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Default What went down at "the wedding."

Ok, this is gonna probably be long, so I'm sticking it in its own thread.

First off, let me say that my MIL may be getting BETTER. No snarky comments. We worked really well together with DH's aunt to cook the rehearsal dinner and I found out she paid for the rehearsal dinner (BIL was going to) because BIL was being chincy and not wanting to invite DH, me, and DS to the rehearsal dinner because of cost. I don't know if she just was so busy being stressed about the wedding or what, but she was actually very pleasant.

DH did not get invited to the bachelor party, but oddly enough I got invited to the lingerie shower. I declined because it was at a bar of a restaurant (not where I'd want to be opening naughty undies) and it was late and I just preferred being home with DS. It would have just been too weird being around all of SIL's friends, anyway. It was kind of them to invite us. BIL and FSIL come over to MIL's 2 days before the wedding and everyone is on the porching chewing the fat. I noticed fSIL doesn't laugh and look adoringly at BIL like I did with DH before we got married. Maybe she was stressed. Rehearsal day and fSIL calls and tells us all to wear jeans and go casual. I wear dressy jeans, dressy top, andn high heels b/c I had packed that and was sticking to it. My inlaws all decided to wear stuff like crocs, capris, t-shirts. We show up and all HER side is wearing dresses and dressy clothes. Oh well. Her mom was wearing a mid-riff top and her belly was showing. No, she didn't have the body for it, either. I saw the ringbearer who actually looked younger than DS, and I thought that was pretty sucky. Oh well again. The wedding actually goes down and the vows get said. SIL's mom wears and off the shoulder corset bodice dress that is studded with faux diamonds. It is basically an older bride dress vs. mother of the bride dress. It's official that there is no backing out. The processional is that L.O.V.E. song

DH is asked to get the church back in order while everyone heads to the reception hall. I hear DH congratulate the preacher on a successful ceremony. Preacher asks DH if he thinks it will be a successful marriage. Totally inappropriate, right? A couple of the relatives made comments about why bother with a big church ceremony when you have been shacking. I kept my mouth SHUT. Anyway, at the reception hall we walk in to Margaritaville (first song) followed by Tequila Sunrise (sense a theme?). I situate myself next to the food. I am sitting at a table with DS, DH, DH's best friend and his wife. 5 people. Not crowded. Anyway, SIL comes up and stands beside me . At this point DH stood up (that's what gentlemen do when a woman is standing at the table ) and asks her if she needed some food or punch (so she didn't have to stand in line at her own wedding). She says "no,is mary here?" DH was kind of surprised and pointed at me (I was across from him at a SMALL table). She was like "oh..." The photog comes and asks SIL who is talking to. She says "oh, this is Erik's brother." Erik is MY DH and Ash is her DH, btw. Anyway, DH says "I think you mean Ash's brother" She was like "oh, yeah." Anyway, the photog asks them to pose and she jumps up on DH like they are best friends. The photog then asks if DH is married. DH pointed to me. Photog requested a photo with me and DH, but I had to get DS in there. They hadn't asked to take a picture of him at all, so I had to make sure there was ONE. We hadn't been invited to take immediately family pics before the wedding. Anyway, BIL, SIL, and the 3 of us take a pic. Later on in the night, she introduced DH as "Erik's brother" YET AGAIN. Once is a mistake, twice is a Freudian slip. Anyway, they drove straight to their cruise departure point 9 hours away (no sleep, and as some family members pointed out it kind of was obvious the honeymoon night was no new thrill). On the porch back at IL's house, FIL said he doesn't look for the marriage to last b/c they didn't date long enough and Sil's mom has been twice divorced. I actually stood up for SIL and BIL here b/c My MIL and FIL come from a broken home and are very committed to not divorcing and because MIL and FIL knew each other 12 days before getting married. Anyway, I hope it works out for htem, esp. if they have children.

By the way, I looked AWESOME (no pictures though...I was too busy worrying about DS not making a scene. Lots of compliments which made me feel good. Erik's aunt said "you have always been a pretty girl, but now you look GREAT." Awwww....
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Ohhhhh the drama of family gatherings - I can't imagine! I am glad you looked and felt good!
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DF--so glad things went better than you expected. The gal still sounds off--only time will tell. Glad you got great compliments--bummed we don't get pictures!

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We're glad youre back!
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Hey Mary, so glad that you are back! Sounds like things went a lot like you expected them to go. Too cool on all of the compliments, too!
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im confused why if DH and BIL which are brothers, correct?...then why were you so excluded from the pictured and some of the events...doesnt BIL want his brother involved in his life...crazy SIL or not, its his brother...i would be heart broken is my DS didnt invite me to take family photos on her wedding..im the closest family shes got! anyway, im happy you made it in one piece, and you got some compliments...i still dont get eriks brother...2x? is she drunk or just that loofy? haha...
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DF -Wow - sounds like an interesting turn of events. Glad to see that MIL treated you better - that is wonderful. Congrats on all the compliments - that is wonderful and I'm sure you looked absolutely stunning!! Glad you are back!
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Oh my gosh! Your BIL married into my in-laws family! I'm sure you are glad the drama is over. Or, maybe it's just beginning?! LOL Hope you had fun anyway. Congrats on the compliments.

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