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I deserve to feel good!
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Default Monday November 30th

Buddies/Coaches: Overall an excellent day.

-I read my Advantages Deck
-I read my Response Cards
-I weighed in (129.5)
-I'm checking in here

Other things I did today that were not on my list:

-I ate all of my meals sitting down
-I ate slowly and mindfully most of the day
-I stopped myself from nibbling, picking and tasting
-I didn't eat any of the chocolate snacks that were at work today
-I didn't eat any of the cupcakes that were in my house for my son to bring to school
-I dealt with and accepted my hunger tonight

"Be not afraid of going slowly; be only afraid of standing still." ~Chinese Proverb
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Still marveling at how easy I'm finding it to leave food on the plate in a restaurant. I think it's because I go in assuming that the serving sizes are too large, so my mindset is to eat appropriately-sized servings rather than clean my plate. I had no idea I could do this three months ago and now it's almost second nature. It's making eating out fun again because I don't stress about overeating.

WI: -0.05kg, Exercise: +25, 1089/1300 minutes for November, Food: op, Read my Advantages and Responses:

bennyhannahmama: Yay for all the dancing broccoli!

BillBlueEyes: hope you love those thermostats -- it's so nice to get up in a warm house instead of a cold one!

RobinW: yay for 100% on plan!

Shepherdess: good job working out what was going on with the candies and making rules for yourself to prevent it next time

wndranne: I'm so glad you had an exceptionally great day! DS crawling under squat jumps made me smile.

KidsLibrarylady: hope everyone gets well soon!
My goal story: Fifty and feeling fabulous!
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Coaches/Buddies, I had a fairly good holiday. I tried to post a few times over the weekend, but just kept getting busy messages. Anyhow, I avoided seconds most of the time! When eating out, I made mostly healthy choices too. CREDIT! I did spend way too much time in the car every day, driving between my mom's and my brother's homes, so a little lacking in exercise. Today, I had some leftover lunch stuff from last week ready to go, so that was easy and have tomorrow's lunch mostly prepped as well. I read my response cards today (so so on this over the weekend). My husband has been a good cheering section for me and asking what he can do to help. That has been really nice.

Hope you all had a good holiday (for those in the US) and are getting back into the swing of things.

AnnZ, great job on the Turkey Trot. I struggle with the eating allowances in my mind when I incorporate exercise. Let me know if you figure out a mental strategy to overcome that.

BennyHannahMama, congratulations on the Beck commitment and thanks for sharing your insights. I look forward to more. Great job on continuing to set-up your stuff. I am working in the other book, but am not advancing to the next day until I master that technique. I've not read the book you've got, so I'd be curious to hear more about how it is different.

BillBlueEyes, that is really great that your wife helps you come up with ideas for success for Thanksgiving. Great job at Thanksgiving. You had a beach walk, in November. Oooh so envious am I! I had no idea you could see seals in the Boston area. I could almost smell the fish in the air from your description. How great that you had to realize you needed new pants because the others were worn out. That is so cool, you Super Maintainer! Your cookie economics is indeed thought provoking. I'll have to bring that up with my health economics professor.

Ceejay, glad to hear your eating has been going well and that you have been planning ahead. Great job.

GardenerJoy, your Thanksgiving menu items sounded splendid! Thanks for the calendar suggestion - I will look into it. Let me know how it works for you. Major congratulations on winning the completion of your novel. What a cool realization about missing exercise - now that's power!

Maryblue, the joy of a child-like mind! Ahh! What kind of dancing do you do? I couldn't agree with you more about economics. My current issue of pondering is agricultural subsidies.

Nuxmaga, looks like you've really been on track. Way to go! Gaps between Thanksgiving food - I never would have come up with that on my plate. Good job for tracking your craft show food, even though it wasn't fun to write down. I know that is hard to see it in black and white.

RobinW, great job at staying on track!

Shepherdess, sorry to hear about the Asian bistro experiences. That is so incredibly disheartening when you pick something out on a menu and expect a nice healthy dish, only to be disappointed by that magical unhealthy ingredients that forgot to mention in the menu description. Thanks for the support too. Great job on crediting yourself for your increased strength for lifting feed bags. Also, nice job on making the best out of the peach gummies and learning from it!

Wndranne, hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Maybe the poor run yesterday was a duck-related curse. But really, I have so much admiration for the running at all! So, dumb question for you. When you didn't finish your apple, did you adjust your food plan/log to say that you ate "most" of it? Really glad today went so well and that you enjoyed your mommy time.
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