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Joan, I watched TBL last night and it was sad. Oh and the attitude form the mom and daughter that lost...Please really? On television and everyone is watching?? They should have made the daughter stay.

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Managed to have a good day 1 back on plan. I'm aiming to drop 4 inches off the waist in the next 6 weeks. Bye-bye complacent me.

Christina I'm back on the colored plan, I stabalized and maintained from
that, easiest thing to do for me. It's just breaking the starch habit all over again that's going to kill me.

As for TBL, I liked serene Bob better than this Bob. But then again I easily could've been a heavier contestant the first two seasons.
That's it--my body needs a kick in the you know what to get back into shape!
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Back in the saddle!
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Hi, all. It's been a CRAZY week. ugh. But I have been doing a good job overall. We ate out a couple times in the past couple weeks -- I made good choices, kept drinking water, and recovered just fine. But I have officially hit the slower weight loss zone. I can't complain, I was losing at warp speed for the first few weeks.

I'll try to read posts and update folks later.

Happy Thursday!

Mini-Goal 2: 11 more lbs by St. Patty's Day (2/15-3/17)

Overall: -32

Mini-goals #1-A & 1-B met early!
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Hi Everyone!

So I have lost 2lbs this week! Yay

I am really loving these Luna bars! I didn't realize how much I missed the LA lites until I started eating these. I really just don't feel like eating anything sweet anymore because I eat one of these a day. Crazy stuff! But I am hoping that it will be enough to help me stick to my plan in the long run.

You know what else I missed about the LAWL plans?? The amount of food I can manage and am allowed to eat! I am never hungry anymore, so I don't feel the need to snack. When I stopped LA and tried to the calorie counting thing I found that I was never satisfied but now that I am back on LA am I truly happy with my weekly eating plan.

Yay for LAWL

**Weight Loss Journey Began July 22, 2013**

1st Goal - Reach 199lbs

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Kim - IP 9/10
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Lauren - I always struggled with calorie counting too - for me it is much easier to follow LAWL so that I get the proper variety in.

I started class last night, so no gym. Boo hoo - it's one of my favorite workouts too. If I could get it together, I could go in the AM - but I am sooo not a morning person, and taking a shower/getting ready for work at the gym doesn't thrill me. So, I am thinking of getting EA Active for the Wii and doing that. I still wouldn't be all that perky about getting up early, but at least I'll be in my own home!

Class this semester is weird - I'm the only one at my location! (Distance learning) my cohort dropped it, so I sit there all alone, LOL. I hope the prof doesn't want me to work in a group, ha ha. Eh, hopefully this time next year I will be almost done - until I go for PhD - NOT!
Mini Goal #2

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Kim- I totally know how you feel as I am not a morning person either, like not at all and yet that would be the best time for me to work out. I get out of bed every morning at 6:30 to get ready for work. If I could get up at 6am and even just walk on my treadmill for 25-30 minutes, it would be awesome!
Well I am meeting a friend for coffee in an hour. She has lost 60 pounds doing Atkins. She looks just amazing!
Okay I should run, have a great day!

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Happy Friday!!

So, I am on my second day of take off and I feel super. I cheated and weighed myself this morning and have lost another 1.5lbs. I'm looking forward to the weekend even though I have a ton of homework but I know it will pay off in the end.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day!

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So glad it's Friday. Date night tonight with DH. We are watching With Love From Paris and going to my fav Mexican restr. It's that woman time for me so no weighing this week but I have walked the treadmill and stuck to the plan well, just probably not tonight so much.

Hope everyone is doing well and congrats on all the lbs lost this week.


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just wanted to stop in quick and say hi and report that i'm down another pound. hope everyone has a great weekend!
Highest weight: July 2003 when I delivered my 1st child

"Exercising is like brushing your teeth...it's just something you have to do everyday."

"Success often comes from doing ordinary things with extraordinary commitment."
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Joni - Atlanta, GA
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Just a fly by to say hi...Saturday and I worked most of the day, but it was gloomy in Atlanta so it wasn't too bad. I made some awesome soup--yummy...and it's gonna last me all week!

Jillian - great on the weight loss...Kimphin - "MOVE THAT TICKER"

I'm still making excuses and the scale isn't budging...oh well................I'll be sure and let you know when it does!

Just did my taxes online (I use TaxAct and LOVE the program). My refund is going to partially pay for some new windows I'm getting in my house....not too exciting but I hope the new windows provide some relief to my ever increasing utility bills.....
5'3" ... 54 years young
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Ahhh .... kids were sick alllll week! They are going back to school today TG! I need my routine back. I only lost one pound this past week. I only have four weeks to florida. I refuse to buy fat clothes. SO if I don't loose it, I"ll be wearing corduroys in florida! HAHA

Amy .... so sorry for your loss.
Christina... Welcome )

MINI Goal1 .. 175lbs by March 5 FLORIDA!!
MINI Goal2 .. 160lbs by April 30 The DELLS!!

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