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Silverfire 02-25-2014 10:49 AM

17 things that people on diets are tired of hearing

not entirely accurate but entertaining none the less :)

PatLib 02-25-2014 06:05 PM


I've mentioned this before on this forum but my militant fat acceptance feminist friend says these things to me all the time. She also has told me that losing weight is anti-feminist act! :)

Kitcherella 02-27-2014 03:51 AM

:lol: Nice way to start my day!

Paulitens 04-07-2014 11:08 PM

OMG! Yes! Some of them are so annoying, and especially when they come from best friends or people who claim to love you but don't support your new lifestyle. I end up thinking "well... do you love me or not!? If you love me, support this thing I'm doing!"

nonameslob 04-08-2014 09:23 AM

Ha! So true, many of those.

Recently for me, "You look good now, but you looked good then, too!" (when I shared a before/after pic with some friends). :halfempty (It should be a compliment but it just feels like all the hard work I've done is completely trivialized by a comment like that)

Radiojane 04-08-2014 11:25 AM

Ha. I loved the article. Loved the thread even more when I saw Statler and Waldorf!

My favorite is the "good for you". I want to kick someone in the junk every time they say that. I feel like they're complimenting my finger painting.

doingmybest 04-09-2014 03:36 AM


Originally Posted by Radiojane (Post 4980225)
Ha. I loved the article. Loved the thread even more when I saw Statler and Waldorf!

My favorite is the "good for you". I want to kick someone in the junk every time they say that. I feel like they're complimenting my finger painting.

This is exactly how I feel. I HATE when someone says it to me. I realize that people have good intentions when they say it, but it feels insulting to me.

A guy from my office saw me working out at the gym, walked up to me, patted me on the shoulder and said "good for you" with the most pathetic look on his face. It was all I could do to not punch his F***ing lights out!

I took a yoga class, and a woman came up to me and did exactly the same thing. I didn't see her saying "good for you" to skinny people in the class!

People think that because I am overweight that I never exercise, which is not true. As overweight as I am, I had been somewhat toned because I had been taking yoga, Pilates, and kickboxing in addition to strength training and hiking for a few years. My instructor told me that I am at intermediate level kickboxing and could move to advanced. I always did some type of exercise; the doctor was impressed with my core strength.

Since I know kickboxing, the next time someone says "good for you" to me, I just gonna go all Bruce Lee on their asses so they understand that fat doesn't mean lazy and weak! :boxing: :exercise:

LittleMissWarhead 04-09-2014 09:52 PM

It's my opinion that if people say **** like "Oh you don't need to change, you're perfect the way you are!" when you have stated over and over again that you are unhappy with yourself, miserable, and you want to better yourself, them saying anything after that is basically their way of convincing you to not change because they feel they have to treat you differently and they can't **** with you the way they did before. My parents had a fat euphemistic name for me and they have to catch themselves every now and then because the name isn't going to describe me anymore.

BeachBreeze2010 05-28-2014 05:22 PM

I love it when people who are thinner than me tell me I'm skinny and don't need to lose more weight. Ummm....so what you're saying is that it's not okay to be like you?

Or other people that say that and I say well if you look at a BMI chart, I'm still 30lbs overweight. Their response is always - BMI charts are wrong. MMmm...sure...but I have a mirror and I'm 30lbs overweight.

And then the other thing that gets me is that if I agree with them that I no longer need to lose weight, the obvious response is to eat crap that will make me unhealthy. ???

Or I get - How much more are you going to lose? As they look me up and down very conspicuously. Gee...I don't feel judged now. Should I take my clothes off so you can see better? Please, oh great one, tell me what I should do??

Most of the time I'm smart enough not to get into the calorie conversation but when I forget and let my guard down - WHAT?! 1200 calories, you're starving. That's why you're not losing. Nope. I'm not losing because 1200 calories is my goal but yesterday I ate like a pig and went way over. But thank you.

Or if I make the mistake and mention that I am both (mostly) vegan and trying to lose weight. "But do you get enough protein?" "don't you crave meat?" "Here's this recipe with cheese in it" "You don't want to be skinny fat when you're done." "No wonder you binged last week." "Don't you miss meat?" "chicken only has 120 calories" Ugh! eye roll!!

And another favorite - when I'm dumb enough to make a reference to bathing suit season. "I haven't been able to wear a bikini for years. We're too old for that." Ummm....I'm 35 and have been morbidly obese all throughout my 20s until the last 3 years. I'd like a turn. But mention that and I'll get nods of sympathy and looks assuming I'm on some sort of existential/youth crisis. Meanwhile, it's quite normal for people in their 30s to wear bikinis who have never been overweight but somehow they get to do it without judgement.

I've seen these meme lists before on all sorts of topics and I think the bottom line is that people have a tendency to say the DUMBEST and most uneducated things. I'm finally learning it's their idiocy and not to be so concerned or slighted by their judgement. Whether I'm pregnant, not pregnant, getting married, not getting married, skinny, dieting, not dieting, fat, wearing white on the wrong day or whatever - someone is going to have something stupid to say. I just try to avoid it now, not because it derails me but because it annoys me. But, it's good for a laugh - sometimes.

MrsTryingAgain 05-30-2014 04:50 PM

That was pretty cute! Loved seeing Toothless right at the beginning! :lol:

Also PatLib, how is loosing weight an anti-feminist act? I'm just not seeing the logic. Cause wouldn't getting diseases like diabetes from being overweight be more of an anti-feminist act? Or better yet heart disease? Just wondering...

sw49a 08-14-2014 01:24 PM

Ha! Great article.

BettyBooty 08-21-2014 09:24 AM

I found this Wiki on "fat feminism" to answer MrsTryingAgain's months-old question:


fcoad2 09-16-2014 02:32 PM

trust me folks, all this is nothing compared to when u lose weight, someone tells u u look great, not like the ugly old fat u "oh thank God look at u, u have no idea how u used to look, i'm happy for u" then u gain all ur weight back -_-'

faiora 10-25-2014 11:35 PM

"You know cake is the gateway drug" is my new response to anyone in the office who brings in treats and offers them to me. :D

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