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Default No starch substitutions?

I don't do well with starches, even keeping them around makes me want to eat more than I am allowed. I tend not to eat them at all, because it's so difficult for me to just that "one" serving.

If I don't eat the starches on my plan can I substitute them for something else? Another protein, a fruit? Any ideas?
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give them to me

No I really don't know what you can substitute for a starch...have you talked to your COD?

July 1 Goal

Longterm goal

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I follow the program on my own actually, not in-center. Starches and me just don't play well together, LOL!
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Minni - I feel your pain. I am a huge carboholic. So, I buy packages of things that are ready to eat then freeze them - only setting out a days worth at night before I go to bed. (A pita bread, an english muffin, etc...) It will get easier. I did get rid of all the "bad" starches, not OP, and tend to set all my starches for the day into a bowl so that I can see what I have out there- Rice in a ziploc bag, a small potatoe, usually a bread or pasta of some kind. Planning my day helps me keep on track... (thanks Shennie for that advice, too!)
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Let's try this again . .
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I would not recommend any substitutions. Your body needs complex carbs. I think it is always a mistake to eliminate any food groups. I think you're just going to have to learn how to just eat one portion. The suggestion above about taking out of the freezer just what you would eat for that day is a good one.
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oh my goodness! I couldn't agree more. I easily do the TO, but if I ever go off plan it is becauses of a silly carb addition. I found that I can't keep a box of matzoh in the house becauses i can't be trusted to stick to the 2 starch limit with them. they just so set off my cravings. I find that cream of wheat cereal, whole wheat english muffins, and low fat multigrain waffles don't set me off nearly as much.

Good luck.

Love the idea of freezing everything but your daily portion! Also like the idea of planning a day ahead. I never did that before. Last night though I wrote down what I was going to eat today. Let's see if it helps. I just did TO again on Sat. and Sun. and need to suppress the desire for carbs after 2 days without them.
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