaniamshe 09-07-2012 11:36 AM

Hiya maintainers, twas nice hearing from a handful of us anyways that are still around and resurface occasionally, woo hoo way/weigh to MAINTAIN young ladies! :)
I do believe all those that have posted on this thread are all in our 40's and above except probably Shannon of course! :)
That is kinda interesting, no?

I'm sending you some cyber huggeroo's!!!!!!!!! Sorry to hear you are NOT where you prefer to be weight wise, that has got to be sucky! :( But on the bright side, you haven't gained it all back & are maintaining some loss obviously yet, so be happy about that Jaye, a part time maintainer trumps a full fledge regainer! And having a weight range that is larger than most has got to be easier to maintain too! ;) Try to remember weight does not defy us, we are so much more than our weight, or what a damn # on a F-ing scale says we are or some BMI. Women tend to be our own worse critic & are always beating ourselves up, which is ridiculous, I say enough already, F-that! Are you healthy even though your weight is higher than you'd like?
Also, try to think of the excess as a positive Jaye, as it probably fills out the wrinkles some, no?! :) And instead of addressing yourself as fat, be kinder- say curvy! :)
I'm sorry you are struggling to stay somewhat afloat, keep swimming my friend, keep swimming, the current may be strong, but I know you are STRONGER!!!!
Best of luck in finding something anew that will work for you so you can get to that peaceful head place where you want to be. In the meantime, accept yourself as you are & embrace that for awhile, k? Making peace with oneself often leads to happiness, noBODY is perfect afterall, nobody! :) Peace out my friend....

Shannon- Thanks chicky of course I knew you would reply as you are sincerity at its finest! :) I'm glad you are still liking my snackage ideas. Hope things are well with you & that your stepson is doing better? Yeah I think about you too and should pm you to see how things are from time to time. :) Have you ran in many races this summer? Fill me in on your latest deets when you get a chance!

Neurodoc- Woo hoo, another teenager amongst us! ;) Yeah one has gotta lose the guilt, that gets you nowhere. Guilt free is the route to take, otherwise you beat yourself up over and over and set yourself up & its easy to continue on the binge path for days which leads to a daze!

Lori Bell- Hey LB, happy belated birthday & regarding the promotion, way to go! I agree with you a Health blizzard is yummy too, I make heath candy out of soda crackers, I call it crack candy. Here's a link http://asoutherngrace.blogspot.com/2...t-so-good.html incase you may like to make it for a holiday goodie. I just made a big batch for a bake sale to help raise money for a girlfriend of mine who is on a transplant list. :(
Yeah it is a caloric bomb like a blizzard, but again worth it to me as a moderate treat to have periodically, (which translates to when I have my period), I take some out of the freezer and enjoy guilt free!
Glad to hear your equally busy and are living and loving life also, as life should be. Congrats on your ribbons, rock on! I'm a domestic diva too & have made cherry rhubarb jelly, salsa, canned pickles, canned beets & antipasto! The pantry is well stocked & of course I am set for gift giving this holiday season too. My parents are judges who decides the ribbon worthy in these parts! :)

Bright Angel- glad your still maintaining that magnificent lost, I wish it was easier for you though, truly I do. Fyi, your graph is very cool & colorful, I agree with Shannon, I like! :)

Loser Mom aka Meg Ryan, woo hoo for jump rope, that sure is a fun workout too! Yeah you have to mix it up even in maintenance otherwise it is a bore chore day in & day out. Sorry to hear about your moms health issues & your daughters scary seizures, hope they are both now ok? Regarding your son that made me LOL & your mama is right! Your still young looking to me, so very Meg Ryan esque! Did you get that new summer purse? I have been shopping, maybe I will have to bring the shopping thread back to the top to share my latest finderoo's! :) Keep on keeping on my friend.

Karen- hope you have continued results from JUDD, we are all unique in what works/ doesn't work for us. Your graph is equally cool!

Bright Angel 09-10-2012 08:58 PM

:hug: Thanks for your positive statements about my Weight Range Maintenance Graph.

In my personal Blog at DietHobby.com I talk about how I created this.
Although it is not a commercial site, I'm not sure it's okay to put a link here,
but those who are interested can easily access DietHobby.
At DietHobby, click the link to ARCHIVES, and see my articles about this on
2/20/11 - "Setting a Goal Range", and then
5/8/12 - "Change in my Weight Range Maintenance Plan".

Slim CB 09-12-2012 10:29 AM

I am still around....just busy as everyone seems to be these days. I weigh in at 168 - as I have been for the past 12 months.....

It's weird but I think 168 is my happy weight. No matter how hard I try - eat less, eat more, work out less, work out more, my weight is stuck at 168. As such I have resorted to this being my ideal weight. What's even weirder is that I am still a size 8 which is the size I was when I entered maintenance in December 2010.

I still work out regularly, eat clean 80% of the time and faithfully log my meals every day. Persons have asked me how I have kept the weight off for this long. I tell them that I have accepted that this is a life-long battle, that it's 80% diet and 20% exercise, that there is no magic pill that I am on. I'm not sure if they believe me though.

bargoo 09-12-2012 10:39 AM


Originally Posted by Slim CB (Post 4465587)

I still work out regularly, eat clean 80% of the time and faithfully log my meals every day. Persons have asked me how I have kept the weight off for this long. I tell them that I have accepted that this is a life-long battle, that it's 80% diet and 20% exercise, that there is no magic pill that I am on. I'm not sure if they believe me though.

Oh! I believe you.

catherinef 09-12-2012 01:54 PM

Oh, hey, glad this thread exists, because I've been meaning to check in! I'm still maintaining -- I think I'm definitely over two years now? -- and my weight's actually been staying consistently lower than it was at my original goal for the last year or so of that. Usually, I'm in the mid-high 150s, with the odd fluctuation upwards to a cycle- or salt-related 160-161.

Recently turned 45, so I'm another 40s maintainer. :) I still seriously cannot believe I lost well over 200 pounds. I'm getting to the point where I recognise myself in reflective surfaces, but let me tell you, it took AGES. I still look at my clothes and think they're impossibly tiny. (Which they aren't; I wear about a US size 8. But they're tiny compared to those bad old size 30s!)

It's so good to look in and see you all!

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