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Default Any newbies here?

Hi there
I am new to the forum, and just started LAWL too, although for the 2nd time. I did well on the program 2 years ago, then all the centers in WA closed - since then I gained back the weight I lost plus 20 lbs. So I'm tackling the program again, this time on my own. I just finished my first 2 days - using takeoff - and lost 3 pounds (thank goodness)! So today is day#1 for me using the regular program, I'm using the Gold plan.
I'd love to hear from anyone else just starting on LAWL - and of course from the veterans here as well who can offer so much advice and support of us newcomers.
I'm a married stay home mom of 3 (ages 20, 14, 8) and live in Kent WA (suburb of Seattle)
I'm also a coffeeholic, scrapbooker, and enjoy hiking/walking/outdoors, but I do not love "exercise" in general which is always a struggle for me. Looking forward to the support here and to meeting everyone.
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welcome karen! i'm on my 4th time around losing the weight..due to pregnancies, etc. ha! just had my third and final child on april 30th. i almost met my goal at the end of july last year before i got pregnant..so i'm back at it again!

i know exactly where kent, wa is...i used to work for starbucks, and that's where our orders came from! i'm a coffee addict too. i don't work anymore, i'm a SAHM too. my kids are almost 6yrs old and almost 4yrs old and almos 2 months old.

post on the friends and losers thread..we have a new one every week!
Highest weight: July 2003 when I delivered my 1st child

"Exercising is like brushing your teeth...it's just something you have to do everyday."

"Success often comes from doing ordinary things with extraordinary commitment."
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Red face Im just beginning again!!!

Ive decided to get serious this time around and have decided that this 20 pounds has got to go. gotta question though-im doin Luna bars in replacement of the lites and im wondering does it matter which ones??
or can i pick any ones i like. Next being that i am now 5-3 154lbs. and want to get to 134 should i be gold or green anyone know?????? thanks
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Welcome Karen!!
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Welcome Karen! I'm near Portland OR, so not that far away. I never enjoyed exercising but I have really come to appreciate how good I feel when I do it. Just find something you can make yourself do, and get someone to do it with, so you can be guilted into continuing. I do spin classes with my husband, so he can give me a look when I want to stay in bed instead of getting up and going to class (and vice versa really).

Pugmom, I think that gold to start with. I think green is normally for the under 135 pound range (although I don't have any official chart or anthing, but based on seeing when others were switched). Plus I'd hate to start out at green, since then there is nothing lower to switch to and it is not a lot of food.
ON LAWL since 9/5/2006
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Hi Karen and welcome! Congrats on the 3 lb loss during TO!!

I'm also in the Portland, OR area, so we're nearly neighbors. (Ok, it's a little bit of a drive but work with me here...haha!)

I noticed on your ticker that you're currently at 200 lbs with a goal weight of 145, so looking at an ideal weight loss of 55 pounds. The following is the drop sequence I have for the category Healthy Females 18-65 years (does not include shift workers, breast feeding mothers, diabetics, activity > 5 hrs per week, cardiac patients, persons with gout):

Ideal Weight Loss 10 lbs = GREEN
Ideal Weight Loss 25 lbs = GOLD
Ideal Weight Loss 60 lbs = PURPLE
Ideal Weight Loss 80 lbs = RED
Ideal Weight Loss 100 lbs = RED

You are currently 55 lbs from goal, so you should be on the PURPLE plan until you reach 170 pounds, then switch to the GOLD plan. The reason I'm pointing this out is because if you're on the gold plan right now you may not be getting enough food and that could stall your weight loss.

Overall progress:

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I am a newbie as well... loved LAWL several years back... and kept off the weight (80 pounds) until I got pg. Then got pg again 2 years later and lost Eli at 5 mos along... grief and chocolate... now I am bigger than ever and starting LAWL again. And tips for getting comfy in this support community?
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Thanks for all the welcoming words...I've been away from things for a couple of weeks...stressful busy time at home with both my son and my husband having unexpectednsurgery last month (son with a baseball injury and husband had a detached retina....) So, now back to ME :-)
Last time I posted when I was just starting back on LAWL I did TO and lost 3 pounds - well, with the last few weeks being what they were, I gained those 3 pounds back, plus 1 more! Yikes!
So here I go again.....back to it!
Also Suzanne - I see you recommend purple, what is the difference between that and gold? I've only done the gold plan.
Thanks again and I look forward to getting to know everyone.
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The information that I have for purple, and someone correct me if I have it wrong as I collected this from posts on this board and not directly from the COD, are...

Purple: w/ 60 pounds to lose using Lites
Plan: 2 P, 1 D, 2 S, 4 V, 3 F, 1 Fat

Protein portions/sizes are an additional 2oz from Gold Plan which is what I have. So on Gold Beef is 3oz cooked, on purple it would be 5oz cooked.

Thats what my notes say, sorry if I have missed it. Other serving sizes should be the same.

Good Luck!
Amy - LAWL since 5/19/07: Re-Start 01/12/2012

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I am a newbie and pretty much learning everything I can from the forum. I ordered a LAWL kit from ebay and am currently doing TO that I saw posted in the forum. I'm hoping to have my kit in the mail tomorrow.
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Smile I'm a "newbee" too

I guess you can call me a newbee. I've done LAWL before, only to be successful, lose the support of a center and gain several pounds back again. I am starting again. I'm tired of how I look and feel. I want my back, hips, knees and feet to stop hurting once and for all. I am so glad to have reconnected with this forum. Wish me luck.
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I'm trying to get back into the swing of things myself. Actually I'm just in the getting things together so my DH and I can start later this week. I was initially on the Blue plan. Worked well last time so I'll try it again.
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Default would like direction on what plan to start with

Hi. I successfully lost 40 pounds on LAWL back in 2003 prior to becoming pregnant. I would like to get going on the plan again but am not sure where to start. I would appreciate any direction that I can get!!

I am 34 years old, female, 5'6", 230 pounds, workout 3-5 hours per week, no health issues other than being overweight, would like to get down to 140, I will be using Luna bars. Not sure what else is needed to determine what plan I should be on.

I've also read a lot about various different plans over the years. I still have all of my booklets from 2003. I've got the red and purple plans. There's also numbered plans out which I also now have. Which one should I follow??? And at what point do I drop to lower plans?

Thanks in advance!
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Default Rapid results

The new menuplan introduced is Rapid Results.I think you can get that kit on ebay.
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[QUOTE=mj2007;2891336]The new menuplan introduced is Rapid Results.I think you can get that kit on ebay.[/QUOTe

I'm curious, what is the weight limits and the amount of food allowed for plan 3. Would like to know for my sister who is doing plan 2 but i thing thats not enough food for her.


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