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Default vacation help

I'm leaving for Cancun on Saturday and I trying to figure out how not to gain all my weight loss back. Any suggestions.

I've already packed my gym shoes and clothes, I figure while the kids and husband are out sunning themselves all day I can go to the gym for an hour (I can't stay in the sun all day) I'll try to watch my portion size but I'm not sure how that will work.

If anyone has any suggestions I'd love to hear from you

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I just came back from a week long cruise. The first few days I really tried, but there just wasn't enough veggies and stuff. Even the "spa cuisine" choice was pan fried fish loaded in salt.

So, I decided to enjoy and have what I wanted, but tried to stick to stuff I couldn't get back home. Anywho, I still gained 6.4 pounds (and funny enough, we had 10 family members and all the adults gained 6-6 1/2 pounds too). But the first day back, I started TO and took off the whole gain within the week.

So... I would say be choosy, but enjoy yourself, and then plan for TO upon your return.

Good luck, and HAVE FUNNNNNN!!!!
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Thanks for writing back. I'm definitly going to have fun, lets see there are 23 of us going it would be funny if we all gain the same amount lol
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Laura, they have marvelous seafood in Cancun. You can't go wrong with some of the grilled fish, or steamed shellfish.

Have a wonderful time!!! :-)

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Lucky you!!

I don't think finding good choices is the hardest part of vacation--it's the decision making (at least for me!) I agree--you can find some great seafood--YUM--and surely most places will have grilled chicken dishes, salads, and you can probably get some great exotic fruits.

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Drink your water and allow yourself 1 meal that you aren't as strict on...that way you won't feel so bad at the end of the day. You'll be in control of 2 meals and won't feel deprived because you splurged a bit on 1 of them. Have a great time!!!

"Rice is great when your hungry and want 2,000 of something." ~Mitch Hedberg

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We went to Jamaica for a week in June and stayed at an "all inclusive" resort- meals and drinks included. You do not want to "blow it" because when you think back on your vacation, that is what you will remember. Follow your portion guides, eat lots of fruit, drink your water, and stay active. You may actually come back thinner! Concentrate on all the ways to have fun besides eating! You won't be bored, so you won't eat out of boredom! Don't use the excuse, "but I'm on vacation"! You will have bad memories of your trip if you come back heavier and won't feel as well while you are there! Have fun!
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