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Default Fat Smash- Anyone drinking Crystal Light

I am currently on Phase 2 and drank only water on P1. I want to know if anyone else is drinking Crystal light and how much per day. I am thinking that I could maybe have about 16oz (or more) in place of two diet sodas? All feedback is appreciated. Thanks.
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It's basically like Splenda, so I would say as much Splenda as you can have in a day...right?
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I drink CL. I have just about every flavor you can imagine. I drink it once every few days. I usually have a glass of it with dinner on one of those days when I wish I was eating something sinfully sweet for dessert. Like sugarless gum, CL can help cut the craving for something sweet, and because its usually already prepared (or only takes a minute to make) I can kill that temptation before I lose my will power and make cookies or brownies.
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I love Walmarts brand of Crystal light. Theres has no calories at all so I drink that. And actually I drink a few glasses each day. As long as I hit my water target I don't limit myself when it comes to that. Good luck!
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Remember that zero doesn't always mean zero. For anything under 5 calories, food manufacturer's can round down to zero.

I suspect that Walmart's equivalent of Crystal Light, under the Great Value label has the same number of calories as Crystal Light - because I also suspect that they're actually made in the same plant along with Aldi's Fit & Active brand, and with Morning Spark (a caffeinated drink mix).

It's very common in food manufacturing situations for multiple brands to be made in the same facility. Many store brands, are all the same product with a different label, which I suspect is the case.

The Aldi and Walmart brands have the exact same Foil label on the tubs (identical labels, with a generic flavor name and "makes 2 quarts" on the label). The Spark has a label (the printing anyway) that is unique, but the foil has the exact same texture as the others. I believe Crystal Light's is also the same.

Wyler's Light come's in a paper packet, not a tub - which makes me think they may come from another manufacturing company.

Sorry, trivia bug hit.

At any rate, there's an equally good reason to buy the Walmart brand, it comes in a lot of flavors and is half the price of most of the other brands. Aldi's version is about the same price as Walmart's, but only comes in a few flavors (so I get it when I'm there if I want any of the flavors, and haven't already picked them up at Walmart).

I do occasionally buy Crystal Light in the pomegrante cherry, or when they have a new flavor come out, but mostly I buy the Wamart version.
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Thanks for all of the responses.

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I use the singles but I dilute it in about 6 cups of water so I end up drinking about 2 a day.

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