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Default Tells us what you are doing - Jump in!

Soo.. for weight loss.. what kind of weight loss are you following? Answer below questions to know more about it!

Diet? or changing habit?

What do you usually have for breakfast?

For lunch?

Snacks? When?


Any drinks?

What are you avoiding?

How many L of water do you have per day?

When did you start seeing a difference in your weight?

Any exercising along?

How many pounds/kilos have you lost?
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i am following the weight watchers flex point system from the momentum days because i went to 12 of those meetings a few years ago. i can't say i'm totally working their program in terms of their visualization/nlp/other techniques, but i sure did learn a LOT from them.

the point system is a really easy, healthy way for me to count calories without all the math and stress.

i usually have a breakfast pita with almond butter, half a banana (shared with my daughter) and coffee. before i eat anything though i drink a big glass of water and choke down a multi-vitamin.

i eat little yummy things through the rest of the day. fruits, vegetables, salads, tuna or kippers, flat breads. then we have a wonderful dinner and usually i have a few points for some dark chocolate or sorbet, though my sweet tooth has really really backed off in the last couple of weeks.

i have significantly reduced the amount of sugar and white flour in my diet. i also eat far less bread. i have eaten whole grains (pasta, rice, spelt, quinoa etc) for years and love love love them.

i switched to the sugar-free syrup at starbucks. it's probably a step towards eliminating that chain from my life altogether.

i drink a lot of water, but then i always have. i have no idea what it works out to, but i don't let myself get thirsty.

i swim for 1.5 hrs or more 4 times a week and do a basic but whole body weight program 2 times a week.

i feel a million gazillion times better. i've lost some weight. i'll lose more. so far i don't see to much difference (i lost a roll of fat or at least it changed configuration to my belly doesn't hang over and touch the rest of my body.)

the rest will come along in time. i've got lots, and i can do this properly. slowly. safely. carefully.

and it's key for me to keep loving food and re-learning to love my life.

thanks for asking! you should answer you own poll!


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Diet? or changing habit? Changing habits, realize that I will have to eat this way for the rest of my life but I'm OK with that

What do you usually have for breakfast? Fiber One bar and a piece of fruit, or egg sandwich on low cal bread.

For lunch? Lean cuisine, carrot sticks, fruit, rice krispie treat for dessert

Snacks? When? Rold gold cheddar pretzels, baked blue tortilla chips and salsa, yogurt, fruit. Usually in the afternoon.

Dinner? Grilled meat, grilled veggies, salad

Any drinks? Crystal light peach tea, water. I gave up diet soda and caffeine last summer. If I splurge and have a regular diet soda in the evening, I am up all night!

What are you avoiding? I am not avoiding anything, if I want something high in calories, I allow myself a small amount and adjust my eating for the rest of the day to compensate. I have learned that some things are just not worth it though.

How many L of water do you have per day? Not sure

When did you start seeing a difference in your weight? I lost 6 pounds the first week. Now I'm losing about 2-3 pounds a month. It's slow but that's OK too.

Any exercising along? I try to get 30 minutes of some exercise every day. Walking, biking, Wii Fit. I wear a pedometer and am shooting for 10,000 each day.

How many pounds/kilos have you lost? As of today, 52 pounds!
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Diet? or changing habit? - Both, I'm on the paleo diet, I call it diet, some people like to call it lifestyle, for me diet is equal to lifestyle.

What do you usually have for breakfast? - Nothing is 'usual', it depends on what my tribe could hunt! Lol...eggs, ham, steak, fish, chops, various seeds, with some veg and usually some fruit.

For lunch? - Something light and small, bits of turkey breast with vegs, nothing too complicated or too big, I can't eat much on lunches.

Snacks? When? - whenever I am truly hungry, mine usually are fruit, unsweetened fruit juice or seeds (almonds, nuts...) or dried meat at times.

Dinner? - that is more abundant for me, a big steak or a big fish or whatever can fill my plate, always with at least 2 different kinds of veggies and fruit.

Any drinks? - plenty of water, unsweetened fruit juice (in moderation) and very occasional beer

What are you avoiding? - all grains, flours and their products, all sugar and artificial sweeteners, all dairy, all beans.

How many L of water do you have per day? - 1 to 3, depending on how much I want to drink

When did you start seeing a difference in your weight? - within the first three days!

Any exercising along? - always, weight training and metabolic exercizes, occasional cardio.

How many pounds/kilos have you lost? - 11.3 kg up to now/almost 25 pounds
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Diet? or changing habit? Well. Mostly changing habit. And weighing/measuring everything because I'm not very good at guessing at these things. Also, I'm getting in the habit of planning ahead so I'm not stuck with being starving and not wanting to cook = pizza...

