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Default ugh.. overeating binge?

Good morning! Just joined the site a couple of weeks ago... have recently lost 22 lbs.. 197-175. Anyway, I'm curious if anybody else experiences this... recently I've tried to limit my white carb intake (pasta, white bread, etc.) and have done pretty well switching to whole grain/low carb, although i'm not following a specific low carb plan like South Beach. However, yesterday was a very busy day for me, and I was stressed about multiple things, so i caved last night and had a huge plate of pasta with olive oil and parmesan. I ate WAY more than I should, and of course, felt AWFUL after... not just mentally for screwing up my diet, but literally, i felt physically sick after. This morning, I woke up with a headache that I got last night after eating, and couldn't even eat breakfast (besides coffee, of course!) this morning as I still felt nauseaus. I did manage to work out for an hour after I ate last night, just because I felt so disgusted.

anyway, anyone else ever get this way after bingeing on some carbs? I have noticed I am sensitive to them... In the mornings i try and stick to a strict protein breakfast (egg white omelette and turkey bacon) b/c i've noticed that if i even have so much as a piece of whole wheat toast i'm ravenous by 10:30 for some more carbs. and i do blame those carbs for my weight gain... nothing used to make me feel better than a big bowl of pasta or some bread and cheese.

Do you think some people are just more sensitive to carbs (esp. the bad ones)?? Thanks! I can tell from reading many other posts this is an excellent place for advice!
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I think that binging on carbs, especially pasta with oil and cheese, will make anyone sick. So, there is no way to tell whether you have a sensitivity. You basically have a carb hangover, and that can happen to anyone.

You don't say how many grams of carbs you were eating prior to your binge. Please remember that "low carb" does not mean "no carb." Even if you are restricting carbs, you should probably eat between 50 and 100 grams per day. See Freedieting.com for some calculators.

You can find the grams of carbs on the Nutrition Labels on most foods.

Good luck! Feel better!

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I answered you in the other thread you posted but yes, it sounds like you have a gluten allergy. See your doctor and get tested.

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