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vibrantecho 03-31-2005 04:26 PM

LAWL Losers & Friends - April '05
:flow1: Here we go, all ready for tomorrow! :flow1:

synn1977 04-01-2005 06:48 AM

Ok....ladies you were asking about the Goddess workout set, no, they are not yoga booty ballet...they are straight up bellydancing. I have not gotten them in yet, but as I stated, I am looking forward to it.
I will certainly let everyone know how it goes once they are here!
Chugging away at the water already, but have not eaten breakfast yet. I will be OP today just as I have been all week! Woot!

SyracuseNY 04-01-2005 06:49 AM

Good Morning everyone.

Welcome Mandy: In your post, you said you've lost 75 lbs. Are you at your goal weight? I'm almost there and plan on being at my goal for my BD at the end of the month. I have been going between 6-9 lbs from my goal since mid-December. Got any hints or tricks to make my mind and body realize that I CAN reach my goal?


auditgirl 04-01-2005 07:54 AM

Hello ladies,

It’s been a while since I’ve checked in…had a great Easter, but of course ate way too much and have been working myself pretty hard this week to get back to pre-Easter weight…should be there by this afternoon’s WI. I’m about 20lbs from goal, but have been struggling since Christmas…kind of frustrating…but I’m so close to the 170s, I just know I’ll be there by Monday! My mom is coming to visit May 19 and I want to be 170 or even in the 160s by then.

Mandy-Welcome and you give me hope!!! It looks like your starting weight is about the same as mine and your goal also similar (actually a little less)…yours is the goal I really wanted (around 150), but I thought 74lbs and 160 was unrealistic enough when I first signed up. Do you mind me asking how tall you are and how many weeks have you been on plan? Also, are you exercising? Feel free to tell me I’m too nosey, but I really enjoy hearing other’s success stories :-)

Star-I’m glad someone nice is getting your house, I’m kind of sentimental about that kind of thing. I drove our old house in GA when I was down there for work and it made me sad to see how the new owners had let the place go. Also, I’ve been trying to fit tanning into my schedule, I went on a shopping spree and bought all new Capri pants, but need some color on my legs. I need to get started now, so I can go nice and slow, but still have color when my mom and her pals come to visit. It’s a total girl weekend, we go to the Longaberger Homestead, eat, drink cocktails, stay up late talking, and shop, shop, shop!!!! I can hardly wait!!!!

Julie-Your trip sounds amazing….I can hardly wait to do some traveling. Our son just turned 16, so in a few years we’ll have some freedom to do a bit of traveling. My DS schedule is so full and most of trips are related to his activities or visiting our parents.

Sy- I have faith you’ll meet your birthday goal…I’m pulling for you!

Keri- Great job in getting back on track and all the success you are having now that you are!

Carmen-I have never had a pedicure, also thought I had fat kind of ugly Fred Flintstone feet (nice self-talk, huh…guess I need to revisit that chapter in Thin for Life :-) but lately I’m feeling pretty good about me (feet and all), so I think I’ll try a pedicure this spring and get myself new sandals too!

Hi to Fiona and Beverly and anyone else I might have missed. I’ll post again later today.

Skinny vibes to all of you,

textjewel 04-01-2005 08:57 AM

Good morning, chickies

Happy April 1st.

Should we set some April goals? Mine are:
- to continue with the exercise at least 5x a week, and aim for 6x a week. . .
- to try to break this 190 marker (although I know that part of that is this medication I'm on - Saturday is my last day, thank goodness)
- recognize NON-SCALE progress (clothes fitting better, etc.)
- try to do something good for myself - like the pedicure!

Mandy, glad to have you join us, chickie! We've had some good success stories on this thread, and I (like Jen) want to know how you've kept going! It seems like there's a 30 pound slowdown - and once we can get past that, things will start to click again. I'm also interested that you've substitued other food for the lites - I'm also suffering from lite burnout. I didn't buy the suppliments, but did get the lites in bulk.

