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Question Would you recommend LAWL???

Hi. I'd like to get a few opinions from you all. I'm hearing that LAWL is rather expensive to join & maintain. Is it worth it? By that I mean do you have to "starve" yourself to lose weight or restrict yourself to certain foods or anything like that? Can someone give me a ball park estimate on the price to pay up front for a weightloss of approx. 60 lbs? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I usually do WW & can lose well that way, but right now I feel as if I've lost all motivation & I need someone to kick my butt & get me to do something about getting this weight off because I feel like a Also, do you all "like" LAWL or do you just feel like you're stuck with it since you had to pay up front for it? Thanks so much for the input.
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I started off on my own, hit a plateau after about ten pounds and then switched to WW. I gained five pounds on WW so I went to LA WL. When I priced it out, it was cheaper than WW if I added in the price of buying the WW two point bars and figured out the cost of meeting for two years. I don't feel the least bit deprived food wise. Some days I can barely eat all the food that you're allowed to eat. It is a lower carb diet so if carbs are your passion, you might have a difficult time getting used to the adjustment. I was a carb addict before this program and I hardly miss them at all.
You do have a list of approved foods but the list is quite long. You get a list of frozen meals you can eat and a dining guide to use when going out to eat. They do sell protein bars, shakes, snacks, and supplements. Not everyone buys them because you don't have to use them to be successful on the plan. I love LA WL because it works. I've been on their program for seven weeks now and I have lost 29.2 pounds with them.
Every center is different when it comes to figuring out how much you pay so it vary quite a bit. Go and have a free consultation and they'll lay it all out for you.

Good luck no matter which road you choose!

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What Tai said.

I am pretty happy with LAWL, but there IS pressure to buy the LA Lite bars (or soup or shakes) ($14 for 7, with various discounts available for buying in bulk). It sounds like there is more or less pressure, varying by center.

Start up for me was right around $400, plus I spent about $130 on the bars and the cookbook and vitamins. If you think you might not want to buy the bars, I would discuss it with them BEFORE you sign up. The diet is planned around 2 LA Lites per day, after the intro 3 day diet. They do taste pretty good (I think!)

Also they keep mentioning how some of the other supplements would accelerate my weight loss, even though I am on schedule (~ 2 lbs/week). I've been on the plan for just over a month and I've lost 10 lbs!

There is a discount coupon available on their website.

Good luck!
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I'de really check into that particular center itself. They are not all created equal, believe me when I tell you this. My experiance was not good. I'm sorry if I'm stepping on anyones toes. If it works for you - that's wonderful. Make sure they show you everything right up front and the TOTAL costs. Yea buy the bars in bulk - the price of that is over $1200 dollars. I know.
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Hi, just wanted to stop in and say that, for the most part, I love LAWL. It is pretty expensive, depending on what supplements you use. I've been on LAWL since Sept. 4, and I've lost about 26 pounds. There's a wide selection of available food, everything can be bought in the grocery store. It's basically low fat, low sodium...for example I get 2.5 servings of protein, 4 veggies, 3 fruits, 3 starches, a fat and a dairy every day. On top of that I eat two LA Lite (kind of like a candy bar) each day. I think what's different about it and why it's been working for me is because I have to weigh in three times a week and I keep a food diary that is reviewed by someone at the center. I would recommend it. The only problem I've run into is that sometimes you feel sales pressure to buy supplements, etc. My center is usually pretty good about that stuff so I haven't had any real problems.

For all the rest of you who are doing LAWL, come on over and post on our thread. We'd love to have you.
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I just started 11 days ago, because like you, I thought I needed someone to kick me in the booty. It has done that! And I totally was a carb addict and I am getting used to the feeling now and not missing them at all. I have lost 7 lbs. The weighing in 3x week really helps me!

The only downside, is that they really put the pressure on. They told me the LA Lites were mandatory, and that to me, is the expense of the program. I have paid about $424.00, Plus $200 for some bulk lites.

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