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I know what you mean about the speech therapy. My son gets it too. $35 dollars a week, not covered by our insurance. He was getting occupational therapy before that. OT was covered, go figure. Actually switched therapists not too long ago, this one charges 10 dollars less and comes to the house. If you check with your local elementary school, some of the speech therapists do private cases and they tend to charge less than the therapy centers. Good Luck.
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Default Hi

Hi everyone,,just dropped by to see what was up...
saw Mom asked me a question...

Mom: I have done my own form of stabilization/maintainance..I think since going to LAWL they gave me the foundation to get my eating habits under control..I didn't reach my goal weight on time..so I decided not to pay for more weeks and do stab./maint. my own way...I have paid attention to what they have said but "ultimately" it is my responsibility and I have to do what works for me..I really don't consider myself OP anymore. I just hang around here for motivation and support.

But yes I do think I have the foundation to maintain. I know I have to drink my water, exercise at least 5 days a week for a hour and watch my portions and fat intake.

I read a article this morning about quick fix weight loss gadgets, I am just copying a few lines, I luv the last line about the fork!!

You've seen zillions of ads for phony weight-loss devices
that range from the simply ineffective to those that are
dangerous to your health. At a minimum, these devices are a
waste of your hard-earned money. Some of the more
fraudulent gadgets that have been marketed to hopeful
dieters over the years include the following:
The claim for "appetite suppressing eyeglasses," which
are just common eyeglasses with colored lenses, is that
they project an image to the retina that dampens the desire
to eat. There is no evidence to date that these work.

- Those "magic weight-loss earrings" and other devices
custom-fitted to your ear purport to stimulate acupuncture
points controlling hunger but alas, have not been proven

Unfortunately, the major device that affects your losing
weight is your fork! And you'll want to use it less, not
- J. McKim

Continued success to all!!
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Stabilization is like the regular diet with a few things added. 2 to 3 veg. extra a day, and some condiments. Also an extra milk. I guess it depends on what plan you are on when you go on stabilization. I'm not sure. I am going to start a new post. SEe you there!

Valentines' Challenge
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Hi everyone
WOW!!!!!! It's been a LONG time since I posted. I guess I kind of gave up on 3FC. I tried to--but, everytime I tried--it was still down. I am glad to see a lot of the old names, as well as some new.
Just wanted to let you know that I now have lost 42 pounds (since Sept) I haven't been following the plan too much the last few months. Myself and my hubby went away about a month ago (we had a GREAT time) (I gained 3 pounds----but, I have since lost it.
Bela-----when did you work at the Scarsdale office??????? Maybe I know you.
Take Care everyone
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maggie- it is great to hear from you. You have done a great job. There is another thread started #25. see you there!!


Valentines' Challenge
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