Keri - can't wait to hear about the goddess package.

Jen - we must have been separated at birth - I also have Fred Flinstone feet - (great analogy)- I blame it on the Russian Peasant blood. About the traveling - it's something that I wanted to do for a long time, and finally realized that if I didn't do it on my own, I'd be 70 and not gone anywhere. Your girls weekend sounds terrific! I love that kind of stuff.

Beverly - it is so much easier for men to lose weight than women. It is simply not fair. I think you should ask you husband to throw out his own leftovers. How much should one woman have to bear? BTW, are you doing any weight training? And do you rotate through your cardio tapes?

I'm betting that Star won't be on today since she's moving. . .

Hugs to all,

Star 04-01-2005 09:09 AM

It's FRIDAY and SUNNY here....

Fiona - Thanks for starting the new April thread and Thank you for adding LOSERS in the mix. I think it says it all ;) Ofcourse I would be "friends"
Also, good to know about the MK suncreen, I'll have to check that out!
BTW, I have only tanned twice in the Matrix bed and I already have color without the burn. I should have good color by the trip to CA.

Mandy - Welcome! I read your bio and that is some story you have there. We are the same height and same deal with not gaining until after kids, etc. However, you are doing better than me as far as being close to goal. I think I'm in a temporary burnout (from LAWL) phase. :( Maybe you can share some of your success tips here.

Speaking of LAWL I am thinking of going back to the center of doom :devil: But am wondering if I should go prior to the 14th (CA trip) or just wait until I get back :?: Opinions please. I did go ahead and reinstate my ticker...

Jen - I was wondering where you were - missed ya! Your girls weekend sounds wonderful! Aren't capri's the best thing since sliced bread? They pretty much cover all the problem areas for me - I have them in all the basic colors, but your right - you need just alittle color :o

Tonight is crunch night for us, as the movers will be there bright and early in the morning. I think we are in pretty good shape. I think DH's only real concern with the movers is that they take all the heavy stuff. Our apartment is only like 15 minutes from our house. Also we don't have to be out of the house until May 5th if need be, but we should probably be completely out by next weekend. DH is still doing some work on the 57 Chevy which is in the pole barn on a rotary machine :dizzy: (It's a guy thing).

Hi to all you other chicks - Julie - we posted at the same time, I'll go ready yours and respond later... ;)

Mitchypoo 04-01-2005 09:36 AM

Hope nobody minds but i put a link on the last thread so people can join us here.

Going to WI today, no matter what. Not sure what to expect. Have to work today on water and staying POP. Good so far...

vibrantecho 04-01-2005 09:48 AM

Morning everyone - just wanted to pop in and say, don't expect to see much of me today! :dizzy: I'm at work, surrounded by about six inches of paper that all needs to be typed or stuffed or updated, and I'm taking an hour off this morning to go do DD's "art show" at preschool. I'll try to read while I'm stuffing envelopes, though. Catch ya later!


Chklithunder 04-01-2005 10:28 AM

Good Morning Everyone.

Welcome to Mandy. You really are an inspiration here. I'm sure you have a lot of pointers and experience under your belt that could be a lot of help to a "LA newbie" like myself.

Jen - don't worry about your feet! If you have Fred Flinstone feet then I'd say mine are probably like Captain Caveman's. Just long, wide and ugly. I'm 5'4" and my shoe size is an 11 (down from an 11w). I always go barefoot and I hate shoe shopping, so I just figure my feet may as well look their best. Plus I found that DH is more willing to rub them when they look good. :lol:

Keri - reading about your comeback this week is just the inspiration I am needing right about now. I have been OFF plan for about a week now, since Good Friday, starting with little indiscrepancies and now they are getting bigger and bigger. I am afraid to go WI and my eating has gotten steadily worse, culminating in a cheese muffin this AM. I will resolve to CUT IT OUT, go get my water, and turn this behavior around...immediately. You all, wish me luck. PLEASE.

