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I wish!
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S/C/G: 185/136/135

Height: 5'6''

Default How are you choosing your goal weight?

How do people determine what their goal weight should be? I've chosen 135 because that's what I weighed when I was in uni and about the only time in my life when I felt comfortable in my own skin. Of course, I would love to be in the 120s, but I also want a realistic goal weight, and since I did weigh 135 once upon a time, hopefully I can reach that weight again. Looking at other people's goal weights who are the same height as me has been a bit confusing as the range seems to be 110-180.
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S/C/G: 74.4kg/58.8kg/54kg

Height: 161cm/5ft 3 1/2 in


In the past, I looked good at 54-56kg, so that`s what I want to achieve again. I also looked good at 52kg, but I had to starve for it, so 54kg is absolutely fine, with 2kg "space" for holidays, etc. It`s also a healthy BMI range and a nice dress size.
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Soul Cyster
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S/C/G: 235/seeticker/135

Height: 5'3"


For me I looked at BMI and it says I should be like 115-135, but I don't think that's gonna happen and for now I've chosen 140 cuz when I was 150 I liked my body- I figure once I get to that area I can always re-evaluate my goal.

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S/C/G: 238/158.9/138

Height: 5'2"


Last time I tried to get to 120 and made it to 136 before bouncing back. This time I'm aiming for 135 so I can better the last attempt. When I get there, I'll re-evaluate. I would still like to get to 120, so I can say I've lost half my body weight, but thin thin thin isn't everything, and I know that around the high 130s my face started to look quite thin, so I'd settle for 135 but toned. I so want an hour-glass!

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I'm also aiming for 135. I'm 5'1" and, going on the theory of 100 lbs for the first 5' and 5 lbs for every inch thereafter, I used to aim for 105 and then feel down on myself for not reaching that goal. But the thing is that I really don't look good at 105 -- I look too thin and my face is very drawn -- and I do look good at about 135. So I've set that as my initial goal and we'll see how it's all distributed when I get there. When I reach 135, I can always reevaluate and set new goals (if warranted) based on how I look and feel at that time.

Overall progress:

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S/C/G: 311/285.2/135

Height: 5'8"


I picked 135 based on BMI and the fact that I have a small frame size. In the past when I've mentioned this goal my mom said it was too low. I'm not wed to the number though. I was a size 12 at 165 and that would be fine with me. But at 165 I still had too much weight around my middle, still anything in the 100s would be a vast improvement over now.
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S/C/G: 267/Ticker/150 & BAMF

Height: 5'9.5"


I got to 160 before I got pregnant with my daughter and was happy at that weight. I was 257 when my pregnancy weight calmed down and I got serious about losing weight. I'd love to say I've lost 100 lbs TWICE in my life. Yeah I'm a weirdo and I just gain tons of weight while pregnant and nursing.
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S/C/G: 180/169/145

Height: 5'5


I chose mine because it was my lowest weight years ago & it's within the normal range for my height.
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S/C/G: 191/ticker/145

Height: 5'-4"


My goal weight is set at the high side of the "normal" BMI range for my height. I also feel that it *looks* attainable.

Once I get there, I intend to adjust downward to the mid range of healthy BMI, but that is so far away at this point that I try not to think about it and just focus on my mini goals.
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S/C/G: 245/238/165

Height: 5'5"


Right now I'm just aiming for a weight that feels doable. I haven't seen 165 in well over 15 years, so that alone will be a huge accomplishment.

Once I get to 165 I'll reevaluate my goals.
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Height: 5'11"


I'm shooting for 180, which is *barely* out of the "overweight" range into normal. It's also the weight I was after I had my last baby (almost 22 years ago, accck). So it's a good goal for now. I will re-evaluate when I get there; I may stay there or I may decide to go lower. It really depends on how I look and how difficult it is to maintain.

Short-Term Goal

One dancer for each 5 lbs lost!
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S/C/G: 197/See Ticker!/150

Height: 5'7


Some calculator I did said my goal weight should be between 132-162, so I set my goal for 150 but really, I'm going 1 pound at a time. I'm also 5'7 and remember weighing 115 in the 6th grade so I'm not setting any hopes that I'll weigh 132. When I reach 162 I might reaccess the situation and see if I even want to lose any more weight. Some people say I'm lucky because I carry my weight really well but that's how I got in this situation in the first place. I wear a size 12 and am 185-188 right now... so that should tell ya something!
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Height: 4'9"


Mine is really just a number to shoot for right now. It's not really my goal. I would like bf% in the 18-20% range (16% would be fun too...but...yeah, right!).
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S/C/G: 220/220/150

Height: 5'4"


150 was my weight about 6 years ago.
I just remember feeling comfortable, happy with myself and able to fit into a clothing size that I wasn't embarrassed by.
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S/C/G: HW/232 SW 215/ CW 133/GW 120's

Height: 5.7 and 1/2


Stringbean, I have had to adjust as time has gone on. I am currently 132.5. I am very comfortable eating and exercising exactly how I am right now. I would comfortably like to lose another 5 pounds and stay there. If it doesn't happen, I have made peace with it already. The important thing is for me to attain health and sustain it. You can do this. I am a calorie counter and rule nothing out. I do indulge from time to time but because I use my calorie allotment for the foods my body needs (rather than wants) I don't have too much wiggle room.

Anyway, I am one PM away. I am glad you are here.

p.s. Congratulations your success thus far. I bet you already look and feel amazing.

"Be who you are, say what you feel. Those who matter, don't mind. Those who mind, don't matter." --Dr. Seuss

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