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LAWL Losers & Friends - April '05

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Default HUm...............

FI - I met that as a compliment - you always have so many smart and things going on.....like my mother says "your a mover and a shaker"
To get back in the game....
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Fiona: Your right, water would be our better choice. I know you know that it's lots of wasted calories when drinking the Dew. Maybe you could wean yourself off it by adding 1/2 regular and 1/2 diet. I use to be a 'regular' soda/pop person. I even got DH to switch. He only drinks the diet drinks made with Splenda (with the exception of an occassional CF Diet Coke, or if there is any Diet CF Mt Dew in the house). He likes Diet Rite (Raspberry) and Waist Watchers brands (Orange) are his favorites. Have you ever tried the newer ones made with Splenda? Not preaching, just trying to help out!?

Star, LOL and the answer is NOOOOway...

Goal for Life = 160
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Good morning!

Thanks for the kick Jukie! I told my DD what you posted and she laughed. The good thing is, I woke up feeling "ugh" from the food I had last night - so more incentive to stay OP. I'll chug down lots of H2O today and hopefully it will not have caused too much gain.

Sy - You asked what I (and others) did on the weekends to maintain. If it is a weekend I am at home (and not at DB), it is fairly easy because I have fresh veggies and fruits. If I head up to his house, I tend to bring along extra fruit and things like snap peas, yogurt, etc. He has been supportive and we usually eat at home, so he will have chicken or something similar and just add the extras for himself.

I bought the carb enders - just because. Actually the counselor I had said if you eat the CC meals, they are meant to be taken with a Carb Ender. I was feeling generous with my $$, so will try a bottle and see what happens (not that I eat many CC meals). She also told me I wasn't eligible for the LAWL Shakes, I guess because I refused the lites. I only wanted them because of a couple recipes in the cookbook that called for them. I suppose it is a godsend though, because then I can't make the desserts and well, desserts can be a downfall for me.

Had an arborist out this morning and the quote to take out some trees and shrubbery was really reasonable! I may have a yard all cleaned up and redone yet! Okay, I am off to get my hair cut and then to go plant my veggie garden and some flowers. Have great weekends!

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Hey Chickies-
Well yesterday was my first day on the Red Plan and I actually lost .2 pounds. Yippee. So I'm not going to be worried anymore.

Haylo-Thanks for letting me know how the red plan is working for you. That gives me more hope. Also, if you continue working out 5 hours a week, I don't think they will drop your plan. I think it is just the red plan from here on out for you.

Fiona-that's so great that your DH picked the on plan item. I also remember finding that out about the wraps versus the bread. It was a shock to me. I think that's happened with a few other things also. I try to remember that now that low carb doesn't always mean healthier.

So I actually went on a "date" with my DH last night. It was fun. We had a nice dinner. I ordered something close to being on plan, and told myself if I gained it was alright and like I said above I actually lost .2 pounds. So I'm feeling really good. I decided that I'm starting anew with working out and being on the Red Plan. I'm going to try to look at it as a beginning of being really Healthy and not the ending to my weight loss. I think thinking of it as an ending puts a lot of pressure on myself.

Yesterday I went shopping and eights are fitting better, but still not great, but 10's are feeling a tiny bit loose, so I only bought 1 thing with all of my money and I can't really wear it yet cause it's pretty tight. I could get away with it, but I'd feel uncomfortable all day.

Ok I've rambled on long enough today. Talk to you chicks soon.


Star I like your ticker too. You know how I looove to be accurate. I'm going to change mine soon. Maybe once TOM has left.
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Default Funny

To some men a well balanced diet means having a beer in both hands.....
To get back in the game....
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Happy weekend everybody!


P.S. I've started a thread for May - see you all there starting Sunday!

Counting down to my pre-pg weight:
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Well I just got back from Johnny Carinos and I believe I did my best at staying OP. I had a grillled chicken salad and a glass of wine. It was yummy.

Star: I do not have wings yet, but they are starting to grow a little, hmm... maybe i will become a Victoria Secret Model.

Mandy: I hope you r right about them keeping me on the red plan, because I really like, I don't feel like I am depriving myself.

Well, everyone have a good weekend.

Tomorrow is COD day, and TOM is also dropping by for a vist

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Ive been laughing at all of your posts for about a month now.. that's about when I started LAWL.. I have a question for all you losers.. Im on the gold plan, been going for almost a month like I said. I lost 5 lbs the first week and thats it, I go up a little down a little but I can't seem to go any farther.. Did any of you do that and if so what made you break past that block??? They can't seem to figure it out. I asked them yesterday if maybe Im not eating enough still, since that seems to have been my problem before on my own.. If I hear one more time to change up Im going to scream.. LOL This is really driving me insane I could have gone for the mesotherpy shots for the 2K that I spent losing that 5lbs LOL..

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Please don't post here, come join us on the May thread. Just click the link below.
LAWL Losers & Friends - May '05
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