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Default Buffet

Hi everyone, I'm caught in a dilemma here and wondering if any one can chip in with some advice. A few weeks back I had a bad day, in which i ended up eating more portions than i should have, and it showed easily on the scale were i went up about 4 lbs or so in one day. From that day on, its taken me about 2 weeks of hard work to take off that 4lbs gained and go back to losing the normal weight that i had from before. Tomorrow me and a group of friends are heading to an all you can eat buffet (I usually say no to eating out but this time i didnt wanna decline again). Im worried that if i do decide to enjoy myself and eat some of the deserts and other good things they have, ill gain something like 5lbs and that'll take me about another 2 weeks to take off again and go back to normal weight loss and continue progress, which to be honest can be discouraging and difficult to kickstart things again since ill be back where i was a month ago. Im just curious if anyone here has any advice on going about this and enjoying myself without necessarily adding about 5lbs the day after.
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If it were me, I would load up on salads first to take the edge off. (Don't tell yourself that you can't have any of the good stuff.) Then go for a brothy soup. Once you feel satisfied, fill 1 small plate with some real food. If you have to have dessert, pick one thing and have 1 bite. Have them take the plate away before you eat it all. Try not to overthink it. You can do it!!
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Yes I agree fill up with healthy stuff! Let your self have one thing that you really want. But only one. I know easier said then done. But honestly if you want to make sure it doesn't happen again that's what I would do. Also drink a ton of water! That always helps me.
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Sammy, Try to stick to the portions that you have for the day. You can do it! Just ask yourself how bad do I want it? To lose weight, or the questionable buffet food?
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Sammy - think the of the timeframe to achieve your goal, this really helped me to be strong and stay on plan to think that in 6 months if I just stick to the rules that I could be at my goal. By the time I had been losing for a few months I was sold on the fact that I could say no and only taste things here and there rather than ordering a whole serving of it.

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I do enjoy the occasional chinese buffet.... straight for the veg first - fresh then I move to the cooked stuff (yes there's the sauce and the salt but I tell myself it's better than deepfried goo!!) then I'm full and I feel good about myself having hit the good stuff first. Sure enjoy a portion of sweets at the end. The more you 'deny' yourself the more you'll crave it. I find that when I go for the sweet stuff now, it's one bite and I"m done - it's all too sweet for me anymore. I feel (and my body feels I guess) satisfied with the things I've already eaten. good luck and yes...tons of water. and park far away.
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