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I want a smaller wardrobe
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Default suggestions please

I'm having a hard time staying OP--I am overeating at night. I'm thinking I am going to start eating a majority of my food in the evening and eat lightly during the day to keep me from eating more than I am supposed to overall. I'm afraid my metabolism will suffer if I do this. I'm thinking that if I eat small portions every 3 hours during the day (eating a fruit for breakfast, am snack, and lunch, and maybe splitting my lites, protein, dairy) so I can have protein coming in all day and still have a decent dinner. What do you all suggest? My goal date is in a month and I want to get as close to goal as possible.

Plan 2 with Lites - COD
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Hey Merem, you are singing to the choir. I have been doing the same dang thing for over a week now. This summer has been very difficult for me. I think that eating every so often is the key. Too bad my willpower has wilted so much! Good luck, and if you find a solution, please share!
"Whether you believe you can or believe you can't, either way you are right."

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Let's try this again . .
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Merem-I have the same problem. But i don't think eating a majority of your food at nite is a good idea. I see it like this-we have to retrain ourselves to eat differently at nite and eat different things. So eat a good, filling dinner with lots of veggies (high fiber ones that really fill you up-broccoli, asparagus, brussel sprouts) and then clean up and do some chores. When it's 8 or 9 or so, whenever you wind down with a book or TV or whatever, have watermelon, sf jello, tea, crystal light, a glass of wine-something lite, but that maybe seems like a treat. Watermelon is a pretty inocuous fruit-in terms of calories. I don't think it's a problem to eat it after dinner. But-see what works for you.

Also-i've been learning to knit. It's great to do while watching TV-and you can't eat while doing it.

When you've eaten all your foods-go brush your teeth. That'll help for awhile.

If you're tired-GO TO BED! If you try to force yourself to stay up-you'll keep eating.

OK-so now I need to put those into practice too. I do good for awhile and then fall back into old habits!
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JM - Great Ideas!!
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~~ I agree, when tired go to bed; I stayed pretty much on program yesterday but had 3S at one sitting. I know they will love that tomorrow when I weigh in, but it was pasta w/one piece bread. But I went to bed early (sad when early is 11pm) and didnt have anything else.

I tend to eat heavy at night time -- dinner at 8pm, but I also work 2nd shift and make my dinner at 5pm with the others but never enough time to eat b4 going to work.

I think drinking lots of water water water helps! This summer has been very challenging but if I can be down a bit I;ll be happy

Good luck!
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I want a smaller wardrobe
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Thanks for your responses.
I usually eat all my starches and lites before dinner. Maybe I'll save a starch for dinner and save a lite for after dinner. I am just so frustrated. This plan is doable and I don't know why I can't stick with it anymore. I am smaller than I have been in 8 years so I am very proud of what I've accomplished but I still feel like a failure since I am struggling to reach my goal. I'm so excited about getting there and learning about stabilization and maintenance. Good luck to you all.

Plan 2 with Lites - COD
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Hey Merem,

I can totally relate regarding being frustrated.
I am just going over my food diaries from the last 4 months and I have not lost any weight since the beginning of May - I've been bouncing around between 141 - 145.
Should look on the bright side and be happy that I am more or less maintaining...but WHY can't I just stick to plan enough to lose a measly 3-4 lbs.
Yeeesh!! May sound trivial - but at this point it is a personal challenge - want to get into the 130's for the first time in about a million years.
There's my rant - and I typed it whilst snarfing down Quaker -chewy dip,
not on plan or in the daily food budget

Mini Goal
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Sznn - This may be no help at all, but have you tried a TO? Just a thought, but maybe a TO followed by 3-5 days of a slim down/slim fast once a day might get you to maintenance? Maybe you can be the guinea pig for the rest of us!
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