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Default Had to buy more weight loss weeks...what is this about

I am not sure if I missed this part when I signed up, but I did not loose all my weight in the 14 weeks alotted, so I was told I needed to buy more weeks at $13 a week, in multiples of 4 weeks at a time. The next time I went in another counsillor told me I had to pay a one time fee of $99 then it would only be $13 a month till I reached goal. Then I went in and asked to pay for another 4 weeks and the girl working that day told me if I spent $150 in LA lites I could have 4 weeks free...hmmmmm considering I have cases of LA lites sitting in my basement, this is not an option for me...has anyone else had to buy extra weeks for not reaching goal and loosing 2 pounds a week, or did my LAWL center just rip me off $50 some odd bucks?
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I was told up front that I had 12 weeks to get to my 24lb loss goal, that said, I am going further and will have to pay $12 a week to stay loosing.. It is in my contract.

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Wow you guys are lucky, they made me sign up for a year, regardless of how much/little weight there was to lose.
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my 1st time on LAWL i set my goal weight to be 140lbs so it was supposed to be reached within 16 weeks according to my contract. When 16 weeks was up i wasnt yet at my goal and i was able to continue without having to purchase more weeks until i hit my goal of 140lbs as long as i followed the plan exactly and did the lites. I purchased my lites in the beginning of the program & i followed the program as i should so i didnt break my side of the contract so they couldnt break theirs which said that i would only need 16w to reach my goal. I spoke to the councelor about the situation when the 16w was up and they had no problem with it.

Maybe take another look at your contract and make sure they are not ripping you off because from what i know from 2005 if you dont lose the amt of weight they say you will lose in the amt of time then you dont need buy more weeks because its their guarantee.

I think it took me another month or so to hit my goal of 140lbs but then i extended my goal to 125lbs (which i never reached because i got pregnant) and then at that point bought more weeks.
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I had to sign up and pay for a year...so many weeks is weight loss the rest is maintenece. Then they said something about getting a free cruise at the end of it all if I qualify, which I am sure I don't!
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I signed up for 52 weeks - 26 were designated as weight loss weeks, 6 as stabilization and 20 as maintenance. When the corporate trainer was visiting I asked what I needed to do if I wanted to change my goal of how much I lose. She said I could borrow from my maintenance weeks... she didn't mention any additional charges...

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I actually just came up on my weightloss weeks being out. And the center just offered me 5 1/2 more weeks for free! Wow! I was soo suprised I was supposed to be starting stabilization but I still was 10 lbs away from goal. So now I probably have about 3 1/2 left. I am not sure if I will make it? I can't decide if I should just stabilize where I am when the weighloss weeks are up or if I should spend more money? I really don't want to.
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I do think there are different deals. Since I had purchased the stabilization and maintenance weeks up front, when I didn't make goal on my weight loss weeks, there was no financial penalty, since I had a "guarantee". I guess the guarantee was just that I could keep going until I reached goal. Only 10 weeks later I reached a goal that was 12 pounds higher than my original one. LOL. I think they have a lot of different "specials" and deals and there are differences between what you've actually signed up for.
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