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Default Apology from a LA Weight Loss Counselor

I took great pride in my work as a counselor and center manager for LA Weight Loss. Waking up every morning feeling empowered, knowing that “I” was going to help someone get slim and healthy each day!

Then I learned the truth about LA Weight Loss. Almost everything they taught me was bogus!
The training I received was mostly guerilla sales techniques. In training class we were taught to lie to clients! The trainer made us practice quoting bogus phrases to each other; such as:

“The LA Lites nutrition bars have secret ingredients that will firm your
skin during weight loss”

“Buy all of the supplements and you will lose one extra pound every week”

When I asked if these statements were true, the trainer said ”No, but you want to earn commissions don’t you?”

The worst thing they made us rehearse was “How to make a client cry during a sales presentation” Claiming “If they cry, they will buy!” We were forced to ask personal questions to dig and find what the potential client’s breaking point was—-what brought them there today. They knew the client was already vulnerable just for showing up, and coaxed them into releasing their private thoughts in order to use them against them in vicious sales techniques. We were taught to then loudly emphasize the phrases that the client choked out. The trainer demonstrated by loudly yelling: “YOUR HUSBAND CALLED YOU A FAT PIG?” while explaining that this will make her cry, and instantly open her wallet. Then they charted this phrase, to make her cry again months later when they wanted to sell her additional products!

Have you ever read the nutrition label on the so-called nutrition bars they sold? They are so hydrogenated that they do not need an expiration date! They could be 20 years old for all you know. But they were cheap to make, and made huge profits.

I want to apologize to everyone that was hurt financially and otherwise by LA Weight Loss. As much as I took pride in helping people, I will also take my share of the blame for being an employee there. I should have resigned as soon as I realized clients were being cheated, but I was recently divorced and raising a neurologically impaired five-year-old on my own, needing the employment.“Here’s to a Healthy & Happy 2010!”

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Let's try this again . .
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Thank you for saying this-and I'm sure you feel better getting it off your chest. Not a single thing is a surprise to me.

I have to chuckle a little bit-but only because I never bought into a single thing my counselors said. Once I told them I was a scientist and asked for proof of their claims (esp the carb blocker) they stopped trying to sell me anything else and just helped me with what i did think worked-the diet program itself. Without the bars . ...

Yes-the bars have sugar in them and the supplements were bogus. But they are likely what kept them in business for so long.

Unfortunately-not everyone had my background and it's easy to fall for the claims. It's really too bad-if they had focused on training the counselors in nutrition and how to truly overcome the obstacles-maybe the centers wouldn't have closed down in droves.

There were quite a few good counselors that I came across-but they never lasted long. Probably because they didn't do the hard sell. I really appreciated the ones that really seemed excited about my weight loss and not just shoving bars into my hands.

A lot of us got tired of the centers and the sales pushes-and found this forum to be more helpful

Take care.
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love it or lose it
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I appreciate your honesty AND your understanding. I will admit I was convinced to buy a TON of LA bars but I didn't fall for any of the other stuff.. I didn't want supplements so I didn't buy any.

There was one woman I remember from the location I used to go to (it closed over a year ago) and she was always very supportive and nice.. never tried to get me to buy anything. They were never forceful.

They did teach me how to eat right so I am happy with the LA plan. I lost 35 lbs. but gained it back because I quit trying. So I am starting over!

On another note.. welcome to 3FC and hope you continue to post! It would be nice to have your help and advice
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LAcounselor, so are u saying we do not need the lites or what??

BTW, thx for the apology. Sometimes we gotta do what we gotta do to take care of our own. Just know that you are not the only one that has done something she regrets to take care of their children.

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Taralyn - Thanks for being honest and getting that off of your chest. I am sure that there are a LOT of people out there that fell for the sales pitches, and I feel bad for them too. Luckily, I inherited my father's awesome BS meter, and saw through that part of the spiel very quickly, and that was reinforced by meeting with counselors that were not as good at selling. I caught them more than once in 'expanding' upon the truth. It got to the point where I would only go in for quick WI's, no sit-down meetings. I think that the counselor's at my COD were just as happy as I was to avoid the liars club! What DID work was going to WI for 2-3 times per week, and the plan itself is sound. So, again, I am glad that you got that off of your chest, but please do not feel responsible for the company's shady business practices.
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I don't think most of my councelors were out right liars!

Of course they were probably going against LAWL policy to not lie to us. I was really helped by some of the counselors. One or two were very nice but generally clueless, and one or two were total sharks just out to get you to spend money on products whether you needed them or not.

