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Default What's your exercise plan?

Hi all! I have been on my diet and all but I am left guessing at the exercise thing. I have 2 Taebo tapes and I live in the country so there is no side walks to take a walk on, I just need some advice on what you all do for exercise!! I could go to the YMCA track and walk everyday, but those gas prices
Anyways, what would be good for a beginner?
Thanks in advance!!
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Do you have the budget to invest a bit at a time to get some videos and maybe a little equipment?

Cardio videos are great - they get your heart rate up, they require nothing but a DVD player, and you can do them at home, according to your schedule. You'll probably get bored with those two videos pretty quickly, though. So you might consider making an investment in some more, maybe even some with increasing difficulty levels so you can go up a level as you progress. I have found some really great deals on videos from sellers on Amazon Marketplace, both new and used. I think I ended up with 5-6 dvds for around 40 dollars.

I am also REALLY fond of strength training - I think it, more than anything else, made me feel strong and helped motivate me to keep going on my loss. It really was key, for me. Luckily, the things you need to do it don't have to be expensive. A few sets of dumbbells would be good, in varying weights (usually 8-15 dollars each, depending on weight). Alternately, you can get some resistance bands fairly inexpensively. There are a TON of resources out there on exercises to do with these...you can check out the Ladies who Lift area here, or you can look at About.com's exercise site or Stumptuous, both of which will give you ideas galore.

NOW - if you don't have budget (and these days, most of us don't) to get much else right now, there are still PLENTY of things you can do. For cardio, you can get creative...I will sometimes do a whole cardio session just dancing up and down on a step in my backyard...I call it freestyle step aerobics You just step/kick, step/knee lift, whatever, to get your heartrate up. Crank up your music! Look around your house to see what "built in" equipment you might have.

For strength training, there is a LOT you can do with no equipment whatsoever...just your body weight. Lunges, squats, pushups (against a wall to start, then increasing until you're on the floor)...the sky is the limit. You can google "Body Weight Strength exercises" and get a whole ton, I'm sure.
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Can't Wait For The New Me
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Location: I live in North Carolina, US of A.
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Height: 5 Feet 3 Inches


Thank You Very Much for this helpful info. I will be googleing and searching Amazon.
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I work out at home.
DVDs are a great way to go and there is a variety of things you can choose from to suit your preferences. I try and do ones that incorporate cardio and strength training (with dumbells)
For variety, I also use my Wii Fit and I just got an exercise ball as well.
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I love the Firm. I own the TransFirmer but they have this new system that I hear is amazing too. Google them you will read some amazing stories. I love Taebo too.
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I have just started as well! I use my wii fit it is awsome!! I love it! I also went to some garage sales around my place and found that people pretty much give away fitness stuff! I got a great set of hand weights a big excersise ball and some resistance bands for next to nothing!! You may want to check out your local garage sales they may lead to some pretty good finds if you don't mind using second hand items!
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Good luck on trying videos. For me, I've tried Hip Hop Abs and tried Wii Fit but found myself straying away from the both too often. I guess the motivation was there. If you have a chance try 24 hour Fitness. They usually have deals through "The Biggest Loser" promo and a trainer can direct you on what equipment to use.
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I've decided to train for a sprint triathlon at the end of August, even though I'm still pretty far overweight and couldn't possibly complete one right now. That gives me a lot of motivation to make sure I practice enough to be able to finish it!! So I have a calendar from beginnertriathlete.com that tells me how much of each sport (swimming, biking, and running) to do a day, and I just do it. For swimming I go along with my husband to the gym (he's a gym rat), biking I'll often go to the gym for spinning classes, or sometimes out on my own in the neighborhood, and running I'll usually do outside, though sometimes on the treadmill at the gym. Depends on the day. I love the flexibility and variety, and it's very very motivating to know that in 3 months, I'm going to be putting on a wetsuit (!!) and racing through 3 different sports for close to 2 hours! Yikes!!
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