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juliemarie 11-04-2013 11:53 AM

November 2013 Friends and Losers LAWL
Hey ladies! New month, new thread . . ..

Mama Nicole 11-04-2013 08:59 PM

Hello Ladies :)
I had a loss last week, but not much at all. I guess I better get it into gear or I will never make my thanksgiving goal.

Shy16 11-05-2013 09:58 AM

@Juliemarie: Thanks for the advice (re: the end of the October thread) and I will certainly do that.
In fact, I still feel kinda dizzy and this is my first day TOM-free! lol

@Nicole: ANY loss is a great loss. Congratulations on continuously shedding the weight! Way to go.

My update: I'm over TOM and the damage is not as bad as I thought it would be. I only gained 0.5 lbs! I mentioned in the October thread that I was suffering from dizzy spells and I found that I was eating a lot just to make sure I wasn't feeling dizzy from some sort of lack of food. Although I know that was not the issue... it was the first time I had these symptoms...
I ate so much that I'm shocked I only gained 0.5 lbs!

So... time to stop sneaking the little chocolates and little bag of chips from my kid's stashes.
I like my 'new' number and am focused, once again, to shed this unwanted weight!

Good luck to all and I hope you are all well on your way.

juliemarie 11-06-2013 11:42 AM

Shy-hope you're feeling more normal. And yes-the kid food in the house can derail me too . . .I try to keep my daughter's lunch/snack stuff limited to stuff I don't like! :)

Nicole-you can do this! I know you have a lot on your plate-but maybe try to take time to plan ahead so it's harder to stray off plan!

Katie-how's it going? Is your business back open?

Shy16 11-06-2013 11:51 AM

Okay.... today I weighed in at the same weight as yesterday. Not bad. I guess my body needs a little time to get rid of the garbage I put into it for the last few days. LOL!

@Juliemarie: How is your weight loss going? You had seemed so determined and you haven't posted any loss or gain! I hope it's all loss, of course.

@Nicole and Katie: I echo @Juliemarie's questions! How are things going?

juliemarie 11-06-2013 12:43 PM

well-I'm posting on the Turkey challenge-I've lost 2 lbs

Shy16 11-06-2013 04:13 PM

@Juliemarie: Whoo hooo!!! That's fantastic! Good for you.... keep it up!!!

Mama Nicole 11-06-2013 08:38 PM


I have been 3 days POP. That makes me happy.

Shy....keep up the posting, even if the thread is a bit slow right now. It will pick up again. Right now it is just us....the three musketeers!!!!

Katie....where you at, girl?

Shy16 11-07-2013 09:39 AM

Agh.... my weight seems to like this number! The scale doesn't want to budge. Hopefully tomorrow.... assuming I'm on track! I have to admit that I may still have one leg dangling off the wagon. I need to pick it up and continue full steam ahead!!

@Nicole; LOL. I'll keep posting. I just didn't want to be the only person posting. There was a very active thread in the spring and then it died in the summer. I tried to keep it alive but no one ever came back to post. :(
As long as the three musketeers are keeping this thread alive, I'll keep posting.
Hopefully everyone remembers about the thread and comes back!

I tend to check out the thread when I'm having a cup of tea in the morning. That's when I check my emails, make the kids lunches etc.
Sometimes I'll post then or I'll come back to post/answer.
It's just become habit for me.

I hope you are all doing well.

Shy16 11-08-2013 10:45 AM

I'm not sure why but, I think it's because I'm tired of running around and getting last minute items for the school projects that just seem to keep piling up on my kids (two of them). DS just handed one in today. He was up early so that he could put the final things together... he was up late last night... late for a ten year old!
DD#2 has TWO projects due next Friday! I've been on her case to start them NOW so she's not up late every night next week! Hopefully she can get one of them done by the weekend!
Agh... I don't remember there being so many things when I went to school!

Anyways.... due to the projects and me running around finding needed items for that 'special' touch, I have been neglecting myself and my eating habits.
Unfortunately, I'm just grabbing anything and wolfing it down. Sigh.

