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Good morning ladies,

PMS has hit me hard today, I'm crampinig and I have a meeting at 9:30 this morning that I'm really not up for. I come in the office taking pills and probably will be all day long. Last night was another long evening for me trying to prepare for this meeting today. I get so fustrated cause I'm preparing for a meeting about a matter that doesn't support what I'm doing but the other person in the group is so laid back that he really doesn't care, or that's how he appears most of the time. Anyway, I'll go to this meeting and do most of the talking because he claims he doesn't have a clue, his excuse about being the new kid on the block is getting old.

Anyway, I managed to workout for 45 minutes this morning. I just couldn't go any further cramping and all, but I did intensify the workout so I still got the same type of workout in a shorter period of time, boy was I tired. My chest, upper arms and even my neck is hurting today from my workout with the PT yesterday. I tossed and turned all night trying to get in a position of comfort but was unable to do it until it was time to get up. Isn't that how it always goes.

Skychick-Good luck on your weigh-in today. Make sure you let us know how well you did. The first is weigh-in is so exciting, I know I didn't feel like I had lost a pound and it was close to a 7lb lost. I was in shock! I know you'll do just fine. I've never seen a Ladies Fitness America but Curves just came into this area I believe last year. Please go and check it out. It will really make a difference in how you feel and will speed up your weight lost efforts. I do not advise joining immediately, take a 3 month membership and see how you do before investing your money.
Believe me skychick, everytime I write I have to bring that scripture back to attentionbecause without Him (GOD), I couldn't even get through my weight lost efforts.

Well, it's been a day already and it's not even 9AM. I pray that I can make it through.

Until later, have a great day!
I can do all things through Christ Jesus who gives me strength!
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Default Kimnova...weight loss!!


I have lost 4 lbs!! I'm so excited.
I didn't think I had lost.

I have to tell you that seeing that weight loss has motivated me to lose more. It was great for me.

They kept me on the Gold Plan. Oh boy, I get to have skim milk now, and another vegetable...lol.
At least I can enjoy the cereal. I tried the shakes today. Chocolate was delicious. I may try to alternate those with the bars. It was very filling too. Yummy.

Thank you for sharing so much with me.

I hope your day ended up being good Kim.

Everyone, I hope you're all doing well also.

Until later.

God Bless.

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Default I fell off today...

This was not a good day for me. (SAT)

I had a horrible sinus headache. Felt awful when I woke up.

My husband and I went to a movie, I had the popcorn there.
(small bag, no butter)

But, did I stop there? No, I had to go on and eat at Olive Garden.

I had the thin pasta with Roma tomatoes. Three bites of my husbands Fettucine Alfredo and 2 pieces of fried Zucchini.

Also, ate low fat yogurt at Chick Filet.

Break: Fiber 1 w/skim milk
1 orange
1 LA Lite.

Then I fell. I am so mad at myself .
What a stupid thing to do, yes?
I need a little slap in the face here to get me back into reality.

I was doing so well. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

Okay, kick my hiney.

Thanks for letting me confess.

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there is a new thread for La weightloss # 70
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