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Originally Posted by Windchime View Post
Hopefully I can state this in the way I am thinking it in my head: I think that people are interpreting your "big round face" as a mean and judgmental comment against yourself, and they are kind of back-lashing because your before picture looks pretty much like they are now? So really, they are defending themselves by saying, "There is nothing wrong with your 'before' picture; in fact, your current pictures show you to be too skinny! So there!"
I really do think this is what happened to these individuals. If you notice the comments they made about you being too skinny weren't on a thinner picture they saw of you but on the pictures were you mentioned "round face" and "wide load". People are generally pretty self-centered. They are probably overweight individuals who felt like you were insulting them and other overweight people and they lashed out.

I also have a guilty confession. When I read the title to this thread I thought "oh no, what if she does look too skinny". Honestly, people CAN get too skinny. We have ample evidence of this from Hollywood starlets. But when I went to your pictures I really, honestly do not believe you look too skinny or unhealthy AT ALL. Your wedding pictures and your Las Vegas pictures are HOT. You are slim with nice curves and pleasing proportions. Best of all you look very happy and confident in your body. It obviously is their problem and not yours.
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Your photos are beautiful and inspirational! I know of no reason anyone would say otherwise other than they are jealous and/or jerks.
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Don't stres about that, You look wonderful...
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Originally Posted by Renwomin View Post

I also have a guilty confession. When I read the title to this thread I thought "oh no, what if she does look too skinny". Honestly, people CAN get too skinny.
But who is to determine what "too skinny" is or should look like? MANY people, in order to get to a healthy weight, well, if they have slim faces to begin with, their FACE just may look a little *gaunt*, shall we say and *too skinny*? But so what. Not every one can lose weight EVENLY.

My husbands family comes to mind. They have SUCH narrow faces, even at high weights. And as soon as they get even close to a "normal" weight, their faces start looking *sunken in*. And many of them, when they are a *normal* weight, well, yes their faces ARE quite narrow. Does that mean they're too skinny? No, of course not. It just means they have narrow faces. We can't all be perfect.

Does my face look better with another 5 lbs on me? Maybe. But then my stomach doesn't. And never mind looks. I don't FEEL as well. I don't move as well. My blood work wouldn't be as good. I wouldn't be a healthy weight.

Luckily, having a *too skinny* face doesn't cause diabetes, or heart disease or cancer.
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Glory, you ARE beautiful. Exquisitely so. There will always be people who will porject their own insecurities on to you. It's very clear these people were merely reflecting themselves. Please don't let it drag you down. And for the record, I don't think you owe them any explanation. None. At. All.

2011- putting on the baby weight
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Your photos are great! you weight looks perfect to me. I know how you feel though, a man in the grocery store called me a tooth pick and it really bothered me for days. I weigh about 10 lbs less now!
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I think the reason it bothers a lot of us (speaking for myself I guess) that we get the "too skinny" comments is that it's an insinuation that we're not healthy. I live in a small town and have a higher-profile job - a lot of people know me whether I know them or not. I started at obese, worked my tail off (literally and figuratively) for more than a year and am in excellent shape and physical health...and everywhere I go (literally - I've gotten comments from strangers in the store, and this happens EVERY DAY) I'm told to gain weight, I'm too thin. Friends have told me too.

When I started my weight loss I did it to be healthy, sure...but also to look better. And now that I'm done, according to everyone I speak to, I STILL look bad and unhealthy, but only in a different way. It's frustrating.

Do I believe it's possible to be "too skinny"? Sure. Look at pictures of Nicole Richie or Kate Bosworth a couple of years ago. Those obviously aren't their "natural" body types since they were more filled out (and looking healthier) both before AND now. There ARE naturally thin people (hello Calysta Flockhart), but they don't necessarily look "sick" like Nicole and Kate did at one point. To me, they were too thin. If I lost another 10 pounds, I think I WOULD be "too skinny" (Though I keep threatening to do it to show people "too skinny" every time I hear a bad comment).

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They're probably jealous because you look GORGEOUS!
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You look wonderful, just right, in my opinion. I think you look slim, but curvy and feminine. Too skinny doesn't look feminine.

I think we are surrounded by so many obese people that normal weight doesn't look normal anymore.

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I wonder if some portion of the "too skinny" backlash comes from posting numbers with the pictures. What I mean by that is: When I think of what I, personally, would look like at 127 pounds...that definitely would be "too skinny" for me, because I am built very differently than Glory is. (When I accidentally got down to 128 pounds in high school my mom thought I might be becoming an anorexic--it was too little for my heavy frame and musculature.) I think in general women do a lot of comparing to one another as if we're all the same, but we are really not. 127 pounds on 5 different women--even of the same height--will look very different.

But yes, for the most part, what people say on the internets about what other people look like is full of personal baggage. It's very wise to ignore it.

And you look beautiful, Glory. Not too skinny at all, for you.
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I saw those pics and was genuinely happy that you are the BEST you, you can be. I saw a healthy radiant woman. Ignore those haters. They are projecting their junk on you. They aren't worth the time you think about them. We see the beautiful, healthy you...in no way are you too fat, nor too thin. People need to get a life and work on their own issues. Enough said.
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I'm not a maintainer so I feel weird being on this part of the site but I looked at this post yesterday and as I was falling asleep I thought of what to say:
I took a look at the pictures and your not too skinny at all Glory, you look perfect to me. You look healthy and HAPPY. I just remember when I didn't want to lose weight feeling like the girl who posted did; feeling like that the people who lost weight weren't happy, etc, etc because I was in denial and actually kind of jealous. You've done such a good job, you look beautiful and you shouldn't let anything that girl says get you down.
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You look absolutely gorgeous! Don't let what others say get you down, they are just jealous. I get called "skinny *****" sometimes at work. I am not "skinny", I could go even lower and never be "skinny". If you are happy then don't worry what other people say....trust yourself! Believe that you are beautiful!!!
My goal pictures thread
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Glory, I looked at your pictures. I saw a beautiful woman at a higher weight and a beautiful woman at a lower, and probably healthier, weight. Don't let a few random comments get to you. Like others have stated, those types of comments say more about the person stating them than you. You look positively radiant in your wedding photos!
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Glory, you looked wonderful in those pictures! Don't let a few comments from people who don't know you, don't know your history with weight loss and health, get you down. When I initially lost weight I also heard the "don't lose too much weight" and "you're getting too skinny" comments and I know how hurtful they can be. As others have mentioned, people's comments reflect more on themselves than they do on you. It's a pet peeve of mine when someone jumps in with a comment and obviously haven't even made an attempt to get some background info on the issue at hand, or even read the original question or issue posed. (Sometimes I'm hesitant to comment b/c I don't want to be guilty of the same thing.)

You are a beautiful woman starting a new phase in your life with Jason. You should be happy and proud to display those pictures of you, Jason, and your Mom! Don't second guess that!
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