The weight is not budging but I guess that's a good thing... at least it's not going upwards!
I hope to be back on track this weekend...

@Juliemarie: I'll bet you've lost another two pounds or more! I just know it. You seem so focused.... Can you pass some of that determination to me? I seem to be lacking in it lately.

@Nicole: Now that you are POP, how's the weigh-ins going? I'll bet you've lost oodles of weight! Keep it up. You also have the motivation that I seemed to have lost. lol

Shy16 11-09-2013 09:07 AM

I think my weight is 148.0 lbs. Still the same.
I could barely open my eyes this morning and I just glanced at the scale. My kitty way anxious for his breakfast and I needed a cup of tea badly. lol

I'm just so tired. All the time. Even after 9 hours of sleep! I never do that. Actually, i wanted to sleep more but I felt guilty that I wasn't up yet.
There are only two of us in the house right now. Everyone else is gone away for sleepovers! DD#2 likes to sleep and who knows when she'll wake up!

It's going to take me a little while just to spring into action.

juliemarie 11-10-2013 01:25 AM

Hey Shy! Hope you got some energy at some point! Do you take any vitamins? I know you mentioned iron-so hopefully you're not anemic. Maybe a B-complex would help for energy?

I did weigh in at 196.5 on Friday morning-so I was happy about that! Then my Granpda dumped his leftover Halloween candy at my house. Not sure how 5 or 6 Dove dark chocolates are going to affect my weight! Anyway-I have a weekend to myself while my daughter is playing with cousins. Trying to get the house cleaned, projects completed . . .and watch a lot of netflix! Oh-and I've started doing the 30 day shred again-2 days. I love feeling the sore muscles! Good reminder that they are there. Some people don't like feeling sore-but I do .. .

Shy16 11-11-2013 12:31 PM

Hey guys...
I was busy yesterday. I had unexpected guests who showed up late on Saturday night and stayed over. They left in the morning and i had to run out of town to help my MIL and FIL reorganize their new kitchen.
So.... Lunch and dinner out didn't help my cause! lol
My weight was up to 149.0 lbs this morning! Ouch.
Hopefully most of that is due to the heavy use of salt and I can flush it out of my system!

How are you all doing? Hopefully your weekend was't as catastrophic as mine.

@Julie: I'm starting to get some energy back. I think I've been like this too long and I have somehow managed and survived .... I had to adapt and get things done on a regular basis.
I think I am anemic.... when I had a blood test done (during my physical... after 6 years) it was found that I had very low iron levels. That's when the iron was prescribed. I have to admit, though, that sometimes I'm not taking it as I'm supposed to.

Thanks for the suggestion of the vitamins! Duh. I never even thought about taking any.
As for the B-complex... can i just take it like that or should I talk to my doctor first? What do you think? Have you taken them?

Congrats on your loss! That's fantastic!!!!
Put those chocolates in the freezer and only treat yourself once in while... for good behaviour. That way it won't affect your weight!
Keep up the good work.

Mama Nicole 11-11-2013 02:03 PM

ok.....I am down a half a pound. Well, 0.6 to be exact. I didn't have a perfect weekend, but it was ok. It is SNOWING here and I am not very happy about that.

I have Monday's off, and I want to try to do everything in one day. I want to make Mia a
Christmas dress, make cut out cookies for Adam's football banquet, record my expenses (done), run to the bank and walmart (done), complete my laundry, clean the entire house, and knit. WTF. I am never satisfied.

I do know that I can stay OP today, so that is one thing I will accomplish for sure. I will try, try, try to work out tomorrow at work. I do love to do it, I just hate getting sweaty and I hate taking a shower and getting ready.

Keep up the good work JM, and Shy....I think it's the weather. I really wanted to stay in bed today too.

juliemarie 11-12-2013 01:02 AM

Shy-you can just take a B=complex--totally safe. It will turn your pee really yellow though-so don't freak out!

I'm not anemic(anymore)-but I have a severe iron stores deficiency. I had an iron infusion and it just made me not anemic but barely boosted my stores. Trying to get approval for another one .. .

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