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La Weightloss #26

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Old 05-10-2001, 09:04 AM   #46
Need Support
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Default Love L A Weight Loss

Hi Everyone,
Joined L A Weight Loss 5 1/2 weeks ago and have lost 21 1/4 pounds so far.
Still alot to go. Wish this program was around here a while ago.
Love it except for the price of the L A Lite Bars.
They said it was going to take me 43 weeks to lose my weight. I am praying that this
will happen and that I have the willpower to survive this.
41 weeks will be New Years day. I am aiming at the New Year because that is
when I usually start my New Years Resolution.
This year I want my resolution to be that I can keep the weight off.
I think going 3 times a week really holds me acountable.
I have been a Weight Watcher member for years and could not get into the program.
I know it is all me and that Weight Watchers is a wonderful program.
I don't know why this is working so good for me, but I have no complains.
Good luck to all who are on this program.
I have over a 100 pounds more to lose, but I feel so good about this.
Sharon 44
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Old 05-10-2001, 09:45 AM   #47
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Default SHARON 44

KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!! You can do it and you will do it!!!
The cost of the bars are very expensive - have you thought of trying a different bar? Some of the members have suggested the LUNA BAR. Why don't you buy one and check it's calorie content, as well as other stuff, against the LA Lites. If they are equal, then use them.
This is my second time doing the plan - but, this time, I am just following my notes from 1998 and I have been using the LUNA bars occassionally. Usually, I don't use any. And, I didn't use the bars back in 1998 - I think they are gross.
Anyway, you are going to be the belle of the ball on New Year's Eve!!!! I KNOW you can do it!
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Hi, everyone! I have been having some trouble but I am still keeping on plan. I did Jet over the weekend hoping to move the scale it had been a wekk with no loss. It didn't work. I did it perfectly and lost 1/4 of a pound. it was my TOM. so maybe, that was the problem. I lost 3/4 of a pound on Wed so maybe I am doing better. I have 4 pounds to go untill I switch to gold. It hink the plan switch will help a lot. My body must need it. i ahve had some stress lately and I think that makes a huge difference!

Sharon, I wanted to let you know you can do it! I started out with 100 pounds to lose now I ahve 40 to go! It seemed so impossible at first but I know I can do it. I belong to a group here called the 100 pound club as well as this one(come visit if you want we welcome all new comers) . Going to both really helps me. The support is amazing and I really need it. The oter group uses signatures where eveyone post their start weight/current weight/ and goal weight. I think I used to be so embarassed about how much I weighed now I don't mind telling people because it is just a number and it is going down. Believe me when I got under 200 I was so happy. Now, I want to keep going! I just wnated you to know you are not alone!

As for the bars, I am eating power bars and the advantEDGE bars. They are about .77-.80 cents are are almost exactly the same as LA Lites. It didn't seem to matter with my weight loss because when I hit the plateau I was using LA lites. When I switched to power bars I started losing. My husband swears he lost more weight on power bars than when he ate my LA lites. I am trying just power bars this week to see the difference. I am starting to think that it doesn't matter which I use.
Total Lost : 82.25

100 Pounds By Sept 22
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Need Support
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Default 100 lb club

Hi Karen,
I think I will join the 100 lb Club.
How do you fill out the profile and send it back? I have not done this before.
I am trying to get my daughter on the road to eating better.
She wants to do what I am doing, but I don't think she would stick to it very long.
She is 8 and will be 9 in November. At Weight Watchers they said that you had to be
at least 10 years old. Heather is already 30 pounds overweight and kids are already
teasing her and calling her fat.
She had never road the bus and had been begging me to let her ride.
Well after I let her and it has been about a month she does not want to ride it anymore.
I should have guessed it. Names like fatty, big butt and others I don't care to mention.
I don't want her to be a lifetime dieter like me, I want her to be aware of what is in the food and what
to be careful of and watch portions.
So me doing L A weightloss and I think I will try to keep her on exchanges or 123 weight watchers.
I want her to be aware of what she is putting in her mouth.
Any suggestions?
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Old 05-14-2001, 10:27 AM   #50
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Sharon I sent you a Private message! Click on PM and I wille xplain and give you a link to the 100 pound club!

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Hi, everyone! Someone started #27. So see ya there!
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