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Default too many water choices

So I have a quick water question for you... which type of water is better??

Straight up water nothing added...
Propel water (vitamin enhanced water)
Crystal light.. (flavored water)

I ask because I really dont enjoy straight up water, and I usually drink the propel or crystal light. But do these two alternatives count in my 8 glasses a day? And how many ounces to a glass? 8oz? I figure if I do this, Im gonna do this right TIA
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I use Crystal Light at work, since our water there tastes terrible. I count it towards my daily water, and also count the calories that are in it. I have a big water bottle that's 24 ounces, and I add 1/2 of a Crystal Light on-the-go packet to it. I don't count the occasional Vitamin Water 10 that I have to my water count though, I think it's similar to Propel. It's 8oz per glass of water.
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I count all beverages (everything) toward my fluid intake for the day, but also toward my CALORIE intake for the day. Water has none, and the crystal light has very few, if any, but the Propel has 25 calories a bottle, and Vitaminwaters vary, so make sure you're checking labels!
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I live on Crystal light. So I do count it towards mt water intake.
I have a 24 ounce bottle that I use and fill it like 5 -6 times a day.
I never thought to count the calories in the crystal light.....I better start.
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I ADORE ice-cold Propel Strawberry Kiwi and my Doc said it is A-OK! It has around 25calories,but it's also got vitamins...IT'S GREAT
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How about herbal iced tea? There are so many good ones out there now that contain "superfoods" like blueberry, pomegranate etc. without all the nasty chemicals that are in drink mixes. See the bottom of this page.
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i love crystal lite...and i count it as water
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I also count every liquid towards my fluid requirements. My mother had a nasty brush with water intoxication, and we learned that every fluid, even caffeinated ones, definitely do count (and because of our tendency towards low sodium levels and the blood pressure medications both my mother and I are taking, our doctor suggests a daily limit of 3 quarts daily, and absolutely no more than a gallon).

However, I am trying to wean myself off diet sodas and Crystal Light type drink mixes to save money and retrain my sweet tooth. I don't seem to have problems with artificial sweeteners, but I'm trying to retrain/reduce my sweet tooth.

My solution is dilution. I make a gallon of refrigerator "sun" tea (four to six teabags in a gallon pitcher of water in the refrigerator overnight, or I add two to three tea bags (plain or flavored, usually herbal or green tea, but occasionally white, red, or even old-fashioned black) and leave it sit in the fridge for 24 hours). Then I fish out the teabags and add one tub of Crystal Light or a similar mix. My plan is to keep reducing the amount of Crystal Light, even though it might mean getting an even bigger pitcher, or having half tubs of Crystal Light in the cabinet (I hate that, I always spill - I wish they made little lids for those tubs, even if only one came in a container or if you had to buy it seperately).

If I want soda, I add a splash of diet lemon-lime soda into the tea/Crystal Light mixture.

I have to say that it is helping me like tea. I like hot tea once in a while, but I've never been a big fan of iced tea. As I keep reducing the Crystal Light, I'm starting to appreciate the flavor of tea more. I'm more of a green and flavored tea fan than black, but at leasty "yuck" isn't my first reaction to tea anymore.
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I know WW recently began accepting nearly all liquids towards your 8 glasses per day. I personally like regular water. But if drinking propel or crystal light helps you get it in, I say go for it.
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I drink tap water that is filtered and sometimes I will add crystal light but only once a day and I will count it as water.
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I add one packet of Crystal light to 2 quarts of water. Gives it enough flavor but not too much. I'm trying to work up to 1 packet to a gallon, but not there yet.

I've also used the "real lime" and "real lemon" it's crystalized lime and lemon in a little packet like a sugar packet. It gives enough flavor to counter the weird tastes sometimes from the faucet.

Good luck
Sarah in MD
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