I'm off to a meeting for now, busy morning for a Friday around here.

Star 04-01-2005 10:33 AM

hey - Maybe we should of called this thread
"LAWL Losers, Friends & Cheaters" lol
You know where I would fit in (so I can make the funny)

MetalChic 04-01-2005 11:18 AM

Hey Chickies.....

Welcome Mandy!

It seems that we are in the same boat.... I am 7lbs from my goal, and I have been pretty much just maintaining for the past 4 weeks. I have become a little aggravated, considering that I have been on plan. I do like the new "Free to Live" plan, but I do think it might be keeping me from my goal. I may have to start limiting certain foods as I did before. I talked with the counselor last night at the center. They were supposed to call the dietician and find out if they need to change what I am eating. I haven't heard anything yet though.....

It is the lovely TOM for me, which makes it very hard with the water weight... I may have actually lost some weight :shrug:

Even if I don't manage to loose the last 7lbs, I guess I should just admit that it is amazing to loose 83lbs (even though I want it to be 90lbs lost).

Mandy, you have done great 75lbs is wonderful! :cheer:

I guess as long as all of us loose some of the unwanted weight that we are winners!

After reading about Terri Schiavo's life and death, I think we should all think about whether loosing the weight and the rollercoasters that we put ourselves on with our weight are worth what could happen to us. I don't think any of the ladies here actually have an eating disorder, but dieting can lead to eating disorders when you continue to binge, regain, and have low self esteem (which comes with being overweight). I know that I have re-evaluated my life, and I am determined to maintain a healthy weight without binging, regaining, and continued dieting. I am definately going to keep up the healthy eating habits that I have learned through LAWL. I have never eat as healthy as I have on this plan.

Anyways, I will stop depressing everyone.....

Have a great Friday and weekend, I hope everyone reaches their goals!


textjewel 04-01-2005 11:50 AM

Karen - hear, hear on poor Terry Schiavo - I saw the A&E special on her last night, and I can't believe that she'd have wanted is to be in the middle of such a struggle.

One thing I've been thinking about, too - sort of in the back recesses of my mind - there is a goal past a scale goal, right? I know that I've learned to eat right 95% of the time. The weight will come off as my body decides that it's going to release it. I've learned portion control. I'm eating a variety of food, and have moved chocolate, ice cream, etc., to nice to have, not have to have. .

Carmen -we all need that push sometimes when we've been off plan for a few days .. .

It is a long journey to lose weight. . .

mandyd26 04-01-2005 01:39 PM

Another long post from me :)
Hello all,
Ok first things first. I'm 5'7" I think I have a medium to large frame. So I figure that 149 is a pretty good goal. Of course I'm not going to complain if I get down to 145. :) Also thanks for the warm welcome. I already feel like I belong here. It's so great! so here it goes...

Sy- I'm actually about 12 pounds from my goal weight. Although I have changed that a few times throughout the process. It was 155 at first and then 140. I finally settled on a 149. So as far as the hints and tricks to realize you can reach your goal... I'm in the same boat. The main thing to know that it is all within you. What I've been doing is just trying to remember how far I've come. I've also tried to keep busy and not think about food every second of the day. I know that is easier said then done, but it is working right now. I've had a few set backs a long the way. Where I maintained for a month or so or had to lose the same 5 pounds a few different times. I guess this last 3 weeks since I've been back on the wagon I have just decided that this is it. No more messing around. The 5 minutes of satisfaction I get from eating something off plan isn't worth it. I also try to imagine myself comfortably fitting into size 8's. Anyway, I admire you for your amazing weightloss. Keep it up. You WILL reach your goal.

Audit Girl- I'm 5'7". I have been with LAWL since March 29 2004. But I took a couple of months off and tried a pirated version of ww. I was losing at such a slow pace that I went back to LAWL. So I'm technically in my 41'st week. I actually haven't been exercising. I know I need to to get some tone back to my body, but I will try something for a few days and then stop. Right now I'm doing a 20 min. denise austin pilates tape. I really like it and it helps me feel like I'm doing something good for myself.

