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Lighten Up! Feeling a little stressed out over your diet? This forum is for you! Laugh a little, relax, and take a load off!

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This guy goes to a bar located at the top of the Empire State Building
in NYC. It looks like a nice place and he takes a seat at the bar next
to another guy.
"This is a nice place. I've never been here." The first guy says.
"Oh, really?" the other replies, "It's also a very special bar."
"Why is that?" the first guy asks.
"Well you see that painting on the far wall? That's an original Van
Gogh and this stool I'm sitting on was on the Titanic."
"Gee, that's amazing!" the first guy says.
"Not only that, but you see that window over there, fourth from the
Well, the wind does strange things outside that window. If you jump out
you'll fall about 50 feet before the wind catches you and you're pushed
back up."
"No way. that's impossible." the first guy replies.
"Not at all, take a look." the other man replies and walks over to the
window followed closely by the first man.
He opens the window, climbs over the sill and falls out. He drops
10...20...30...40...50 feet, comes to a stop and whoosh! He comes right
back up and sails back through the window.
"See, it's fun. You should try it," he says.
"Try it? I don't even believe I saw it!" the first man shouts.
"It's easy. Watch. I'll do it again." And with that, he jumps out of
the window again. He drops 10...20...30...40...50 feet, comes to a stop
and whoosh!
He comes right back up and sails back through the window.
"Go ahead, give it a try, it's a blast," he says.
"Well what the ****. OK, I'll give it a try," the first man says and
proceeds to jump out of the window. He falls
10...20...30...40...50...100...200...300...400...5 00...1000 feet and
He ends up as road pizza on the sidewalk below.
After calmly watching the first man fall to his death, the other guy
casually closes the window and heads back to the bar and orders another
The bartender arrives with the drink and says,
"You know Superman, you're a real jerk when you're drunk."
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