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Default What was your most interesting Christmas (Hannukah?) gift this year?

Okay, I haven't seen this out there, and I just wanted to share...

My MIL got me a SEE-THROUGH slut nightie with DENTAL FLOSS UNDERWEAR!!!!

What in the world was she thinking? I opened this in front of my FIL, DH, DD, and DH's grandmother! Not to mention it's too small.

This woman is not mean or malicious, and she really was pleased with herself about this gift and kept insisting I let her know if it fit, and if it didn't she would take it back. I am just SO embarrassed I don't want her to bring up the subject again! Her comments were, "It's not every MIL that can buy her DIL a sexy nightgown." and "When I saw that I just thought of you." I replied, "well I'm sure your son will appreciate it!"


Does anyone else have a story like this one or am I out here on my own?
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Haha I think she wanted her son to get some lovin'.

My friend got me this red and green aline night shirt that had an evil elf that read "a few presents short of sledfull". Yeah I regifted. She also got me a tiny (though it said XL) whore top from a jr store that was maybe a real size 9. I'm a 16-18. She is a size 3, so she has no idea lol.

My fiance got me nintendo ds which was unexpected which HE is now playing. (yeah who's gift was that?)


"If you live through this with me I swear that I will die for you."
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My MIL bought me a Slushie maker, because I asked for an Ice Shaver. The only problem I have with this slushie machine, is you actually freeze the juice mix, it doesnt crush ice at all! That was uber disappointing. What's even worse is you cant use low calorie/low sugar drinks. They actually make you add 50grams of caster sugar per litre of regular juice!!!

I'm a type one diabetic, sugar isnt my friend as it is...so, this is the gift that will eventually kill me.
One for every 10lbs lost!

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The jump snap (in pink) that is advertised on tv
“Jesus looked at them and said, "With man this is impossible, but not with God; all things are possible with God" (Mark 10:27)

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Originally Posted by GONNABE165 View Post
The jump snap (in pink) that is advertised on tv
Um, what's a jump snap?
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My most interesting present was a nightgown.

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mom2mollie - Pulling that out in front of everyone would have had me dying of embarassment! *lol* It sounds like she had good intentions ('naughty' but good hahahaha...so sorry! I couldn't resist that little play on words )

If I were you, I would just say that it was perfect and do whatever with it. I honestly would not be able to get her to exchange it for me...and can you imagine trying to exchange it yourself, without a receipt?

I didn't really get any interesting presents...just ones that I enjoy Wish lists work!
Always working on my healthy lifestyle!
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you poor thing. Ahhh maybe it was her way of rewarding you for your weight loss I'd say keep it and use it as a good incentive outfit

I luckily didn't get anything strange this year hehe.

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the most interesting present this year was actually lots of candles. See, the problem is we have a LOT of rescue cats and I have no candles in my home (for obvious reasons). This year it seemed that people got discounts on them and just thought I'd want them . The worst part is that they smell YUCK!

Now, if my MIL would've bought me something like that, I'd think I'd die from embarassment. Good thing that she just sends a check

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Gastric Bypass 8/15/06, down to 214 from 306 within 9 months. Then thanks to disability (MS diagnosis and evil steroid treatments for 3 different flare-ups) regained 28 lbs in 2 months. Started Volumetrics way of eating.
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Haha! Thanks for sharing, everyone! I was actually able to return the item and chose a more... shall we say, elegant gown. I really don't think my husband could have gotten too excited after I told him "yeah, you like this one on me? It's the one your mother chose." haha!! I wouldn't have to pretend to have a headache after that one!

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Yeah, that might throw cold water on the evening!!

Re: all those candles -- Just as a suggestion, have you heard of Freecycle? It's a collection of Yahoo groups all over the country that allow a simple way to give away unwanted items. You sign up on the mailing list for your local area, and post the items you wish to give away. You can also post requests for free items.

Of course Goodwill is good too.

I'm finding that all those tins of sweets and cookies from Christmas are becoming a burden. Not that I'm eating much of them, but they're still there
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