Overall it was a good plan, but could have been so much better if it had just not focused so much on getting money out of people instead of helping them.
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I understand that you needed to get it off your chest and I hope you are feeling better now.

You must remember one thing...you can tout as much as you want but finally the choice is always the customers'.People who go to an LAWL center, go only because they can afford to pay the extra bucks to get the body they want. If they buy the products...( wailing or not)they can afford it. I don't think there is a single irresponsible adult who would go bankrupt trying to lose weight.
I go to a center because it is an investment towards my new job...before I plunge into the job market.They tried to sell me the products and vitamins first time...I simply couldn't afford it.I asked them if it was " mandatory" with the program....they said no but it helps lose weight faster. I did some mental calculations and decided...I'll take my chances..and I told them so.period.end of discussion.

So stop beating yourself up...you just did what you had to.

loving life once again...Thanks LAWL
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I, too, agree with other posters that the overall LAWL program and eating plan really does work. I enjoyed the bars as a snack, but never thought they did anything to help lose the weight and I stopped taking them because of all the hydrogenated crap in them. I never bought supplements in the pill form. I haven't done the actual program in a while, but have all my material and notes. I, too, had mostly good counselors when I went, but the facilities have all closed down in the Georgia area. ... guess it's hard to compete with WW, JC, QWLC, etc.
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It's been almost 2 years since I posted this, and reading it again, I still stand by what I said, except...

The LA Weight Loss diet plan itself is very good, but you don't need the over-priced hydrogenated bars, or the take-off juice, or other crap they push on you.

My opinion is that the take-off juice was only added (relabeled Hollywood diet juice) because they could not profit off of the original take-off plan which called for 2 small oranges instead of the juice. And the supplements can be bought much cheaper in any vitamin store, although they are not really needed as they want you to believe.

If you were to get a copy of the LA Weight Loss diet on eBay, that would be all you really need to get the exact same results without spending hundreds on their fake bars and supplements. Luna Bars are a perfect match instead of the over-priced Lites and can be bought anywhere. They are way more nutritious and organic as well.

Also, my former co-worker counselor/center manager from LA Weight Loss just released a book. It is called: "All Fired Up... On The Road to Transition"
She wrote about the horrific things that went on behind closed doors at LAWL in her book. But its mainly about empowering people with knowledge, tips and shortcuts to make weight loss easier and permanent.... she shared a lot what she/we learned as counselors and her personal life.

I am using the LA Weight Loss plan now, and it works well for me.....but without going to the centers.... I can do it on my own. Mind over matter. Part of their business tactics was convincing people that they can't do it on their own--- most people believed them and under-estimate their own abilities.
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I could not believe my eyes today when I drove into a shopping center that was literally 1/2 block from the COD I used to visit 5 years ago! There was a BRAND NEW STORE which read, "LA WEIGHT LOSS"!!! I peaked inside and saw the bars on display as well as the supplements and there was a huge sign which read, "Join for ONLY $10.00 a week". Brought back some old memories -- memories of the 500 dollars or so which they took from me and ran! Who in their right mind would pay more money to this business??? Needless to say I kept on walking and came home and pulled out my old materials. YES, I can do this again, without their bars, or BS!
Thank you LA Counselor for reminding me of this as well!


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Default Downloadable LA Weight Loss Plan ?

I want to do the LA Weight Plan myself too. Does anyone know if this LA Weight Loss Plan downloadable from eBay is the same as the centers plan? It's only 9.99 on a starting bid or 19.99 on a buy-it-now.....that's about $2,000 less than I paid in the 90's to lose weight with LAWL!

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Originally Posted by RachelDenny View Post
I want to do the LA Weight Plan myself too. Does anyone know if this LA Weight Loss Plan downloadable from eBay is the same as the centers plan? It's only 9.99 on a starting bid or 19.99 on a buy-it-now.....that's about $2,000 less than I paid in the 90's to lose weight with LAWL!

It is the same exact plan. It has everyting from all plans, stabilization and maintenace and it is worth it. I bought it from eBay myself.

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Hi there I was on the plan 6 years ago and lost 124lbs but gained it all back after another baby. so i never got the information on the stabalization or maintance part of the program. and now i live in a city that doesn't have LAWL . does anyone know how I could get that info? Thanks
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Go through old threads on here. When a lot of the centers were closing, a bunch of us posted the info that we had.

I know I just went through all of my old stuff this morning...I am typing from a dinosaur though, and don't have the ability to scan anything.

If you want to inbox me, your info, I can see what I can find for you.

I know I found a lot of stuff on a google search. "pure weight loss" was the last name in my area.


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