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juliemarie 05-03-2012 01:58 PM

LAWL May thread
Fine. I'll start one! :)

I'm dropping the Losers and Friends part . . .never really got that anyway . . . ;)

Newlife-30lbs! Fantastic job! :carrot::carrot:

3 more pounds to my mini-goal!

NewLifeNewMe 05-05-2012 07:08 AM

Hey JM - Thanks!! Yeah... it only took me a year :snail:
So I'd like to thank God, and the Academy... Hee! couldn't resist: it's Saturday, no work and feeling goofy today.

Seriously, I found this thread and saw a bunch of women who'd managed to lose 100lbs+ and you guys inspired me to make an effort last year... So where IS everybody? Come on this thing is too good for 4-5 posts a week.

PS: Go go go Juliemarie! 3lbs is nothing for you!!! :)

aguerin 05-08-2012 02:08 PM

Crickets. This is terrible.

Come on Ladies where's the chatter? Its May 8th already. Nobody has anything to say? Losses to Report?

I'm still hanging in there.

Hope all is well with your Mom Nichole.

Hello JM and Micky! Looks like its just usses.

Mama Nicole 05-09-2012 10:28 AM

Hi Friends :)

Life is busy, for all of us...........but I am happy to keep checking in and adding small baby losses :). I am going to set a new goal....a birthday goal. I didn't make my friend's wedding goal, but I was fine with that. I have had a continuous downward trend, and that is fine with me.

I will check in again soon, just wanted to stop in and say, "heeeyyyy."

Mama Nicole 05-09-2012 10:30 AM

ok....so the mini goal is to be in Onderland by my birthday..Aug 5. I think I can do that :). i will build me ticker later.

Hoochie 05-09-2012 11:36 AM

Well, I have been MIA because I have put on weight and feel terrible. I am sitting at 177 pounds and dont get it! I work out 4 times a week so I know its what I put in my mouth....just so sad!
My goal is to lose 5 pounds by next Friday. I will let you know if I succeed. Water, water, and more water!!!!!!!


RobynM 05-09-2012 03:36 PM

Hi everyone,

I have to admit that I've been lurking and not posting cause it was a little quiet.

Today I'm at 19.8# gone. So just one tiny step away from the next mini goal of -20#.

I recently bought a Pandora-like bracelet set that is for tracking weight loss. It's got different beads that have "LB"s listed (1LB, 5LB, 10LB, etc). So right there on my wrist is a reminder of how far I've come if I go to reach for that hot fudge sundae :D

Next goal is -26.6# lost = 10% of my starting weight. No particular timeline, as hubby and I are just following the program. Plus this Sunday will be tough with lunch with hubby's mother and 2 grandmothers and dinner out with my mother. But, our policy has been that if we have a less than stellar day eating wise but enjoyed ourselves, it's fine so long as we hop back onboard the next day.

Hope everyone else is doing well. I think for weight loss it probably is the story of the "hare". Slow and steady wins the race.

Sabriel23 05-09-2012 04:29 PM

Robyn- That bracelet sounds like a fantastic idea! Do you know what brand it is, or maybe where to buy one? I've been really wanting a visual for weight loss, like the jars with glass rocks or something, but a bracelet sounds WAY cooler. :)

I hope to be on here more often now, the school semester is finally over, and my life can resume. Pleased to announce being 21.5 pounds down as of today! I've set a goal to be in the 100's by July 1st, so a little under 2 months.
Congrats on the progress everyone, let's ramp up this conversation!

RobynM 05-09-2012 08:00 PM


If you google a woman named Kim Bensen, you'll find her web site. I ordered the charms from her (in my case, I ordered what she calls Journey Set B). I originally tried them on a regular herringbone-like bracelet. But I spend all day on the computer and they'd swing around and hang below my wrist and dangle against the keyboard.

So just today, as a matter of fact, I went to my Hallmark store and they had a bangle type bracelet where one of the end beads un-screws so you can slide the beads on the bracelet. With a "stopper" bead on either end of the weight loss beads (and given that I bought a bangle bracelet that is tight fitting), it sits right on the top of my wrist. I'll see if I can post a photo in my profile.

NewLifeNewMe 05-14-2012 07:11 AM

Hi Dixie, Hey-heyyyy Nicole, Joan, Miranda, Robyn! Great to see the chatter picking up.
Congratulations on the losses - Joan, are you using a tape measure? you're probably losing inches...
Robyn what a great way to stay motivated. I actually have an add-a-bead bangle and am on my way to look for Kim Bensen - thanks for the tip!
My sister had a b-day party Saturday, and the girl cooks better than anyone I know... so I'm up 2lbs but I had a great time. So back OP today!
Have a great week everyone!

RobynM 05-14-2012 05:58 PM

I did it!!!! :carrot:

I hit the 20 lbs lost mark. Actually 20.6# lost as of Saturday morning.

And then I promptly undid it. :o

Saturday - 35th wedding anniversary party and a wedding reception
Sunday - Mothers' Day lunch with in-laws and dinner out with my mom.

Today, back up 2.4 lbs.

Oh well. At least today and tomorrow are TakeOff. Since hubby's in the same situation, we decided to do TakeOff 2 (we usually do the "kickoff" version). So hopefully that get's us back on track. I figure much of it is water weight from the added sodium in the restaurant food and the alcohol at the parties :D

So next mini-goal, back to 20.6# lost by May 21 (one week). And up to 26.6# lost by June 11 (3 more weeks - 2 pounds per week). And that will be the 10% lost mark.

Hope everyone else had a less impactful Mothers' Day weekend.

almsthere 05-15-2012 02:23 PM

I'm back. I have found myself maintaining but not losing. So frustrating. I know it has to be sabatoging myself.

I am so sick of the stomach blob but yet it doesn't seem to stick long term. I know I can do this. 7 yrs ago, I was in the 130s. I know I can get there again.

Mini goal: I want to be in the 170s by Sunday, May 20th!

RobynM 05-21-2012 11:20 AM

Oh so quiet.

Oh well, I'll chime in. One week mini-goal accomplished. My goal was to be at 20.6# lost as of today. I'm actually at 21.2# lost. So yay!!! :carrot:

But I am so confused. Stay POP and lose maybe 0.2 to 1.0 pound per week. This weekend, I decided to be more flexible. Saturday night had a McDonald's double cheeseburger at 10pm cause I hadn't yet had dinner and I had a protein, 2 starches and a fat left. Did the same at lunch yesterday (we take Grandmother-in-law to church every Sunday and then she insists on McDonald's for lunch after church :D ).

And poof. Weight lost. I know I can't do that every day. But it's so odd that I lose weight in the days after I give in and have McD's (still within my daily allotment, although certainly not the healthiest choices).

Anyway. Back to healthy foods today. And 5.4# to go in the next 3 weeks to hit next mini-goal.

Hope the rest of you are well and are working towards your goals.

Have a good one.

suan 05-24-2012 07:57 AM

Just to let everyone know that LAtoyoudoor.com is offering 50% off everything today only. I ordered the LA Advantage one time shipment that includes the plan & 16 boxes of lites for $130 (shipping included). Got 8 boxes of Chocolate Mint (my favorite). Discount code MD50OFF.

suan 05-24-2012 07:59 AM

I'm still losing but unfortunately it's the same 2 pounds...

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