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Default On 6 weeks, only lost 6 pounds, new to board

Hi all, I would like to join his forum group. My name is lynn and I had my 2nd DD 3 months ago. I have to lose 40 pounds. I have been on LAWL for 6 weeks and haven't been perfect but pretty good. I am going to do the FF today with unlimited protein after eating pretty much everything in sight on NYDay. I am getting comitted and I must lose this weight.

How is everyone's experience with FF unlimited? I'm on gold, so I"ll give it a try.
I'm 36 and I need major encouragement. I have a few questions.
Do you all find that you are really losing 2lbs a week if you stick to it strictly?
And if I can't visit the center 2Xs a week does that null and void the rebate?
Also, what happens if I don't lose the weight by my goal date?

Thanks in advance. I would really like some partners/friends.
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Hi Lynn! Welcome to 3FC!

I did something similar yesterday, so I understand completely.

About the 2 lbs/week - sometimes I do lose 2, and other times I don't. My own average is closer to 1.5 a week, but I am not perfect all the time. Also the older you are the harder it is to lose, and the closer you are to goal weight the slower it goes.

About the visiting the center and goal date - I was told visiting 3x a week -- but check your contract? Also there is usually something in there about using the lites? Truthfully, I don't know where my contract is, and I think there are different versions.

In any event, we all help each other thru this journey - I've found loads of support, and it keeps me on track most of the time.

Join us on the monthly thread - it's the one with the date in the title - that's were most of the chick chatter is.


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welcome and congratulations on the baby! YES, I lost 2/wk in the very beginning consistently when being POP. I am at the end of my loss journey at this point and its gotten much slower, but if you work the program 100% it will work 100%. I go to the center 3/wk for accountability and to stay with my contract. For me, my original goal was 135...I didnt reach it in the time they said I would, I did NOT have to buy extra weeks to get there since I bought lites and went in 3/wk as obligated in the contract. Also, you need to follow those stipulations for the rebate if thats what you want. Good luck to you!
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December 15 was my original goal date for 155 lbs, and Ican truthfully say that the only reason I didn't make it was becasue I cheated. In fact, I belive I would have lost more than 2/per week with out the cheats because when I went off I ussualy did it for a couple days and I can think of 3 weeks just off the top of my heads that I messed up.

The good thing about LAWL is that you don't have to be POP everyday to see results, but in order to see the 2 lb per week results you do need to follow plan. when I follow planb and get my water in and stick to the alloted frozen dinners and carb cravers i have lost more than 2 lbs in a week.

You have a lot on your plate wth the new baby, so my suggestion would be to get in a strict planning stage where you have your meals planned and ready to keep you going. (such as meat already in cut into serving size, all ingredients in the home and all meals planned at least 24 hurs ahead of time) as one of the chicks on here, Star says, it takes 21 days to form a habit and once you get on track with the program and make it a habit you will be surprised at how easy it is to follow.

come on over to the monthly thread and meet everyone else.

oh and if you don't reach goal and you have followed the plan they will let you keep going until you reach goal, that' would they did for Deets, our very own POPer.

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