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Angry Metabolic Research Center

I have been in the MRC program for 3 and a half months. i have lost weight, but feel a burning need to expose some of the things that go on with that company that make losing weight difficult and undermine the positive attitude tha is necessary for weight loss.
1) From day 1 they record meticulously anything you do that defers from the program in any way. This is not done to help you but to provide them with documentation so that you can never ask for refund when you do not lose the weigh tthey promised. (per their contract)
2) Only people who are grossly overweight are going to lose 5 lbs a week . Anyone needing to lose 60 lbs or less is going to average about 2 to 3 lbs. They guarantee 3 to 5 lbs (before you pay them and in their advertising they say 5 lbs. per week. I have averaged about 2.5 lbs a week, which is great but then they tell you that you are doing something wrong.
3) I have lost 43 lbs (13 lbs on my own and 30 on MRC and instead of being praised or supproted I have been told the reason I am not losing faster is because: a.) I am cheating b) or I have an underlying medical condition. neither of these are true and are very insulting.
4) They present as a medical clinic, using the misleading title of "metabolic" . If you question any policies they talk about their medical doctors but when I researched they are not overseen by any regulatory agency or laws covering medical clinics. They refuse to show you your medical records or allow you to see them, as required by all medical clinics by law. But apparently they are not classified legally as a medical clinic so are exempt.
5) The consultants are poorly trained and often very controlling and rude.
6) The cost to enroll was relatively low ($150) But I have easily spent over $1000 and will have to spend much more than that to reach my goal. The goal they set is unrealistic and when you do not reach it you have to pay to re-enroll
Again you do lose weight with them, but there is a lot of negativity and misleading going on as well. Just realize they will blame you and falsely accuse you. I have heard the same report over and over from other participants. But we keep going for the weight loss. I just wish they did not undermine me emotionally. I should be excited about my weight loss clinic not furious and insulted.

Please tell me: if anyone has had any similar experiences at MRC.
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Just wanted to say thank you for sharing your experience.

I see their ads in the paper ALL the time, and of course I wonder what it's like. It's next to impossible to get any "insider info" online, so I appreciate you taking the time to post. So, I'm scratching MRC off my list, and have decided to go with the "Food Lovers Fat Loss System" that I'm hearing good reviews on.

I'm very sorry you aren't having an easy time, and I hope it works out well in the end.

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its working for me but i agree with you. i have encountered one of their "head" counselors to be VERY VERY rude.

i am in for a 1000.00 it works BUT i am going to find out where i can get the substitute drugs from, i cant afford 1000.00 a month for this diet. it works if you can afford it.
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You don't need to continue working with a company that you feel that way about. You have a choice here.
It's about commitment, not motivation.
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I have also been on the MRC program since March and have lost 30 pounds...but nothing in the last month. They keep trying to push more supplements on me and urging me to drink more HNS...I'm fed up with all the pushing and am going to finish out the time I have left on my contract but am also looking for alternative ways to lose weight. The Food Lovers Fat Loss is a possibility for me. MRC is too restrictive if you're not seeing any losses!
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