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Jillian, Yay! Only one more week and your DH will be back! I bet he will be so suprised with how much baby X has grown, since they do change to quickly the first year, and pictures can never replace being there. It is good to change it up on the working out. I used to go to pilates with my DD, before she got all grown up and moved out. It is great at strengthening your core, which is likely extra good for someone who had a baby in the last year. I've managed 4 spin classes in the last week and 3 in the last 4 days, and each one was a pretty tough class. Plus we did the 8 minute abs and arms on Tuesday, and DH says we are doing it on tomorrow and Sunday and going to spin class on Saturday... I think he wants to work out every day for the rest of the year. I said let's skip Christmas and he argued with me... All because he gained 3 pounds. If I freaked out at 3 pounds like he does, perhaps I would never have gained so many pounds. Yay on the pound down too! You are sneaking your way back to onderland.

Kristin, 1.2 pounds is a good week. You can behave yourself at a Christmas party. I've convinced myself that there are lots of Christmas and other holiday parties in life, and what you remember are the people and not the food, of course if there is some food there so great that it would be truly memorable then try some, but if it is just the same christmas cookies that you've had a million times before and won't even remember having eaten in a week, then it is not worth the calories.

It was amazing how different some people look when they lose weight. The guy who won looked so very different. Several of the people did. The gal who won that at home contest didn't look that good... I think it was the blonde hair though. Something there aged her. That crazy Tracy gal got too skinny too. I thought Shay looked beautiful, even if she still has weight to lose. She looked so much heathier. It was good for me to see Amanda, who looked fantastic and weighed in at 163, and she is 2 inches shorter than I am... so maybe I was not delusional that I felt that I looked good at that weight! No matter what the silly BMI says.
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Tracey definitely had some nutrient deficiencies. Her hair looked very thin and brittle compared to earlier in the season. Did not like the tinkerbell (a la Julie Roberts in 'Hook') hairdo on Rebecca. Danny looked like a totally different person, so did Julio.

Jilllian - wow, so good to hear that Pete will be back next week!

OK, well I will be WI for real today. I think I am at least back to where I was pre-Florida. Hopefully a little down too.

It is freakin cold here! I was totally enjoying global warming until yesterday.
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late check in for me..just wanted to report that i'm down another pound this week. and did more pilates yesterday too.

hope everyone has a good weekend.
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