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Default Just for Fun......The stupid test.

OK. Pay close attention. Here is a very simple little test comprised of four easy questions to determine the level of your intellect. See if you have what it takes to be considered "smart."

Your replies must be spontaneous and immediate,
with no deliberating or wasting of time.
And no cheating!

On your mark, get set, go...

1: You are competing in a race

and overtake the runner in second place.

In which position are you now?

Answer: If you answered that you're now in first,

you're wrong!

You overtook the second runner and took his place, therefore you are now in second place.

For the next question try not to be so dim.

2: If you overtake the last runner,

what position are you now in?

Answer: If you answered second to last,

you are wrong once again.

Think about it...

How can you overtake the person who is last?

If you're behind them, they can't be last.

You would have been last.

It would appear that thinking is not one of your strong points.

Anyway, here's another question to try. Don't take any notes or use a calculator, and remember, your replies must be instantaneous.

3: Take 1000. Add 40. Add another 1000.

Add 30. 1000 again. Plus 20.

Plus 1000. And plus 10.

What is the total?

Answer: 5000?

Wrong again!

The correct answer is 4100.

Try again with good calculator.

Today is clearly not your day, although you should manage to get the last question right...

4: Marie's father has five daughters:
1. Chacha
2. Cheche
3. Chichi
4. Chocho
5. ????

Question: What is the fifth daughter's name?

Think quickly...you'll find the answer below..

Answer: Chuchu?


It's obviously Marie!
Read the question properly.

How did you do.....hopefully better than me, I got them all wrong!!!!

Start Date: 4/6/03

Starting Weight: 240
Present Weight: ??? (not checking for a while)
Goal Weight: 140
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