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Lighten Up! Feeling a little stressed out over your diet? This forum is for you! Laugh a little, relax, and take a load off!

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I graduated HS in 1985! My daughter is 25 and I'm a grandma of 2.

Here's my take. Children age you. Grandchildren make you feel young again!
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I am only 21 and my nephew frequently says "well when I am old like you I am gonna me _____ like you" My eldest nephew is now a teenager and I remember holding him in my arms so I REALLY feel old. I feel bad for my eldest sister though she was 16 when I was born and remembers holding me as a baby now her youngest sibling is a few months shy of 22!
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A few years ago I was carded at a liquor store. I'm like "Woo-hoo, I"m being carded!" I had just turned 40. I was so happy he carded me, I was searching for my DL and you know you can never find it when you need it.

He said, "Never mind, you're too happy about getting carded. You have to be old enough."

But it made my day to be carded. I even told his supervisor that I was carded. The supervisor started in on the speal about how they have to card everyone yadda, yadda, I told him, "No, I'm happy I was carded and don't spoil it for me."
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You young chicks crack me up. I am 41 and feel younger than I did at 25. The reason, my kids are grow up. I no longer have to stress about making sure they are cared for or feel the mothers guilt of working and being away from them. I finally get a chance to find out who I am, I finally have the freedom to go to the bar and hang out. Guess what? I am finding out that I like me and yes, I love my husband. I probably love and enjoy him more now than I have in the past 10 years of our 16 year marriage.
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I am 37 with a 10 month old son (my first child), and I don't feel old at all. In fact, my husband and I are talking about trying for baby #2 sometime this winter/spring.

One of my collegagues was chit-chatting with me the other day and asked me how long I've been with my husband. I told her a little over 10 years. She snickered and asked if I was a child bride. Apparently, according to her, I look much, much younger (I am guessing mid-20s by her child bride comment). I will say, having lost a decent amount of weight has given me a lot more energy and made me feel perkier, which I firmly believe has an impact on how old you look & feel.
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I remember turning 21 and having a quarter life crisis basically writing my will and everything, but now im 23 I'm embracing it and am not planning to have kids till im at least 30 so I still feel very young in that respect!

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Pfft. You're not old until you're dead. :P

Just kidding...but not really. I've never understood very well why people feel 'old' at such a young age. I'm 23, about to turn 24, and I feel like I'm still a baby chick, never mind a spring chicken, lol. There's a whole lot of living left to do!

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BettyBooty: yay for making me feel better! I just turned 32 and have an enormous ticking clock. If you can do it at 37, so can I!!! :-)
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Yep - I turned 25 in April and I was pretty unhappy about it. I KNOW it's not old. I don't feel old but there are no more good birthdays after 25! Blah, don't want to think about it - at least I won't be overweight anymore as I age!
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I'll be 25 in January. I don't consider myself old until I reach 30
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I love this thread lol, I just turned 27 and man was it rough on me. I thought that 10 year high school reunion invitation I got on Facebook was just a glitch.

26 was mid-20's, not so bad. 27 is late 20's and late twenties means 30! I don't know how I'm going to handle turning 30, besides lying about my age.

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My twin boys are 30

While getting old is not for sissies, it does have its advantages!

Wisdom, patience, self confidence, a real appreciation for what's really important, AND TADA, GRANDKIDS!

They're way funner than kids!

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This thread has made me laugh. I am 22 years old. The youngest of 3 daughters. My parents are in their early 50s and the idea of them as old is just kinda funny to me. They are the same people they were when I was like 10 years old, but maybe a little more relaxed. So the thought of me as old is pretty funny. Though I must say that it is strange seeing people that I graduated hight school with 5 years ago married with kids. I must praise them, because there is no way that I am ready mentally to tackle those challenges yet.
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I'm 37 and my son is 9 months old. Age aint nuthin' but a number.

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I constantly have to remind myself that feeling old at 24 means I'm going to be feeling old for a veeerrrry long time...especially with how long people are living now, and will likely live in the future, barring some kind of man-made apocalypse.

I do feel old, though. I'm at that awkward age where I've just finished college, but (due to the crap economy) I'm stuck in a bad job and still living at home. Unfortunately, a common theme these days in my age group, but at least I'm not alone in my stunted growth.

I still enjoy childish things, but I'm at the point where I feel like I'm too old for it. It's a little depressing. D: I feel like I need to 'grow up,' but I can't. And, in some ways, don't really want to.
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