Text Jewel- I once bought a la lite substituion list off ebay. I guess it's for people who for medical reasons can't eat the lites. Anyway, what I remember of it was you can substitute the lites with... String Cheese or 1 (or 2) eggs. There were a few other things on there, but I don't remember. :o Anyway, I've also just been buying some pria bars (protein bars). They are pretty cheap and they taste pretty good. I don't eat them every day though. I just eat them when I'm on the run. I used the lites and supplements for a good portion of my program. I'm not using them now and am losing weight at the same rate. Live and learn I guess. I guess how I've kept going is just really focusing on my goal. Sometimes it's hard. Especially when we become more comfortable with our new thinner bodies, but aren't where we want to be yet. I've also had some times where I just maintained for a while because I wasn't following my plan. It would take a little while and then I would just feel a fire within in me and I would think. OK time to hit it again. Sometimes what I do to help me if I'm having a bad day is to put on my size 20 jeans that were getting tight. Then I think... Look at where all of these good choices and days of staying on plan when I really didn't want to, got me.

Starlynn- First of all my advice would be don't go to LAWL until you get back. :)
That is neat to hear that we have a similar story. It's great to have people that can relate to you. I've been going to LAWL only 1 time a week. That seemed to help me for some reason. Maybe because I realized that I'm not accountable just to LAWL. I'm mainly accountable to myself. For some reason that has made me feel empowered (sp?) Also one thing that has kept me going is checking in with my sister in law everyday. It's good to check in with someone who really cares about you. She is maintaining right now, so that is why I'm soooo glad to have found you guys! Plus she doesn't do lawl so it's nice that we all have that in common.

Chiklithunder- I would love to give pointers and also get pointers from others. If you ever need support or advice feel free to ask. That is why it is so great to have this forum. We can all inspire and be of support to one another.

MetalChic- Hello there. 83 pounds lost! Yes that is a great accomplishment. We have to remember that. I know it's hard to sometimes. Maintaining for 4 weeks is probably pretty aggrivating, but you are just 7 pounds from your goal. So it's just taking a tad longer to come off. You know what though... it WILL come off, so just keep with it. (can you just tell me that in a few weeks when I start maintaining) :) I also like the change with the "Free to live plan" it came at just the right time for me. I was wanting to go back to lawl, but didn't know if I could stick with it. So the plan made it a little easier. Anyway, I've found that I can't do the Carb cravers plan and lose as much as I do without it. So I just try to use it as a reward. Or something to look forward to. So today I'm going to go have 1 piece of veggie pizza. Great comments about Terri Schiavo. I really hope that even after you reach your goal you will stick around. I plan to. I think we will all need the continued support to help keep this healthy lifestyle.

Ok Sorry about the HUUGGGE post. I just have a lot to say. I hope you all have a good day!


vibrantecho 04-01-2005 02:18 PM

Hi again...still stuffing envelopes... :dizzy:

Mandy - great points across the board!

DH and I went to DD's school thing, then the two of us had a nice lunch at Applebees. They have a WW section on their menu, and their "Tango Chicken Sandwich" was awesome. They are putting up an Applebees in the little shopping center directly behind the development that we are thinking of moving to (actually, I think we've DECIDED we're moving there, assuming we can get approved for enough $$$$!) - anyway, so it's probably going to become one of our favorite places to eat out, once we move. :hungry:

Well....back to my envelopes, I guess. :p


SyracuseNY 04-01-2005 02:33 PM

Mandy: I'm also 5'7" and our goals are very similar. A great post and glad to hear more about you.

Hi to everyone else. I'm headed to WI so hopefully my after Easter weight is off. Have a great weekend everyone. Star, hope your move goes well.

Take care, Sy

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