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Default Advise: What is plan 2 with no lites?

Hi am on plan 2 with 2 lites per day. Now that centre is closed, and won't be able to get lites can anyone help. Is anyone on plan 2 without lites? I know that portions or selections may have increased, but can't find info on the forum.
Please help?



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Plan #3-no lites
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When I was on Plan 2 with lites, and then went off the lites they increased me to Plan 3. Plan 3 includes:3 proteins, 4 vegetables, 3 fruits, 4 starches, 2 dairy, and 2 fat

Overall Goal
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when you go off lites, increase your plan to the next one up.
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I found it easier to use south beach bars or luna bars in place of the lites... Then when I was ready to switch to plan 1, I just stopped the bars instead and stayed on 2 w/o lites.

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KSingleton was correct- you just go to the next menu plan up......... these are the plans for women, these are all with LA Lites so without them just use the next plan up:

posted in height and cooresponding weight

Plan One
5= 133 lbs. or less
5'1= 135 lbs. or less
5'2= 138 or less
5'3=141 or less
5'4= 144 or less
5'5= 147 or less
5'6= 150
5'7= 153
5'8= 156

Plan One:
2 Proteins
2 Veggie
2 Fruit
2 Starch
1 dairy
1 fat
2 LA Lite

Plan Two:
5= 134-173 lbs
5'1= 136-175 lbs.
5'2= 139-178 lbs
5'3 = 142-181 lbs.
5'4 = 145-184 lbs.
5'5 = 148-187 lbs.
5'6= 151-190
5'7 = 154-193
5'8 = 157-196
5'9 = 160-199

Plan Two consists of:
2.5 proteins
3 veggies
2 fruits
3 starches
2 dairy
2 fat
2 la lites

Plan Three
5'0 = 174-223
5'1 = 176-225
5'2 = 179-228
5'3 = 182-231
5'4 = 185-234
5'5= 188-237
5'6= 191-240
5'7= 194-223
5'8= 197-246
5'9= 200-249

Plan three
3 proteins
4 veggies
3 fruits
4 starches
2 dairy
2 fat
2 la lites

Plan Four
*if you are at a weight higher than the menu three guidelines then your menu will consist of:

3.5 proteins
5 veggies
4 fruit
5 starches
3 dairy
2 fat
2 la lites

You can drop to the next menu preferably within 5 lbs. To break a plateau you can do what is known as "take off 2." You follow it for two consecuitve days and for the entire two days you will ONLY eat unlimited green (cooked or raw) vegetables, 6 oz. of cooked protein and 2 la lite bars. If you have take off juice you will use 4 oz. of to juice with 4 oz. of water 4 times each day for two days. If you do not have the juice you may use 1/4 of a cantaloupe or 1/2 of an orange or grapefruit for each serving of juice. Stick to the condiments out lined in your FTL menu kit but really up your water intake. Coming off take off limit high sodium foods and red meat for the first three days. I've found that Take off 1 (just the juice, mean and green veggies works best if you have fallen off the wagon however)

Some suitable replacements are SBD high protein cereal bars, luna bars and the smaller detour low sugar bars, snicker maraton bars (ones containing 160 cals). As for your slim down shakes look for protein shakes that contain at least 20 grams of protein and less than 250 calories. A suitable replacement for Jet Starts are Monster LoBall coffee flavored energy drinks, most convenient stores carry them.
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