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Default I'm Frustrated!!

Hello Ladies and Gents!

I'm always on the go, really can't eat healthy! I work crazy hours and can't cook healthy meals like I should in order to stay on a healthy track. So therefore I find myself ordering fast food but I still try to pick the items (like grilled chicken etc) and I still snack like crazy.This has always been an ongoing problem for me and the results of it is that I stay overweight. Now that I'M REALLY serious I'm always hungry!

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Have you considered doing batch meals? Meaning, make a large amount of something, then making individual meals from that? Some portion controlled meal containers can be very helpful. I use glasslock containers because they are glass (vs plastic) and lock tight so they don't leak. I also use things like a rice cooker to cook grains and even some beans as well as a crockpot.

Another option is possibly to use frozen meals. I know others have had some success with buying various frozen entrees. I really like Amy's brand and I buy them when I see them on sale. My husband has been working 12-14 hour days lately and he keeps a stock of frozen entrees at work for when he gets hungry. He told me that one of the Amy's entrees I gave him to take to work was one of the best things he ever tasted.
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Sometimes it's about making priorities. I know as I got busy it was important to give up some time on the weekend to make food ahead. I could spend two days in the kitchen and put a month of prepared food in the freezer (soups, stews, chili, sauces for chicken). I'd grab something before going to bed and put it in the fridge in a dish - that way it's thawed the next evening.

For breakfast, when I had early classes I make a breakfast bake one evening - throw cooked veggies, meat, cheese, salsa, eggs, egg whites all together in an 8x8 dish and bake at 350F until set (about an hour). I'd cut it into pieces and it takes about 2 minutes to nuke it warm. Eat it on it's own, or serve on half (or whole) sandwich thin. 2 mins is faster than a drive through - I'd have to drive that much more out of my way to get it.

Take a trip and buy one (or two) lunch bags with freezer packs. Packed lunches almost always take less time than getting into the car, driving to the closest place, and driving back.

Anyways, those are just a few quick ideas. Planning becomes more important when you have less time. When I was really busy it was critical that I take time before going to bed to plan the next day's meals. That way there were no 'emergency pizza runs'. It can be done, really it can. Sometimes you have to mentally come to a point where you put yourself and your health first. Somehow it seems easier at that point. Good luck!
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RealCdn is right on the money and has some great ideas. It really is about making it a priority. You CAN make the time.

If nothing else grab some bagged salads, some pieces of fruit and some low-calorie freezer meals.

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We eat a lot of frozen and refrigerated burritos and wraps. I'm really lucky, because there's a lot of good local options at the co-ops here in Portland, but the Cedarlane brand Beans Rice and Cheese burritos are nationwide and available at Costco last time I checked. They're 290 calories, very filling, pretty tasty... and it only takes a paper towel and about 2 minutes in the microwave to make them. I also buy strawberries and cherry tomatoes by the pint and tear through them whenever I feel like I just need to EAT. Whole strawberries are about 140 calories for an entire pound, and cherry tomatoes are around 100 for a pint, I think. I tend to swing by grocery stores when I'm on the go and hungry, it doesn't take much more time than fast food, and it gives me a huge selection of fresh produce and salads to choose from. The Safeway deli's even stocking little individually wrapped hard boiled eggs now, and that's the ultimate meal-on-the-go!

Edit: I just realized that the "fresh strawberries on the go" thing only works for me because I usually don't wash my produce before eating it... usually buy organic, though, and I'm a firm believer in building up my immune system. I'm kind of an anti-germaphobe, I guess. Sorry if that grosses anyone out.

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Take a few hours a week to prepare little meals for yourself in baggies so you can just grab and go. When things get crazy if I don't do this I eat crap. Even when you are super busy it is so worth taking a few hours on a weekend or whatever to do this. If you eat healthy food you'll have more energy to run around and do everything.

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Everyone has awesome suggestions. Every Sunday I boil a dozen (or two) eggs. I started doing this for my toddler when she was on her "eggs only" craze and it finally kicked in that I should be doing the same for myself. I keep 100 calorie portions of almonds in the car, plus my freezer has a few emergency lean cuisines for when I absolutely can't make a meal.
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Wow!...I appreciate the feedback because its all about a lifestyle change ya know??! I need to make a huge grocery lists of healthy things that will last..and I gotta pull my boot staps up and get with the program!..lol!..you guys are the best!

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