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Default Is everyone here a L.A.Weight Loss member?

And do I need to be?
Hi, nice to meet you...(first post for me) I read in todays paper that LAWL is haveing some sort of 'deal' off for new membership this month. So I was thinking, if this is something that you all have found successful/different than lets say WW,and if it's necessary,and worth the money invested. Or can I get the same info. by buying the book and following it? I've also read that there is pressure to buy different things,snacks etc. Pressure has a way of making me feel stressed,(more of which I don't need)...would appreciate you honest comments on joining/not joining and your basic views of the program as a whole. Thanks so much..hope to come back and learn from you as well as be a positive contribution. ......
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Well I don't know much, I just joined last week.
Actually, today is a week exactly.
From what i've heard, its much different from weight-watchers such as they go by points, LA goes by a food category system.
Its much easier.

I've been on it for a week and I've lost 5 lbs. =)
So as far as I know it works like a charm, I absolutely love being able to eat so much of things i like.

Of course there is the money thing. It's expensive, but that fact keeps you motivated lol.
They did pressure me to buy their bars until I explained to them the similarities between their bars and another brand "Luna" which has the same exact content and daily values as the LA Lites.

And are just as tasty too.
So yes, i've found it successful and quite rewarding, I reccomend anyone look into it. ^^
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I am a member and need the accountabilty to meet weekly one-on-one; WW gave me too much flexibility (although with the summer here I wish I had it); I think someone once said with WW you could eat your points on junk and "still stay on program". LAWL is teaching you to make the right choices .. and portion control.

I was fortunate and got in on the $3/week promo last December. You have to pay for 52 weeks of maint upfront, 6 weeks stabilization and how much weight you want to loose (appox 2lbs per week, so if you want to loose 50lbs they recommend 25 weeks of weight loss). You also have to pay $99 set up cost for bloodwork / paperwork fees. Then there are the bars / LAWL products.

I have alot of food allergies so I didnt do it -- actually I was trying to sub the Southbeach diet bars or Slimfast drinks for their products and kept getting migranes so I am strictly on a program with no lites / suppliments.

Good luck -- while my weightloss has been slow (26lbs since January 1) I have been working out at the gym, weight training and cardio and feel much much better; yesterday I looked at my leggs and was amazed that they are getting skinny!
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I lost weight on WW and gained it back. I think it was due in part to what was mentioned before you can use all of your points on junk. I like the accountabilty of having to go in and meet one on one with LAWL. It seems expensive because they like getting paid up front but really it is the same as WW.
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I am a member. I enjoy the accountability of having to go in every week and meet one on one. They always ask if there are struggles, etc. I had tried WW before, and although it worked, I had too much freedom to eat my points in just junk. With LAWL, they are teaching me how to eat better. The cost is the same, if not cheaper than WW. The drawback being you pay up front.
LAWL doesn't consider themselves to be a diet. It's a change in healthy eating habits.
Do you have to buy the bars, or their products? No. YOu can be successful without them. Will they try to sell you them? Of course they will. It's sales. Tell them from the getgo your not interested, and if that doesn't work, tell them you just can't afford it. They will back off.
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I've lost 34lbs since i started on Jan 3, 2006. LAWL really works but if you have a little weight to lose its really not worth the $ because you still have to buy 1 yr of maintenance 6 weeks of stablization even if you have to lose 15lbs. I'm not sure how much you have to lose but if its alot its definately worth it. I didnt know that i had a choice about the bars before but i've since learned that you dont have to buy them. That is the part that cost the most about the program but like others said you can do it without or buy Luna bars. If you choose not to buy the bars they set up your program around that. The great thing about LAWL is that you learn to eat the right way. other diets where you have to buy their foods will fail after you come off it but after you finish LAWL you can still keep the weight off because you learned the proper way of eating and you will be getting in all of your food groups. Like they say its changing your way of life not a "diet". Hope this info helps.
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Take a look at this thread http://www.3fatchicks.com/forum/showthread.php?t=78773 - we bring it forward every now and again!
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Thumbs up You gals are fabulous...

Thanks so much for all the stories,and personal history w/ lawl,,,It seems you are doing wonderful..all of you. The money issue is an issue,I won't deny that..It's not that I don't think I'm worth it,because I really do..It's just that I gave a weight loss program over $700. a couple of yrs.ago,and it seemed the seven hundered plan was be hungry all the time..900 calories leaves me hungry!..and I can do that without paying..needless to say i hardly lost any,and what I did lose came back as soon as I allowed myself to go off 900c's a day. After that, I'm really cautious..I did join a gym,and I do go weekly,but even tho I'm getting stronger,and more flexible and healthy in that respect..I'm still toting this extra baggage that I don't need. I'm a 'older',(but goodie)woman,who has lost a great deal of weight in my mid thirties,and kept it off for almost 20yrs. Then menopause arrived..gee what a number that can do to a metabolism,then I had debilitating surgery,and was out of commission for 6months, THEN, I did one of the best things I've ever done for myself and quit smoking ..(yea!)my point is after all these events I put on an additional 15lbs. Even tho I was eating healthy alot of the time, I wasn't burning it off..and still am not,not like I use to. Now I've got myself in abit of a jam..lots to lose,and I weigh more than I've ever weighed in my life..by 40 pounds! I am embarrased,and ashamed of myself,which i've never shared with anyone,much less people I don't know.(yet) But it feels good to say it out loud...I've felt it so long,but of course would never SAY it. I want more for myself than this, I deserve more,and I need to learn to address my emotional issues without using food as a fix..although I can be perfectly happy,and still enjoy good food...but when I'm not so happy..food takes some of the sting away. Best end this first chapter of my novel..sorry for going on and on. I'll keep up with you as the days progress,and let you know if/when I'm a l.a.weightwatcher. 1(healthy)life~
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I was on a liquid only diet about 2 years ago. It was very successful (lost 60lbs in 5 months) but very restrictive; it was good in a way because you couldnt have certain things so never craved them (again, its amazing how once you dont have a food for a while, you dont remember what they taste like or how bad you once craved them).

That diet cost me $500/month .. ouch, do the math but I was desperate. It did however give me the feeling of being alot lighter and people gave me attention -- However with the hustle and bussle of three children, I gained about 40 or so back . .

Thats what brough tme here -- I can eat regular food so its a lifestyle change that will probably take 2 years to complete.

As for the finances, I buy extra weeks when its below $5 and stock up on them. Hope that helps and good luck!
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