What do you usually have for breakfast? Lately my breakfast during the work week is: 1 kiwi before I leave the house, on the train to work (I'm on the train for 1 hour and 15 min and the train leaves at 7 - I can't eat all my breakfast before I leave because I'll be hungry before I even get tot work ) I have strawberries (approx 100g), 125g Fage 0% yoghurt, 40g All Bran Plus.

For lunch? Almost every day during the work week I have approx 100g spinach with something like chicken/brown rice/tomatoes and a bit of my own dressing (1tsp olive oil, balsamic vinegar). Some days it's shrimp, some days HB egg(white)s. But it's always protein/small amount of rice or pasta or couscous/ dressing with the spinach.

Snacks? When? 9 AM I have 1 Triple Tall NF latte. If I'm hungry before lunch I may have a sandwich (2 slices brown bread, 5g Hellman's FF Dijonnaise, 2 slices WW chicken). 3 PM snack is 3 Ryvita Sunflower Seed and Oatmeal crackers with cottage cheese/ laughing cow light/ mashed up chick peas and some cucumber/cherry tomatoes. Between 5 and 6 PM I'm on the train again and I'll have carrots, an apple, or maybe even some roast beef (just eat it straight out of the package, no more than 100g).

Dinner? Dinner is always protein/ veg / pasta or couscous or rice. On the menu for tomorrow is Turkey medallions, broccoli and couscous. We eat fish 1 - 2 times a week.

Any drinks? I have my one TTNF Latte in the morning. I may have another coffee later, but it's always black with nothing added. I drink herbal tea in the morning and sometimes in the afternoon. Lately I have a Pepsi Light after lunch. I drink about 1.5 litres of water a day.

What are you avoiding? candy, chips, pizza, cake, frappuccinos (I work at SBUX), any other sugary snack-like food. To be honest, I *rarely* crave anything "bad" because I rarely eat anything "bad", if that makes sense? There are always temptations and that's something different... but I just don't want that stuff right now so it's not an option to have it.

How many L of water do you have per day? 1.5

When did you start seeing a difference in your weight? Right away. As soon as I followed and stuck to my plan I've lost every week.

Any exercising along? Yes. Almost every day now.

How many pounds/kilos have you lost? 9½ / 4.3KG since I restarted 15th April. So it's not been ages or something, but I'm a veteran Weight Watcher and I do know how to work the program, I just wasn't doing it and wasn't being honest or accountable to myself. Then some great chicks here basically whipped me into shape and now I'm totally into it!

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Diet? or changing habit? Changing habits- steering away from fast food, excessive carbs, fried foods, etc

What do you usually have for breakfast? Blueberry Wheat Oatmeal- its super filling; whole grapefruit- I love citrus, so any citrus will do.

For lunch? Eeek.. here's the bad part- anything I can get hold of. I'm terrible about meal planning. Some days I miss lunch entirely due to work. This is one of my biggest struggle times of the day. It leaves me vulnerable to overeating later.

Snacks? When? Usually popcorn that I make at home on the stove top and take to work. Or air-popped popcorn.

Dinner? I love fresh grilled meat. I love salads. So I like to put them together I allow for the cheese and croutons, but skip on the dressing.

Any drinks? Typically water. Aloe Vera Juice. I dilute and punches or sports drinks with water. OJ and skim milk are staples as well.

What are you avoiding? Right now I'm trying to do away with fast food... mostly french fries.

How many L of water do you have per day? I drink just shy of a gallon of water a day. Living in FL requires a little more water intake.

When did you start seeing a difference in your weight? When I really started following the rules I set for myself. It only took a couple weeks to notice the difference.

Any exercising along? I try to exercise at least a little every day. Around 4 to 5 days of intense exercise a week. A little yoga, weights, and cardio alternation.

How many pounds/kilos have you lost? Around 30-35 lbs. Been working on it for close to a year, with a couple fall offs

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Diet? or changing habit? Counting calories

What do you usually have for breakfast? Cereal and milk

For lunch? Turkey sandwich, apple, carrots, granola bar

Snacks? When? Morning snack and one or two afternoon snacks

Dinner? Whatever my mom cooks for that night LOL Usually chicken or pasta

Any drinks? Usually just water.

What are you avoiding? I don't really avoid anything....just try to work whatever it is into my day. Well, actually I guess I am avoiding fast food.

How many L of water do you have per day? 80+ ounces

When did you start seeing a difference in your weight? About 2 months in...after losing 15 pounds or so

Any exercising along? I started off for about 6 months walking for at least 30 minutes per day. I joined a local gym in September and work out mainly with the elliptical now.

How many pounds/kilos have you lost? I am down 55 pounds.
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